Name: Landyn Hutchinson – blogger and wife of All-Pro NFL Offensive Line, Steve Hutchinson

Number of kids: Two – daughter 11, son 9. We said: boy, girl…healthy, done.

Name of blog: Living with Landyn | Food + Fashion + Lifestyle |

Reason for starting blog: Well, bottom line….I’m a girls’ girl and I love to share. Here’s how I can explain why I started Living With Landyn. You know the feeling you get when you find the PERFECT white tee, new paint color for your living room or make a meal that your kids will actually EAT? These are the kinda things that make you hurry up and call your best friend to tell her. Feels pretty damn good, right? It’s that same feeling that rushes over me EVERY TIME I discover something worth sharing with my followers. That’s why I started this blog. And that’s why it’s so well-loved. I’m just like you. I’m real. I’m relatable. What I buy is affordable. What I cook is doable. What I decorate my home with is more than likely from HomeGoods or Target. This blog has brought me so much joy and given me back my sense of accomplishment, which can fade away after we become moms. It so easy to lose your identity. I’ve been there. But now I feel extremely lucky to have thousands of girlfriends to share all these things with.

 ©2016alyssarosenheck  photos: ©2016alyssarosenheck

Secret to growing your brand, blog and social channels: I don’t think there’s a secret to any of it. You must be authentic. People can very easily see right through who is not. Know your audience. Show them your personality.

Favorite summer staple piece in your closet: The Mila Maxi dress by LOVESTITCH. I’m not embarrassed to say I own SEVEN. I will be rotating them all summer long, and maybe even with a jacket in the fall. Of course until I start to look crazy when it’s cold out. There is nothing better than a good summer dress. It looks as if you actually thought about what you put on, when in fact you did not. It’s easy, effortless and very forgiving. Every mom’s dream outfit. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get one.

Support System (it takes a village…): My husband – He’s my best friend and love of my life since 8th grade. My girlfriends – The best I could ever ask for. They are what keep me sane and laughing. My mom – She’s the best listener, my closest friend, and who I call first. My in-laws – These people are a gift from God and at my rescue whenever I call. They may live 4 hours away, but I’d wait. Oxana, my hairstylist – She helps me looking as if I’ve got my act together. Dr. Lorien Sites, my dermatologist – She makes my stressed out ‘mommy lines’ disappear. Working out –  It’s my therapy and a priority each day. I can only be as good as I feel. These are the people and the things that make me a better wife + mother + friend.

 ©2016alyssarosenheck ©2016alyssarosenheck

Secret to finding balance and juggling mom life and blogging: Secret? Well, when you find out, please let us all know! In the beginning, I found that creating hours for blogging and treating it like an office job left me feeling less stressed and much happier. I choose to shut it down at 2 pm daily and never work on weekends. That has been really nice, and it allows me to just be a mom and enjoy those moments with my husband and kids – without being distracted or pulled away. Those phone calls and emails can wait till Monday.

Number one tip for mom bloggers: One? Here are four. Find your niche. Find your voice. Keep your content fresh + current. Most importantly, be you.

Biggest challenge of being a mom blogger: I’d have to say, again, finding balance between work and family. Some days I think I’ve got it all figured out, and the next day I don’t. It’s a constant battle and I’ve learned to accept it. I realized I just can’t do it all, but I’ll die trying. Ha! Also, I learned to start saying ‘NO’. That has been huge and so freeing. There are only so many hours in a day and weeks in a month. Do what’s important to you and don’t stress yourself out with what’s not. Life is way too short.

Least favorite mom job: Let’s see…probably, REPEATING MYSELF! I would just like to say it once and for them to do what I ask, the first time. Oh, and FOLDING laundry. I love to collect it, wash it, put it in the dryer, but when that annoying buzzer goes off…I run. Not gonna lie, I restart the dryer and ‘fluff’ at least 3 times. I keep hoping every time I come back into the laundry room, it will magically be folded on my counter. Still waiting…

Guilty pleasure: Early morning coffee, ALONE. I get up an hour before my family each day. I need that time. And a good margarita, chips + guac. Not usually in the morning. Ha!

Best mom moment: When someone compliments my children on their behavior, manners, the way they treat others or how they speak to adults. That is a proud moment for me. Because at the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying to raise good people?

 @2015brookeboling @2015brookeboling

Favorite hobby: Hobby? Tell me a mother that has time for that? lol I guess having a free hour at HomeGoods or Marshalls. That would be my idea of something I’d enjoy doing as a hobby. I love it and go as often as I can. It’s the thrill of the hunt I love the most.

Greatest accomplishment: My marriage. I know you may be thinking…wait, what about having your children or being a mom? Yes, but it is because of him that I became a mom and have those beautiful children. Often times, women get caught up in their kids and the husbands become second. My relationship with my husband is a priority to me and I am to him. We work hard at it and I’m extremely proud of what we have. I think a healthy + respectful + loving union is one of the most important things you can show your children. I’d like my children to want and have this kind of relationship one day.

Mom entrepreneurs you admire: Oh, gosh. Well, any mother is a ‘working mother’ and commendable in my book. Corporate or carpool line, you’re my hero. But one mom that stands out to me is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. No matter your political view, I applaud her work ethic, smarts and the ability to juggle it all as America watched. But, recently, it was her ability to walk away and just be a mom. I loved that the most.

Favorite social media accounts to follow:  @mrsparajape + @studiomcgee +@blackbanddesign + @nicatnitemusic + @thehomeedit  + @loveandlion + @betches + @em_henderson

For more of Landyn, visit her at:

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May 30, 2016



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This is great Landyn! beautiful post!

Landyn Hutchinson
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Thanks Susie! Xx

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