They’ve done it again. Good ‘ol TARGET. Our favorite place to shop (well, mine anyway) rolled out some pretty amazing denim again this summer and just launched a few new styles for fall AND I’m loving them. Listen, don’t get me wrong…I do own a high-end pair that is on forever repeat, these babies. But that’s it, otherwise my closet is full of Target denim and why wouldn’t it be? Have you tried a pair? Some of my best denim comes home in a white plastic bag with red logos on it and the price…’s on target.

I got on this Target denim train a few years back and to be honest have really enjoyed the ride. I think quite a few of you bought a ticket around the same time. I believe it was my excitement that got you to try a pair.. I made quite a fuss when I discovered my first couple pairs. It was too good to be true, and from that day forward I was hooked. I mean, where else can you buy a gallon of milk, q-tips and a trendy pair of denim? Ummmm, where else, Target. It’s so easy. I was already there (three times this week), denim lines the main isle and I can use Cartwheel. HOLLA.

I’ve listed below my recent LOVES and what you’ll see me in as soon as this damn HEAT WAVE calms the heck down. 105 by the weekend. KILL ME. But, I had to snag before they’re gone forever. That’s the thing with Target, you gotta move quick. There are too many chic momma’s shopping Target Boutique these days, and all the good stuff get’s snatched up quick. Sometimes online is best, 5% off + FREE SHIPPING with that red card. <high five>

Seriously, try a pair or two. If anything, do what I do. Buy a few sizes + styles and try on in the comforts of you own mirror. Cause 9 times out of 10 I have impatient little people with me that totally throw off my style game.



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July 19, 2016



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