I get so many emails asking, ‘How do you keep your hair looking so bright + blonde?’ Well, it took me quite a few salons, many stylist and plenty of money. That I do know. But, I finally landed into the arms of two pretty talented women at Parlour 3.  Meet Oxana Meade + Melissa Schleicher, they are my beauty team and dearest girlfriends. It’s inevitable when you’re with someone so often and they’re behind making you feel and look beautiful, it’s just a matter of time before you form a lasting bond and friendship. They’ve seen me at my worst and made me look my best. I trust them and they know exactly what they’re doing. There’s something really good about sitting down in your stylist’s chair and not needing to tell them what to do. I’ve got enough to worry about. These girls are the best in Nashville, if you ask me.

 Oxana Meade | photo Cameron Premo Oxana Meade | photo Cameron Premo  Melissa Schleicher | photo Cameron Premo Melissa Schleicher | photo Cameron Premo

As you’re reading this, you might be thinking to yourself… why do I know that name, Melissa Schleicher??!!?! Yep, she’s responsible for getting Carrie Underwood perfectly blonde and painting up that flawless face night after night. For over 20 years she has been a leading makeup artist and hairstylist to country music artists and other celebrity clientele. Her well known salon, Parlour 3 has gained immediate acclaim thanks to her loyal celebrity clients, the stunning interior, and its talented team of stylists.

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Ahhhhh, my girl Oxana. She’s got quite the celebrity clientele herself. She’s put her hands through, cut + colored the likes of well-known supermodels + singers and TV personalities. From backstage of fashion week in New York and London, to fashion TV in Paris. Oxana has made a journey through the beauty industry and is at the top of her game. Her specialty and why I LOVE her so, is her balayage technique, color and cut. I knew the first time I got up from her chair, that wouldn’t be my last. It’s been 2+ years now, and my hair has never looked and felt better. Ladies, you know how important that is. If my hair isn’t right, NOTHING IS right! Here’s a little secret…I’m not really a blonde and she makes me feel like I’m never lying.

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You know by now, I love to share. I’m a true girls girl. I love to give away any little tricks that I’ve found along the way. That’s why I started this blog. So, last time I was in Parlour 3, I asked. How do we keep our blonde bright between appointments? What are some products that can help us? Why? Here’s what they had to say…

‘I have two favorite purple shampoos, Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner and also the EVO Purple Conditioner. The reason I love purple shampoo is after being blonde for so long, and the fact that I travel so often. I’m constantly washing my hair in different types of water. All of these factors that can impact the way my blonde looks. Changing it from bright blonde to a gold brassy tone, which I don’t like, at all. The Oribe bright line is also very conditioning at the same time. Purple shampoo is a game changer for blondes’ – Melissa S.

I’m not a professional, but here’s my two cents…. Bottom line, if you’re blonde, real or fake. These products will change the life of your blonde. Without it, I wanna wear a baseball cap. Mama, no like brassy blonde.. lol

‘I love a purple shampoo. I guarantee that if you use Oribe Bright Blonde products or a good purple shampoo every single wash, your blonde will not only get better, but stay brighter, longer. The Fabuloso line by Evo is also a fave of mine and a good pick me up to use a couple times a week. It helps get my brightness back instantly’ – Oxana M. 


See, right from the mouths of the professionals themselves, and I can back Every. Single. Word. Oxana got me started on this purple craze and now I’m not sure what I’d without it? I use and swear by this stuff. You live and you learn. I’m just sorry it took that long to learn this lesson. I’m so glad you asked, because this NEEDED to be shared!

Cheers Blondies!


OXANA MEADE @oxana_meade | PARLOUR 3 SALON @parlour3beauty | MELISSA SCHLEICHER @melissaschleicher

144 Franklin Road Suite B
Brentwood, TN 37027

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April 25, 2016



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I want to start the purple shampoo method of keeping blonde bright and like the information you have given. Could you share with me how you use these products please. Do you use the Oribe shampoo and rinse every wash? Do you also use the EVO Fabuloso product . . . both conditioner and shampoo or just the EVO Purple conditioner as in the pic? Do you use the 2 brands to make a change now and then? Is there one brand you use more and like better?Thank you for any further info and help you can give me .… Read more »

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