The next two days of gift guides is all about THE KIDS. Today I’m sharing with you a gift guide for boys. Mostly age 7-12 appropriate items, because that’s who I know to buy for and my son is 9. He is all boy. Adventurous + sport crazy and curious. Below are some gifts he received last year that were a HUGE hit and totally worth sharing with you all. The rest are gifts he’ll be getting from me or the guy in the red suit. Toys are so fun to buy, and I’ll be sad when he’s out of this phase. But while he’s still into it, I’ll just go a little CRAZY. Most of the year it’s no, no, no to things he points out in the store, but now I’m all YES, YES, YES!





  1. BB8 App Controlled Robot: This was one of the first things my son put on his list and in ALL CAPS might I add. I did a little research and apparently this is one of 2016 hottest toys. I scored mine online here, because after 2 failed store attempts. I didn’t want him not to have it on Christmas morning. This is a bigger ticket ‘Santa’ item this year, but it’s all he talks about.
  2. Bean Bag Chair: We limit the screen time at our house, but when he is scoring some virtual touchdowns on his Madden ’16 game, poor fella should be comfortable. Right? Plus he really doesn’t have a place to sit and read after school besides his bed. So I’m really liking this gift idea for him. I bet my daughter would LOVE this too. I better get two. With 5 colors to choose from.
  3. Nerf Gun: Ok, this is a funny story. When I asked my son to write his gift list, he gave it to me with SIX Nerf guns on it and a mattress pad cover. LOL I guess he wan’t to rest comfortably after he shoots up the back yard. This kid is too funny. But THIS particular one was circled. I’ll list the others below.
  4. Nerf Strike Tactical Vest: He didn’t necessarily ask for the Nerf vest, but how in the heck is he going to carry all his ammo? I know he’ll love it.
  5. Football Trainer: This thing was his FAVORITE gift last year. If your son, nephew or grandson is anything like mine, and is obsessed with all things football. This is a GREAT present. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of hours he spent outside with this and still does. Total SCORE!
  6. Titans Dress Up Uniform: Another perfect gift for the sports nut. He had so much fun dressing up and emulating his dad. They have all NFL + NCAA Teams to choose from. You can even select your favorite # decal for the jersey. Helmet + chinstrap and all. Plus they look so dang cute! It brings that dream of being their favorite player to life. I love this gift for young boys.
  7. Captain Underpants: My son read this series and enjoyed it so much. I don’t know about you, but often time boys are hard to have sit still and read. But these were the books he kept running back to, without any fuss.
  8. Blow-up Deer & Crossbow: I can’t begin to tell you what a hit this gift was! The best part was it all blown up and standing next to the tree (I added a big red bow, of course) It’s life size and so durable. It was a hoot to watch him set it up in the back yard and shoot from a distance, with velcro and suction cup darts of course. Just so you know it’s still alive and continues to provide hours of outdoor play.
  9. NFL Madden 17: Don’t really need to say much about this one. Cause if they’re asking for Madden ’17 chances are they already know and love it. The graphics /animation just keep getting more realistic. It’s unreal. As you know we are a football family, and seeing as my husband was a player on that game a few times, it’s a staple in our house. When do you ever get to play your dad?
  10. DIY Make-Your-Own Board Game: This one I thought was pretty neat. Cause you can only play Candyland and Clue so many times! I think my kids might like the challenge.
  11. Drone for Beginners: Like father, like son. I got my husband a drone for his birthday, well because he’s a BIG kid. And naturally my son was in awe. So I did my research and found a really good drone for beginners. He’s gonna freak on Christmas morning! I can just see the two of them now.
  12. Dri-Fit Hoodie: My son refuses to wear anything but NIKE + Under Armour and C9, basically it has to be sports clothes. Which, I shouldn’t roll my eyes. That seems to be the trend amongst 8-12 yr old boys. So the only thing I can do, is pick out the most stylish version of those and things I wouldn’t mind being seen in public with. That’s why I like this hoodie.
  13. Clip-on Bike Lights: My mom got these for the kids last year and they loved these silly little things. Don’t you remember decking out your bike? All we had were playing cards between the spokes.
  14. Lego Creative Brick: Oh man, LEGOS……..we have a million, but why not buy more?!?! I do like this set. No instructions, No pictures to follow, just their imaginations at work. I’ll be giving this set to my nieces too.
  15. Mug with a Goalpost: I can’t believe I’m going against my rule of NO THROWING food at the table. But this is so clever and I love the idea. I have a feeling breakfast just go more fun!
  16. Passback Football: This football is the coolest thing. A football cut in 1/2. GENIUS. Why didn’t I think of it? They can throw it up against a wall or any flat surface, and it comes spiraling right back. It’s the coolest and he loves it.


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November 22, 2016


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Such a great list! Mine are all younger than 14, I think around the same age as your son based on pics. Is he able to use the gun with the blow up deer ok? And my boys would love #6 but can’t get the links to work? Thanks for all the great Christmas lists!!!

Oh yes! He’s like a professional hunter! lol Let me check on the links. Sorry about that!

Lauren Meewes

Did your husband like his drone? Which did you get him? I want to get my dad one for Christmas but he would be a beginner:) Great list!


My son had one of those footballs about 15 years ago. He wore it out.

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