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You may not have your menu set in stone at this point, {don’t you worry, I’ll be sharing my Thanksgiving menu with you next week} but, you still need a place for everyone to gather on the big day.  I have created a simple, elegant table that is so easy to do and the best part is, it’s a really inexpensive look to re-create on your own table.

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Don’t get rid of those little orange pumpkins you had displayed for Halloween just yet. Let me help you give those little babies new life. All you need are a few household items, a couple cans of spray paint and you are golden, literally. This is also a super fun project to do with your kids. My 12 year old and 9 year old helped me out in making these pumpkins, and they really are so easy, that you could do it with younger kids as well. My inspiration for the look of the pumpkins was Kelly Wearstler’s Channels fabric.  I am OBSESSED with the geometric lines, and pretty much everything else that woman produces. My little mind started spinning trying to figure out how I could re-create that look on my pumpkins?!?! The answer I came up with was so simple….RUBBER BANDS.


Even though all my pumpkins were a creamy white to begin with, I went ahead and spray painted them (stems and all) with a matte white spray paint. I like Valspar White in a matte finish. I wanted to make sure they were really crisp + bright + flawless. That would provide a nice sharp contrast against the gold. You might as well go ahead and spray several pumpkins, because you’ll need white pumpkins for my other easy DIY ideas too. And if nothing else, they’re just pretty. *Great tip for next year if you happen to strike out finding real little white pumpkins near you.


Once your pumpkins have dried, wrap them with varying sizes of rubber bands. This is what’s really going to help you re-create the look of the fabric on your pumpkin. Let the kiddos do this, it’s fun and doesn’t need to be perfect. That’s what makes each one different and pretty.


Once your pumpkins are wrapped with rubber bands, spray paint your pumpkins gold. My two favorite gold spray paints are: Valspar Metallic spray paint + Design Master spray paint, both in gold. Make sure that you are doing thin, even coats to prevent running.  When the pumpkins are completely dry, remove the rubber bands and you are done! SIDE NOTE:  Removing the rubber bands too soon will not make for a crisp line. Try to be patient. I recommend letting them dry overnight.

With the remaining white pumpkins, I just took an old toothbrush and dipped it in Martha Stewart metallic gold craft paint and brushed the paint on the top part of the pumpkin. Do this really lightly to create that cool feathery look. Kids love this too.

Also, leave some all white and just paint the stems. You can use a a rose gold paint too for fun. The ideas are endless. Ooooooh, as I’m typing… a charcoal gray would be really fun to incorporate in the mix. See, I can’t stop. 

The greenery used is eucalyptus, that I allowed to dry out some and then just layered down the middle of my table.  Eucalyptus is such a great choice because it is super inexpensive and it smells so good. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, they sell a bunch for $2.99. Even if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s most every regular grocery store will have them in their floral department.

I used this large white pumpkin that I got from Target as my centerpiece and then layered my mini-pumpkins, greenery and faux antlers {from Painted Fox}. Next I tucked LED battery operated twinkle lights I found in the Dollar Spot, from where else… Target around the greenery on the table. You’ve known since Halloween how obsessed I am with those little lights. I love the soft glow that they give the table. They give quite a bit of star power for $3 bucks!

For each place setting I tied grey and cream linen napkins with jute twine and inserted a few sprigs of dried eucalyptus and little gold-tipped white feathers. You find the feathers already gold-tipped at Michaels or you can just paint them yourself with gold craft paint. So SIMPLE, but it is the little touches like that that really make a huge impact. Another little Living With Landyn Tip: I always use cute little gift tags as my place cards holders, no matter the season. There are so many pretty, inexpensive choices out there and all of the work is already done for you. #winning

The dishes are my wedding china and I just love them them for so many reason. All I keep thinking is thank goodness Landyn, you were on trend 15 years ago when you took that little registry gun and made your selection. It could have been bad. Ha! In case you’re curious they are Waterford and the pattern is Carina Gold. Sadly they are gone, so I better be careful. But I’ve linked a similar look here.

I love mixing textures. I also love mixing dressy + casual too. I do this with my wardrobe all the time. It gives such an ascetically pleasing unexpected look. LOVE. You may want to try this too. That’s why I love these birch chargers. I found these at a great little shop here in Nashville called, COLOR Home. Such a great spot shop, especially around the holidays! I got mine there last year, but I found them online for you here if they no longer carry them. The table runner is one that I have on my table year round. See, it can be dressed up or used daily. You can find it here.


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I really enjoyed pulling this look together. I hope you take some inspiration away from it.
Please tag me in a photo on Instagram or Facebook if you do. I’d love to see how your table scape turns out.

Have fun with it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 11, 2016



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Hey Landyn! Could you please post in your Insta stories the brand of the cool joggers you scored from Marshall’s? Any suggestions where else to look for joggers? Searching for a pair!!

Beautiful! Could you tell me where your table is from? Thank you!


Where is your table runner from?


Stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! Where are your chair covers from?


Just got done painting pumpkins and pine cones! Making all the things white and gold!!❤️🙌🏻

Beautiful!! I was wondering where your table runner is from!

Where are the salt & pepper shakers from?

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