I mean, if they aren’t the prettiest salt + pepper mills you ever did see. I’d been eyeing these for quite sometime and just didn’t pull the trigger. So, I continued to use my cheapy ones from, I don’t even know where? Then once they bit the dust I moved to the McCormick ones, you know the one they sell down the spice isle at your local grocery store,
comes filled with peppercorns already. All was good. They worked ok, but for someone that loves to cook and does so most days. I really did feel the need to step up my game and those dreamy white Peugeot ones just kept
coming to mind. I seriously LUSTED over them every time I strolled through William Sonoma. They are crisp white, lacquered and almost sexy. I wanted them soooo badly.

Somehow, I must have mentioned their beauty in conversation one day to my mother-in-law and she remembered.
(I heart her) Because when they came to visit last time she gifted them to as an early birthday present. You should have seen my face. I may or may not have done the happy dance and squeezed her tightly. Call me crazy, but they’re
one of my favorite gifts to date. I LOVE them, as much as you can love a salt + pepper mill. HA!
I proudly leave them out on my counter for all to see. They’re just too PRETTY to be behind cabinet doors.

We all use S + P daily and like I always say, if it’s going to be out for all to see it’s gotta be pretty. And I especially love having what I use daily at an arms reach. Same goes for a pretty Olive Oil bottle and dish towels too. It’s fun to decorate with everyday essentials and now a days there are so may pretty containers + trays and bowls to display things in or on. There really is no excuse for that ugly Dawn squeeze bottle on the counter any longer. A quick trip to Marshalls or HomeGoods and you’ll solve that problem quickly.


These pretty Peugeot Paris U Select Mills come in four sizes 5″ | 7″ | 9″ | 12″  and can be purchased individually or in
a set. You can click here to check them out for yourself. I have the 9″ set and really love the size and the way it fits my hands. Plus they have just enough stature to make a statement on my counter. I display mine on a large cutting board, along with marble cake stand, kosher salt crock, live succulent, and beautifully scented candle. It’s like the perfect counter top collection. All white, accessible and perfectly curated.

Here are a few other loves
from my kitchEN
All in white, of coursE

 1.  1.   2. 2.  3. 3.  4. 4.  5. 5.  6.  6.

1. White Melamine Mixing Bowls, Set of 3 $29.95  2. Williams-Sonoma Multi-Pack Towels $15.96  3. White Marble Stand, Round $39.95- $49.95  4.  Le Creuset Stoneware Salt Crock $45 5. White Spatulas 6. Marble + Wood Cheese Board $29.95

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August 24, 2016



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