This is something I MUST discuss with you ladies. Something that will change your life and change the way you walk
into a room. With confidence, not with your arms in front of your chest hiding those headlights.

 I mean come on, it’s not necessary for EVERYONE to know the temperature of the room when you walk in. These little lifesavers were designed to disguise nipples, (I hate that word, HA!) so that they disappear right before your very eyes. Almost like a magic trick. Who doesn’t love magic? They are different from any other pastie or petal you’ve tried before. Trust me. I’ve tried them all. Most left wrinkles under my clothing + fell off + left adhesive on my skin for days or were just plain uncomfortable. Not DIMRS.

These adhere with the heat of your body, with no sticky stuff and can be slightly moistened *another word I hate* to help with adhesion. Once in position, DIMRS lay against your nipples and will stay in place. The end result is a smooth and seamless look in any clothing + workout top or evening dress. I wear mine inside my bra or bandeau. They have never fallen off and feel as if I’m wearing nothing at all. As a matter of fact, I often forget get into bed with them on. They are totally reusable and easy to care for. Just wash with a little mild soap, rinse and lay flat to dry. I own two pairs and rotate them. One for the gym and one for daily wear. There’s always a pair laying around my bathroom or closet. And you’ll be happy to know I’ve had them for 8 years. Yep, the same two pairs. They kinda freak my husband out if he catches a shot of me getting dressed. They seriously looks as if your nipples have disappeared. He refers to them as Alien Boobs. HA!
And my kids think it’s funny to run around with them on their eyes.


Dimrs are made from 100% hypoallergenic silicone and come in 2 color choices Coco + Nude They are O/S fits most and measure 3-1/2″ x 3″ in diameter and 1/8″ at thickest point and taper outwards to a fine edge. You can purchase in ADHESIVE or NONADHESIVE  I prefer the nonadhesive ones best. There’s really no need for the stickiness. The original ones
stay on just fine. Plus over time they would loose their staying power anyhow.


You can find them at quite a few online retailers and are all relativity the same price, around $29 a pair. Should you want to try a pair. Actually, no. You NEED a pair.
I’ve provided all the info below, keep scrolling down. Did I mention they make
the BEST gift for girlfriends.



Should you want to try a pair. No, actually you NEED a pair. Listen to your friend Landyn.
Click HERE to buy


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June 10, 2016



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I have and love of course bought for myself. Great idea to give as a gift and I love the bag 🙂 xoxo

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