I am so excited to share my wish list for this year with you guys.  Hopefully my husband and the rest of my family will take a little looksie and find a gift for me.  I mean I am practically teeing it up for them.  Hopefully you will find something on my wish list that will end up under your tree too.

1. YSL Purse:  I put a couple of major splurges on this gift guide, but hey a girl’s gotta dream.  I have had my eye on the YSL purse for a long time.  I have ogled them in the window and I may have danced around in the store with it on.   Who knows maybe Santa has a big budget this year.

2. Northface Quilted Jacket:  I need a new long jacket and I was on the hunt and then stumbled upon this one and had to change my mind.  I love the quilted body and the sweater knit sleeves.  It is absolutely perfect for Nashville’s climate.  Even if you live in a colder climate you could probably wear this under a heavier jacket.

3. Versace Crystal Noir Perfume:  I have worn this perfume for 15 years, but haven’t worn it in a couple of years.  I recently walked by someone who was wearing it and it made me miss it so bad.  So, on the list it went!

4.  Tennis Shoes: You know I am always down for a new pair of tennis shoes and I am loving these all gray Adidas.

5. Pajamas:  One of my favorite brands of all time makes pajamas!  Have you guys been holding out on me and knew this all along or is this a new development.  Regardless, I have to have them.  I can only imagine how soft and comfortable they are.

6. Leather Collar Blazer:  This blazer is pricey, but amazing!  I am in love with the leather detailing on the collar.  I didn’t think they could make a style of blazer that I didn’t have already, but they proved me wrong.

7.  Hat Box:  You guys should see me when I am traveling.  I basically have to wear every hat that I am taking on vacation because I don’t have a way to pack them without them getting smushed.  Well not anymore.  My favorite Calpak luggage now has a matching hat box!  I can  not even!!!  They also make matching packing cubes that I have to get too!

8. Joggers:  Yes, these totally look like MC Hammer pants.  Yes they will be your new favorite go to joggers. They are even made with Nike’s Dry-Fit fabric so you won’t break a sweat while you are running around town doing your errands.

9. Ear Cuff: Am I too old to wear an ear cuff?  I sure hope not because I am totally getting these.  I love that it is small and tasteful, but still a little edgy.  Just like me.  Best part…it’s less than $24.

10. La Mer Foundation:  My dear friend Melissa Schleicher, Carrie Underwood’s make-up artist, just told me about this and absolutely swears by it.  I don’t think I could ever pull the trigger on a $100 bottle of foundation, but that’s what are gifts for?

11. Louboutin Pumps: This is another I wish item, but I am obsessed with these shoes.  I love, love, love the spike detailing around the shoe and the heel.  So cool.  Again classic, with a little bit of edge.  Sign me up!

12.  Cropped Sweatshirt:  Can a girl have too many sweatshirts?  Wait, I don’t want to know the answer to that question.  In my world of athlesiure wear and joggers, you can’t.  I love that this one is cropped and has thumb holes.  They would look perfect with a high-waisted legging.

13. Electric Griddle:  My griddle has seen better days, but it is a must have appliance in my house.  Perfect for all manner of breakfast food.  Best part is that it has a warming drawer that you can keep your pancakes and bacon while you are making your next batch.

14.  Apple Watch:  Okay this is a bit of a cheat item because Steve and I have already agreed to get each other an Apple Watch for Christmas.  I have a first generation one and it is time for an upgrade.  I am super excited about this one.

15.  Apple Watch Bands:  No one wants just the basic band for their brand new Apple Watch.  The best part is that I found these for less than $20 and they come in eight different colors and a couple of different styles; although, I am loving the wrap band on this one since it is really on trend right now.

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November 20, 2017



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