Whether heading to a holiday party or just hoping to add some shimmer to your life, look no further than this red lip and the dreamiest shadow EVER. The holidays are the perfect time to play with new makeup. It’s fun to experiment with shades you wouldn’t normally wear or try one of those limited time only holiday palettes They do a good job of putting together some really beautiful combos. I always love treating myself to one of those each year and playing with it straight through February. This year I chose this one by Bobbi Brown.

With all that being said, let’s don’t get freaked out and panic at the sight of that glittered palette. I like to keep things simple. Basically, we’re going to follow our basic makeup routine and then we’re just going to add a few things to take up a notch. Keep reading…..I got ya girl!



1. Apply primer using your fingertips. I love this one by Laura Mercier.

2. Use concealer to hide any darkness under the eyes and to spot treat any imperfections. Blend with a handy little beauty blender.

3. Apply liquid foundation evenly with brush and blend.

4. Set foundation with loose powder. I go back & forth between these two. I really like them both.

5. Fill in brows with this duo powder and brush. This is something I never really did until recently and why did I ever NOT do this. The trick is using a taupe brown, rather than a darker brown.

6. Sweep cheek bones and temple with bronzer. A little trick I like is making a 3 on the side of your face. Temple + Check + Chin. Repeat after me.


7. Apply lightest color shadow to upper lids. Using a slightly darker shade, start with outer crease and swirl brush and blend. I love and use this Too Faced palette daily. The fun thing is, this kit includes a nifty little card to help you know where to put what. Then use your brush almost like a windshield wiper in a back and fourth motion. I also love this Bobbi Brown palette they launched this holiday.

8. Line your lash line with a deep shade of blue, not to worry, I’m not going 80’s on you. But navy blue liner actually makes the whites of your eyes whiter and brighter. I love and have been using this cobalt gel liner and brush for years, also year round. Stays on like a champ.

9. Ok, now THIS eye shadow is what will take your eyes to another level. And I would act fast. It’s already sold out once and a little bird told me, that will be it for the season. *SOLD OUT at Nordy’s in two seconds flat*
10. Wet your brush with a little water. I like using this rose water spray and I also use it to set my makeup at the end. It’s the BOMB. Gently tap your wet brush onto the shadow a few times, then pat the damp shadow over top of your everyday color. This will magically add just the perfect amount of glam to your lids. If you get nothing else, GET THIS. It’s just the right amount of sparkle.


You’ve heard me say this before, I’m a chapstick girl at heart. But recently I took the plunge with the red lip and I’m ALL IN! This shade of red (color Red Velvet) is beyond perfect. I like to apply with a small applicator or brush, making sure to trace the line of my lip. I mean, look at the transformation. I went from Target to night out in a matter of a minute. Oh, and the staying power is crazy good. The other thing I like is that it’s moisturizing and nursing for your lips. Which is a good thing to have this time of year.

See that! Not so hard and basically TWO new products. I have a feeling I’m going to get a few emails and comments about just applying makeup in general. Not to worry, in January, after the holiday rush I will launch my Basic Beauty series with a bunch of tutorials. Stay tuned! As for now, grab a few Holiday make-up must haves and have FUN with it!


*Remember, I not a professional makeup artist. Just a girl trying to look festive, and this is what I do and the products I love* 

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December 6, 2016



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Might be a dumb question, why is the lipstick brush needed? I’ve always put lipstick on straight from the tube. Thanks! It’s beautiful makeup and terrific tips!

I have a lot of the products you have listed and love them all! The eyeshadow kits are my favorite. Also love the rose mist trick too! I use that spray all the time and never thought to use on brushes. Brilliant!!!


I’m confused which eye shadows u are using? the BB sequin or the too faced palette? are u using both? can u give specific comments?
thk u for the tips, just want to do it correctly


Which bobbi brown sparkle shadow are you using? prosecco or rose gold? thanks!


sorry Landyn! I went back and read your instructions BUT which palette are you considering your everyday pallets? both are shown.
the Bobbi brown or the too faced?? thks again 😍😘


What Mac makeup brushes do you have! Thanks!!


Rose gold or prosecco bobbi brown sparkle?

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