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Alright! What do I want for Christmas, you ask? A few things….. Some of which I’ve been eyeing and some I’ve been drooling over. Typically my hubby and I don’t go too crazy and sometimes we even set a limit + make up some rules or pick a theme. Which can be quite funny. Like last year we set a $100 maximum, not per gift, but total. That was harder than you think. It was fun trying to be creative. I ended up with a bunch of little items. He ended up at some of my favorite shops, like H&M and TjMaxx. Which was cute. I could just picture the poor guy. LOL But, this year all bets are off. No rules! So mama’s making a list.

Here’s what I’m asking the big guy for. I’m mean…how easy did I make this years shopping for him? I just sent him this page. Scroll down and see why I’m really hoping these are under the tree.


 Gift guide for girls, women

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  1. Sorel Boots: I learned from my years living in Minnesota, it’s all about the bootsI And warm toes. I must have the worst circulation. lol My feet are ALWAYS cold. I mean always. But, never in these boots. I have a pair that are about 6 years old and they look rough. They are grey + fur lined and so fun. I LOVE those things, but I think it’s time to trade them in. I’m really diggin’ these black ones!
  2. Bluetooth Headset: I’m pretty sure this will be life saving. I need this. I’m busier than ever these days and would die to be hands free from my phone. I’ve done a bunch of research and even talked to a few girlfriends that LOVE theirs. Put that baby around your neck and go. I dream of the days of doing laundry + being on a conference call all at the same time!
  3. Black and Gold Tennis Shoes: GUYS!!! How great are these!? 9 times out of 10 I go run errands after the gym. I could keep going around town in my Nike’s, but I’d really like to slip on a pair of more stylish kicks. And maybe they’ll distract from my stench? lol
  4. Tess and Tricia Necklace: I love these necklaces and quite frankly anything this mother-daughter duo makes. I’ve really been wanting this black one, BAD!
  5. Food Processor: Ok, this has been on my radar for a while. I love to cook and experiment with making different sauces etc. But, I hate getting out my big ‘ol dinosaur of a food processor. That thing isn’t worth the time and all those parts. I just need a mini one like this. Simple to use + easy to clean.
  6. Letterfolk Board: TOP of my list. I’ve been crushing on this throw back letter board all year. I want it for my kitchen. I think it will be so fun to leave different sayings and even have it act as a menu board. I just love the grey. I really, really want this. *hint hint hubby*
  7. Rebecca Minkoff Tote: You’re probably thinking, GURL…..don’t you own enough bags? It is my obsession. I confess. And when I see a good nude one, I’m all in. They go with EVERYTHING and this one I’m lusting over. Look at the detail and tell me you don’t love it too?!??!
  8. Cluse Watch: Ok, maybe I’m not only bag obsessed, but watch crazy too. I’ve been drooling over these for a year now, waiting till Christmas. I’d really love to have this. Such a great price point too.
  9. Monogram Initial Necklace: You know I’m all about a necklace, and this one grabbed my attention the day I laid eyes on it. How fun is the big gold letter and it lays sideways on your neck instead of hanging down like most. You could ask for your or the kids initials or even the letter of your last name.
  10. Robe: I love a robe. Like LOVE a robe and I always ask for a new one each year. Because I wear the heck out of mine. It’s like my security blanket and first thing I want to put on when I get home. My current one has 3 holes in it and a stain on the front. Help me, Santa.
  11. Marble Portable Charger: I love everything marble, duh. And I need a portable on-the go charger, like yesterday. I’m always running on 20% battery life.
  12. Beach Towel: Why have a regular beach towel, when you can have a round one….WITH FRINGE! I’m dying. I love these and have always wanted one. Maybe this will be my year!
  13. Calpak Marble Luggage: This luggage is my current obsession. I’m pretty confident they made it for me. My husband said, you already have luggage. I know but…….THIS WAS MADE FOR ME!!!! Pretty please! And if he still doesn’t come through, I might have to buy it myself. *No, actually I will* lol
  14. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume: I was recently at a songwriters show in Nashville and this beautiful scent kept making it’s way to my nose. After 2 hours, I just had to know. I followed my nose until I found the girl and asked, she gladly told me what she was wearing. I can’t stop thinking about it! Let me let them describe it, “a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication” Whatever that means, I just love it!
  15. HAIST Designs Crossbody Bag: It’s been so amazing to follow along this journey with her. There’s nothing I like more than seeing a woman/mom kick ass! She really has nailed it with her design + function + quality and style. I can’t say enough, her bags are INSANE and I’m now crushing on the crossbody really hard. I have the clutch and tote and let me just say. WOW. These are easily becoming my favorite go-to bags. Check her out! She thought of everything!

Header Photo: photo/ lindsey grace photography

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December 5, 2016



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