Hey guys! I finally got around to telling you a little bit about my day with Jessica Scantlin-Payne (she just tied the knot a few weeks ago, so lets >>> insert that new name) otherwise known on Instagram as @Jesssouthern and the beauty behind her very own website Beaute’ Savage. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I had seen her name + seen her work and had been told that I MUST have her do my makeup. As a matter of fact, one of the best in the industry, Melissa Schleicher, owner of Parlour 3 was the most recent one to tell me that.

That statement made quite an impression on me, seeing as if Melissa is the one behind making so many celebrities and musicians in the business, gorgeous day after day, night after night. You probably know Melissa best as Carrie Underwoods make-up/hair artist.


 Melissa Schleicher Melissa Schleicher  Jessica Scantlin Jessica Scantlin

That’s just what she is, an artist. They both are, and I’m lucky enough to have sat in Melissa’s chair over the years, and now Jessica’s. So, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Jessica was coming to Nashville for a few days and would be at Parlour 3  teaching make-up lessons. WHAT WHAT?!?!?! You better believe I was one of the first people to call and book. I wasn’t going to let this gem come to Nashville and not teach me a few things. Luckily for all of you, she’s BAAAAACK with just a few days remaining. Sept. 28-30th. Be sure to mention Living with Landyn when you call Parlour 3 and receive a sweet discount on your appt.


I don’t normally wear a ton of makeup. I much prefer a more natural look, and to be completely honest, where am I  going? Target? The grocery store? Weekly date night? But maybe I did need to step up my makeup game. And who better to coach me on mastering that makeup-free look than Jess. But, is it possible to obtain that look? Ya know, that mythical creature. The sought after, fresh face- one that looks bare, but actually IS made up. It’s like the unicorn of beauty goals. We’ll see……

Now that the appointment was BOOKED, what would I learn? Would it be your typical lesson: where you sit down, they start putting things on your face + rattling off product names and before you know it, they spin you around and you’re done. Most the time not looking like yourself and wiping most of it off as soon as you leave. That’s always been my experience. Not this time…. I walked in and there she was, as pretty as a pixie and NOT A STITCH OF MAKEUP ON HER FACE. Or was there? Hmmmm…. I also was not wearing any makeup, but of course did not look like her. Ha! She couldn’t have been any sweeter and was so DOWN TO EARTH. Gosh, I love that. I felt so relaxed and as if she wasn’t looking at my EVERY. SINGLE. PORE. It was like two girlfriends playing make-up in our bathroom mirror on a Saturday night.

Next thing she asked was, “Are you wanting to learn how to create an evening or an everyday look?’ I said, Well, here’s the thing… ‘I want to learn how to do a date night eye, with a Target face!’ Ha!  Because honestly, where am I really going, but Target + the grocery store on a daily basis. And YES, on my weekly date nights, I want to know how to play up my eyes and get a little more of a sexy look. She said, ‘We can do that!’ Ok, so I teach my make up lessons two ways. One way is… I can do it for you and tell you what I’m doing, step-by-step OR I can do one side and you can do the other, step-by-step.

I went with the I’ll do one side, you do another lesson. I’m a visual learner and very hands on. It was so informative to do it this way. Plus, she was so patient, an excellent teacher and so cool to do this with. She taught me everything from how to prep your skin, to how to hold a brush properly and applying the right pressure, think soft easy strokes, don’t ram it on your eyelid like I did. Also, she told me I must STOP applying my concealer and foundation before my eye makeup. No matter how light the color the eyeshadow is, those little dustings still land on your cheeks and create a darkness under your eyes. That something I’m going to work hard at trying to do from now on. I normally apply my concealer and foundation first, and then my eyes last. That is an industry NO, NO.  The very next day after my lesson…..what did I do? Yep, back to my old habit. But I must say, I’m on day 25 of eyes first! Yay me. I’m trying to break an old habit. Do you do this? Please say yes, so I feel less of an idiot.

Each day, I try a new trick she taught me and working into my everyday routine. This weekend I will try out the Date Night Sexy eye I learned, and hopefully not look like a $2 hooker. I’ll keep you posted on my Insta-stories. I’m not a professional and did not video tape the lesson itself. TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE! Duh, Landyn. But what I did do, is list below everything she used on me + products she loves and the brands every make-up artist lusts over. Let’s just say, below is what’s inside most every make-up artists bag of tricks.

Again, these are the shades + colors and products used on me that day. *All of which I now own and love* Remember, I’m a product junkie. You can always adjust a little based on your skin tone, eye color and the overall pigment of your skin. Or if you’re a “blonde”, have brown eyes and just love these shades, then I’ve got you covered. Quite a few of the products below are universal.

Have fun below getting a little run-down of the products she uses, and I hope you learn a few tricks or maybe even try a product or two!



Jess is a hoot. She’s so fun to watch and I just get absorbed in her step-by-step videos on her YouTube channel. You can check out more of her videos here. But, in the meantime here are two of my favorites. The Summer Bronze makeup tutorial. Teaching you to highlight and give your skin that beachy glow. Then the Everyday Makeup tutorial. This one’s so informative and something I learned to apply to my everyday routine.


 Embryolisse-Lait-creme-Concentre-24-hour-Miracle   This is the miracle worker apparently. People use to buy tube after tube in France and bring it back to United States. You couldn't get it over here. I hear all the French women rave about it and it's one of their most coveted skin care products. It's a wonderful primer and base before your make up. It's an extremely hydrant moisturizer and is even known to help eczema. I'm really loving the way it feels on my skin and the way my make up lasts all day long.  Embryolisse-Lait-creme-Concentre-24-hour-Miracle   This is the miracle worker apparently. People use to buy tube after tube in France and bring it back to United States. You couldn’t get it over here. I hear all the French women rave about it and it’s one of their most coveted skin care products. It’s a wonderful primer and base before your make up. It’s an extremely hydrant moisturizer and is even known to help eczema. I’m really loving the way it feels on my skin and the way my make up lasts all day long.


 SMUDGE STICK WATERPROOF EYE LINER - LIONFISH I'm loving this Stilla eye liner and the way it smudges along the eye. It glides on and is waterproof. The color is perfect for every day. It's not a harsh black, it's a true neutral brown and looks good on anyone. SMUDGE STICK WATERPROOF EYE LINER – LIONFISH I’m loving this Stilla eye liner and the way it smudges along the eye. It glides on and is waterproof. The color is perfect for every day. It’s not a harsh black, it’s a true neutral brown and looks good on anyone.



The shadows are great. You can buy them individually, Which I love. There’s nothing worse than being married to an entire eye palette, when you only use one or two colors. This way you can create your own grouping custom to you. These neutral tones are perfect for the everyday look. Simply adding more dramatic color to the corner of your eye to create an evening look. I totally recommend these. I’ve had fun playing around with these four basic shades.


 Mini Duo Angled Brush Mini Duo Angled Brush  Taupe Taupe

Here’s something I never did. Fill in my eyebrows. Yet, every. single. time.  I get my make up done, that’s one of the first things they do. Maybe it was all that plucking I did back in high school? I wish I would’ve known then, that a fuller brow would be in today. Jess used this product on me and I was blown away by how NATURAL they looked when she finished. It’s quite easy to do and I love the shade of this brow powder. Seriously, it looks so natural. I always hated the way it looked when people would fill them in for me in the past. I always left feeling like Capt. Hook. HA!
Give this one a try. I think you’ll be hooked!



You know the saying, ‘ Go powder your nose’ well, Jess says, ‘Go shine your nose’
Here’s where you need to shine the light. I’m loving the way the light catches my cheekbones and tip of my nose.
It’s now  become habit, even on errand day makeup. Don’t save this just
for date night. Remember, go easy. A little goes a long way.

 source/ bettykrislav.com source/ bettykrislav.com



THIS foundation is MONEY. It so light and seriously feels and looks as if you have nothing on. You can build on it, which is nice. Start out light and add more where you need the coverage. No wonder it’s a trade secret. Oh, and this contour palette…. It’s another must have. I’m learning how to use all the shades still, but I use the top two left colors DAILY. With a nice fluffy brush like the one below, I blend the two colors on my brush. When I’m done with under eye concealer and finishing powder, I dust this underneath the eyes and create a triangle shape under my eyes. And just like that any darkness disappears. A must for tired mommas. The powder: I’m sure we all have a favorite setting powder or compact. I’ve always used a tinted one, because most of the time that’s all I use. But when you’re going through all this highlighting + contouring etc. Finishing everything off with a translucent, is definitely the way to go. This is one of Jess’s favorites.

 Classic Multitasker Concealer Brush Classic Multitasker Concealer Brush


 Cheek to Chic Blush Cheek to Chic Blush

This blush gives you that youthful flush. Her clients refer to it as the ‘love glow’. The price may seem like a splurge, but it’s worth it. And don’t be shy asking for the shade that suits you best. ‘The Climax,’ ‘Sex on Fire,’ and ‘Ecstasy,’ to name a few. It’s got a unique way of applying;  you “swirl” your brush on the outer ring and apply to your cheekbones, then dip your brush into the center shade and blend a “pop” of bolder color onto apples of your cheeks.
I’m loving it. Even for those errand days.


 Frankie Rose Defined Seduction - Apricot Frankie Rose Defined Seduction – Apricot  K. I. S. S. .I N. G. Lipstick - Penelope Pink K. I. S. S. .I N. G. Lipstick – Penelope Pink

These two together give you that natural, almost there lip. Jess told me as she applied it that day, ‘this shade is perfect on anyone’. The lipstick is enriched with antioxidants, protects lips from UV damage, leaving them cashmere-soft and irresistible. I’m really loving these two together. I don’t know about you, but a good nude lip color is hard to come by.


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September 28, 2016



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What brand are the eye shadows?


Jen…just click image or name below and it will send you right to brands! Xx

Jamie G

Love this post! I came across Jess Southern on YouTube and have been binge watching ever since. I’m so glad you shared your experience! 🙂


Thanks so much for the tips! Is it recommended to use the Embryolisse in addition to a primer such as Frankie Rose Face Addiction?


When I went to Paris I researched tons of beauty blogs to find out what I should buy in their pharmacies since I knew I would have no idea what I was looking at if I just walked in. Almost all recommended the Embryolisse. So at the beginning of my trip I bought lots of the recommended products, used them while I was there, and then went back on the last day and stocked up on my favorites. I think I brought back 12 tubes of the Embryolisse! At the time I didn’t know you could buy it on Amazon.… Read more »


Does the foundation only come in a few colors?

Now I know why I look like "the day after the night before." Ugh. How does she make it look so easy?! Thanks for sharing these videos–clearly I have a lot to learn!


Just curious ordered the Embryolisse! Just curious, are you still a Revision fan? Or would say the Tarte CC cream is the winner for your "everyday face" foundation/tinted moisturizer? Your tips and tricks give me all the heart eyes- thanks!

Kate smith

Hi! I so enjoyed your post and already ordered bunch of products, but mascara do you use?

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