Ok, so after my husband proposed I cleaned my ring DAILY. I mean, with my toothbrush, WHILE brushing my teeth. Gross, but we’ve all done it and maybe still do. Which I hear toothpaste is abrasive and not good to do, but I was desperate for that sparkle. Then moved on to gimmicky ring cleaners and ultrasonic machines, you name it. I may have even purchased a few things from the kiosk guy in the mall? I’ll never admit it. But nothing really gave it that, ‘I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!’ glisten. They all seemed to leave a film, and almost made my diamond cloudy looking. So I continued down this path for good year. Then I went to see my jeweler in Seattle to have my ring inspected for its yearly check up, just to make sure nothing was loose. After she came out of the back room with my ring, she commented on it’s dull appearance. That’s when she shared with me this secret potion.

  • Windex or any glass cleaner
  • a few drops of dish soap, like Dawn
  • soft bristle ‘used’ toothbrush
  • microwave

I keep the above liquids in a glass container with the lid on, under my kitchen sink. I guess you could keep in the bathroom too, but I prefer under the kitchen sink, because the key step here is the microwave.

Pick yourself up one of those glass tupperware containers like this one here from Target. Fill with about 2 cups of Windex. Add a couple drops of dish soap. Without lid, microwave solution in glass dish for 1 minute *WITHOUT JEWELRY*. Remove and add rings, earrings etc. and allow to soak. Often times I do this and go take a shower, put my makeup on and then come back to it. If you’re looking for a quick wash. Let them soak for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I left them for hours before. I call that a deep clean. Especially after a day by the pool or beach. Sunscreen is a killer. The solution will be almost boiling. This helps to loosen everything up and fall to the bottom of the dish. Wait to see what comes off. OMG! I’m always amazed at the amount of grossness my rings collect. Is grossness even a word? Ha! It will be after this. Gently give your baubles a nice light scrubbing. Being sure to get in between all the prongs. Then rinse under your faucet in lukewarm water. I like to do this over a bowl, just incase I dropped it down the drain. That would be awfully sad and devastating. Dry with a paper towel and that’s it. Instantly, well in about 15 minutes, your diamond ring is sparkling, just like the day you said YES! I do this weekly and have been for 15 years. It works like a charm and my diamond has never shined so bright!

** WARNING ** Please be careful when removing solution from the microwave. Do not microwave over 1 minute! It is very hot (sometimes bubbly) and will burn your pretty little hands. Trust me, I gave myself a chemical burn once. No fun!

Also, I recommend to ONLY use on *REAL DIAMONDS + GOLD + PLATINUM* Not sure what this may do to faux jewelry? Let’s don’t chance it.





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April 26, 2016



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Allison Pohlman

This REALLY does work! I tried it after seeing your facebook post a few months back. Seeing what "grossness" comes off my ring is weirdly satisfying. It has totally eliminated my need to visit my jeweler for cleanings! Thanks!


Ha!! Me too!! It’s something gratifying about the gunk! Xx


How often do you change out the solution? Thanks for the tips!

Reply to  Momof3

every month maybe! YOu’ll see the gunk on the bottom & know!

Jenny D.

This is the best and what was recommended to me as well. Now, I need to stay as disciplined as you with once a week! Love the blog.

Reply to  Jenny D.

Not always, but keeping it under my sink helps!!
Glad you love!


Post your bands closeup, they all look gorg!


Thank you for this! I did it last night and my ring looks gorgeous!


AHHHHMAZING, right?!? Glad you tried it!


I just did this – to everything – earrings, necklace and rings I wear all the time. The stuff that came off was amazing and as mentioned, strangely satisfying. Thank you!


BEST EVER, right? So glad you tried!!! Xx


This is the best! Thanks for sharing!


I am a retired jeweler . The best thing to clean jewelry in is to soak them in ammonia. Then rinse in warm water.

Reply to  Colleen

Yep, basically what this is. Good to have it backed by another jeweler. Xx

Jacquelyn Nichole

Thanks for sharing, you just added a brand new sparkle to my every day!!!


Amazing! Thank you for sharing!


I just did this and OMG!! My engagement ring is my mother’s original engagement ring so it has some years on it from both of us. Needless to say over the years I have worn it and had it cleaned it has never looked as beautiful as it does now!! All my rings are so sparkly and shiny! Thank you!!!


Will this help with the rust from my well water? I never take off my ring well bc i have 2 little boys and i am very forgetful. Im scared pf losing it, so my diamonds are yellow from my water. So i have my ring soaking right now, hopefully this helps.


Love this! What do you clean your silver with? I love all your tips!


Can’t wait to try this!! I have been looking for something good. Not a fan of all those product jewelry cleaners out there! Thanks for sharing!


AMAZING! My ring and earrings are sparkling like they are brand new. Thanks for sharing!


I just got an engagement ring with real diamonds but its silver around will something happen?


Just did this… holy amazing!!


Thank you, shines like a star.


Do you cover the container once you put the jewelry in it?


So do you just reheat it every time you use it?


This is the same stuff I soak my rings in…but I use one of my kids old electric toothbrushes. The spin head is perfect for getting all the crud out of the bottom side and it gets into the tiny spaces between the diamond and the ring. I don’t worry about it damaging my ring because the bristles are soft. My ring always looks brand new when I am done!


This is what my jeweler told me to do when I got my ring! She told me to never buy those chemicals in the red/pink jar they try to sell you! Works like a charm!!!!!

Amy Duck

I don’t even know what to say, other than GROSS!!! This is really amazing considering the fact that I just cleaned/polished my rings last night 🙁
I will do this from now on, thank you so much!


So I just tired this today, and it works! I think my ring is more sparkly then when I got it! Thank you for posting!


My beautiful friend Hayley always has the most gorgeous and eye catching rings, so finally I asked her what she was using. She sent me here, and oh-my-God. I didn’t even want an engagement ring or wedding band at all but my husband insisted on it, so I feel a little silly being soooooo enthralled with how beautiful and blingy my ring is….but WOW. It really is. One of my coworkers even noticed and asked if I got a NEW ring that’s how different it looks!


Hi Landyn! Not sure if you’ll see this, but do you think this would work for a diamond necklace?


Will this work for a Morganite Stone with a Rose Gold band ?


It should!


Your ring is gorgeous!!! Wherever did Steve find such a gorgeous piece of jewelry?


I tried this a few minutes ago at work (we had all the ingredients). This potion works like a charm! #RingBling


Yay! So good to hear. Xx


Do u microwave each time before using???

Reply to  Cindy

Yes, but microwave without the rings!


I wonder if this would be okay for a sapphire?


Have you tried it? I’m wondering the same thing.

Caroline C
Reply to  Paige

Me too!!!

Susan G
Reply to  Caroline C

me too. would love to know


Does this work on silver as well?


Hey girl!

It definitely should be good to use with any real silver pieces you have! I just wouldn’t use it on your costume jewelry!




Has anyone tried this on pearls? I have diamond & pearl studs that desperately need a cleaning!

Reply to  Jennifer

Honestly, I wouldn’t- I am not sure! Better safe than sorry!


The queen of England cleans her jewels with gin.

Reply to  Sfbpanda

ohhhhhh maybe I’ll have to try that next!

Do you microwave the solution before each use, or just the first time to make it?


Yes! I do microwave it between each use!


Would this work on emeralds?

Reply to  Cynthia

I think any precious real stone or real metals!


I don’t use a microwave so I boiled the solution instead. Worked like a charm. Also I didn’t have an old toothbrush handy so I used an extra baby bottle parts cleaner to scrub through the prongs. (They are thin enough to use). My ring looks amazing. Thanks!

Reply to  Celine

YAY! this makes me happy!

Melissa S

Finally did this. Wow!!!


Trying this today! ✅

However, I don’t have a microwave – will it work if I stove-top boil the two solutions for a min instead?

Reply to  Goldie

Hi Goldie!

I don’t see why not!


This is amazing! I am not a Windex fan so used 2 cups of Vinegar and Ammonia with water instead. Thank you!!!


What if you don’t have a microwave?

Shua Ajmeri

Ooh cant wait to try this! Def dont do it w softer gemstones like emeralds and pearls because those stones can be ruined in chemicals. Thanks for sharing Landyn!

I have a lot of jewelry … and it’s time for them to give shine. Great advice … I had a long time to clean my jewelry. I even looked for special cleaning machines to buy. And now I myself can solve it))))


Has anyone tried this in the ultrasonic cleaner?

[…] Ring wash at home. This 100% works! A great way to keep your bling shiny between professional cleanings. Who does that often enough? Certainly not me! […]

Jody Davis

I tried this today and it worked a treat! Tip: instead of risking burning yourself on the microwaved solution, I left the container in the microwave whilst my rings soaked. By the time they were ready to come out, the liquid was safely warm and easy to handle. Thanks for this post!

Reply to  Jody Davis

That is such a great idea! Thank you so much for letting me know!

Hello, just wanted to tell you, I liked this blog post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

Bobbie Bryan

I didn’t know about the micro part. A good friend is a jeweler. If you ever get a ring stuck 😱spray your finger with windex it comes right off 😅

I’m not sure exactly why but this weblog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

Reply to  Williamjet

OH NO. Did you ever get it to work?!

Good one keep it up

Will emeralds or sapphires be okay in this solution also?


I would double check with your jeweler!

This great tip. I love it and it work very well. Thanks for sharing.

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