I know you’ve been waiting patiently for this post, and it’s finally here. I welcome you to take a little tour around our home. You’ll notice the decor is white and pretty minimalistic. With a few pops of gold to give it that little holiday sparkle. I don’t go overboard with my decor. Because I don’t know about you, but I LOVE putting it up, but HATE taking it down. I’ve learned over the years that less, really is more. I also like to keep the neutral tones pretty much the same year round. I have been known to pop a little red, but not in recent years. Anyways, there won’t be a ton of commentary in this post. I hope you’ll curl up with your cup of coffee for a few minutes and enjoy Christmas at my house!



The garland is real. I love the real thing, and if you go with a boxwood garland, it dries beautifully and often times I can get two years out of it. I know, those pretty white trees flanking the fireplace, HomeGoods $14. I almost died when I saw them. I scored the stockings last year at Lowe’s and the letters are a West Elm find.

Again, the greenery is real. It’s actually the trimmings from our tree. Don’t let those go to waste. Adding greenery here and there is a great filler and can turn an ordinary space Christmas instantly. How about that color blocked vase!! Are you in LOVE? I sure am. It’s actually part of my **NEW** Living With Landyn Home Collection with Painted Fox Home coming in January!!! I can’t wait. You’re gonna DIE!!!

These baskets are part of my collection too!!! I can’t wait to share with you all that I’ve been working on!! It’s gonna be FABULOUS. I’m sooooooo excited!

If you remember from my Instastories a few weeks back, my father-in-law and I had a little DIY project in the garage. He was so sweet to find logs off his property in GA for me. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I requested logs with little arms and lots of fun character. Like always, he delivered. Then we simply painted them, using a white primer. It took 2-3 coats and I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out. I was contemplating painting them gold, but the white just looks so clean and crisp. I’ll definitely be leaving these in there year-round.


I love a real tree, so I really did had to wait until the tree stands were open in order to get this baby. I also wanted a tree with some character. Not one that appeared to be just cut out of a hedge. If it was up to me I would pick more of a Charlie Brown type tree. You know, the ugly one on the lot that needs a home. My husband and kids look at me like I’m crazy for wanting the ‘ugly tree’. You can picture it right?!? Husband looking at the price tags + kids running between the tree rows with sharp candy canes in hand, while I squint my eyes and try to envision what it will look like with decorations. We left with my family thinking it was ugly. #everyyear I will admit I was a little nervous at first, but I think it turned out beautiful. After some tweaking + choice words + 5 trips to Michaels and  a mild panic attack and needing to order more paper garland than I thought I needed. The tree was complete and we ALL love her! See, they just needed to have faith in me. Don’t they know they are Living with Landyn. Ha!

Before I let you oooh and ahhh over the tree, we need to talk about the garland and that MERRY + BRIGHT paper banner for a second. They were both made by one of my favorite Etsy Shops, Stripes To Sparkle. Her name is Colleen and she is AH-MAZING!! She’s one to check out and so much more than garland. That woman can do it all! From cake toppers to custom banners. She’s my first call when ever I’m hosting a party.

And can we get a slow clap for these giant natural paper stars. I stumbled upon them at this store in Nashville called ReCreations Home. Unfortunately they were pretty wiped out of a ton of stuff, but I did spot these laying folded in a basket, and I thought….hmmmm. Those would look pretty I bet. I love the neutral color of the paper. Actually they are a very thin wood almost. I bought five (always buy in odd numbers) I’m sure you could call 615-834-0055 to see if they had more? Would be worth the shipping if you’re not local.


I’ve gotten a TON of inquiries about my kitchen valance. It’s actually a custom piece and the fabric was ordered through my friend and designer Annie of Studio M Interiors in Minnesota. To be honest I don’t remember the name of the fabric. It’s been 5 years. I’m sorry, cause you know if I knew I would totally share the source.

That flocked tree was a Walmart find two years ago. And they still have it. YAY! It’s definitely one to get. Here’s the link to that bad boy here. Never underestimate Wally-World.


I’ll do my best to source what you see pictured in case you’re inspired to recreate any of what you see. But, I do love to hold onto things and some of which may have been from seasons past. Often times I pick up things after the holiday that are on MAJOR clearance. I don’t know, something comes over me to buy, buy, BUY when I see a 70% OFF sign. It suddenly become better than when it was full price. Ha! Are you with me? But plenty of what you see above is available currently or online, if sold out in store. Plus some more LWL worthy holiday home decor. 


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December 8, 2016



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Landyn! I love it all!! So beautiful!
I am into less is more too!! I love your tree with the old fashioned large bulbs. So nostalgic! Can you tell me where I can purchase them?
Thank you for sharing your stunning home!🎄🎄🎄


The wait is finally over and so worth it, absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t see a link for the paper stars, can you let us know the source? ❤


LOVE…..LOVE….LOVE your style of decorating!


Lovvvvvvvvvvve. I am also dying to know about the big paper stars on your tree!

I love love love your style. The decor is so classy, simple and just plain gorgeous! What a sweet FIL too for bringing you those tree logs. It looks awesome in the fireplace and I may just do the same exact thing!

I love your Christmas home tour! I’m a traditional gal at heart, but I adore your white and gold color scheme. Its so fresh and still cozy!

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