Today I want to share with you a tummy flattening detox water that a friend of mine gave to me. When I heard the words tummy flattening, I was like, ‘HECK YEAH’ And to be honest, I’m not one of those true believers of things like this, but I will try anything once! I thought I’d mix it up and drink it for a few days before I shared. I have to say I’m absolutely LOVING IT. This little recipe isn’t going anywhere. I can’t say my tummy is FLAT, like pre-kids flat, that’s never gonna happen. Ha! But I do notice changes in my digestive system (TMI- but as I get older that’s not working like it used to) and overall bloat has disappeared and that’s exactly what she said it would do. Because, I don’t know about you, but plain old water after while gets, well, old and then I find myself not drinking it as much as I should throughout the day.
This is got me back in the habit, and I’m loving the changes.

{68 oz for me- so, 1/2 your body weight a day. Do the math}


Aside from the water recipe you really should be introduced to this rock-solid mom of two.
Meet Ali Holman, the woman behind Core Camper.

Co-Owner of, Ali has been training for 20 years. Her passion for fitness is evident in her amazingly diverse workouts, cutting-edge training techniques and motivating training style. A busy mom of two, Ali gets that fitness needs to be efficient and effective. Known for her 20 minute daily online workouts.

You can also see her on WCCO CBS Morning Show locally in Minneapolis. If you’re not in
Minnesota, you can always find her on Facebook and Instagram. Posting all sorts of inspirational goodies.

So when she posted this gem of a recipe the other day I was feeling a little bloat and thought, why not. So I mixed it all up and I just so happened to have an infuser, so no reason not too. The only ingredient I needed was aloe vera juice. You may be thinking where on earth will I find this? I was kinda thinking that too. But ended up finding mine at Trader Joe’s in the drink section. I opted for a smaller single serve container, only because you need a teaspoon per serving. Seemed silly to buy the jug size. Although I hear it it’s good for ya!


  • 1 cucumber, sliced
  • parsley, handful
  • 1 lemon, halved + squeezed
  • 1 tbs fresh ginger, grated
  • 1 tsp Aloe Vera juice
  • 6 cups water

Put all the above in an infusing pitcher, like this one. Allow it to infuse over night and consume the next day.
I often times double the recipe. Plus when you go through the trouble, you might as well double it up.

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August 27, 2016



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I’m totally trying this!! Love lemon water anyway with mint or basil or cucumber, but this looks amazing!! Thanks for the tip!🍋💦


I tried this as well as soon as Ali posted it on FB! I have to say, I’ve been an avid corecamper for 1.5 years now and it has completely changed my body! Something new and fun each day to keep my body guessing and best yet…under 20 minutes!!

I stumbled on this and making tonight. Do you still drink this?

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