Mother-in-laws can be tricky to buy for.  You might not be exactly sure what size they wear and lord knows you do not want to guess wrong on that.  Or maybe you are newly married and you aren’t sure exactly what your mother-in-law likes.  Or maybe your mother-in-law always tells you the dreaded, “I don’t want anything” when you ask her what she wants.  Luckily, below are some gifts that are SURE to guarantee you favorite daughter-in-law status.

1.  Family Cookbook:  This cookbook is absolutely perfect for a family that has a lot of family recipes that should be shared or written down for posterity.  I love that it has a place to put a picture of the dish and who the recipe originated from.

2.  Herringbone Striped Throw:  When in doubt, buy a throw.  I love the subtle herringbone pattern in this throw combined with the gray stripe.  Perfect for cozying up on the couch with a good book.

3.  Intersection of Love Photo:  This gift is so unique.  It allows you to put the names and the important milestone dates that matter to your mother-in-law.  Maybe it is their date they were married, an important anniversary date, the date her kids or grandkids were born.  You can also change the frame material to match how many years your in-law’s have been married.

4.  Earrings:  You might not be able to buy your mother-in-law diamond earrings, but you can buy her some really great knock-offs.  Two carat earrings for less than $50; that’s a steal.

5.  Luggage Set:  If you have in-laws that love to travel or live out-of-town and visit frequently then a good set of luggage is a must.  I love the chevron detail on this set that comes in four colors.

6.  Slip Pillowcase:  I have this pillowcase and it is my absolute favorite.  It is made of pure silk and it helps prevent wrinkles, pillow creases on your face, and helps keep your hair from breaking.  The perfect gift for the mother-in-law who takes great care of her skin.

7.  Apron:  This beautiful gray apron from William-Sonoma is so beautiful and well made.  Perfect for the mother-in-law who is always in the kitchen.  The thing I love about this apron is that because it is plain you can have it embroidered with her initials or the names of all of her grandkids.

8.  Water Can: Could this water can be any prettier?  I would almost be afraid to use it it is so gorgeous.  I would love it just for display. Perfect for the gardening grandma.

9.  Cardigan:  If you are looking to buy clothes for your mother-in-law you, you know you can not go wrong with a cardigan.  This circle cardigan is perfect because it is shorter in the front and longer in the back, so it covers the bum.  It also has over 1300 reviews and an almost five star rating.  #winner.

10. My Life Story Journal:  Has your mother-in-law lived an extrodinary life so far?  Does she have a story that you want to live on after she is gone?  Is your family into memory and record keeping?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to get this journal.  It is divided into 9 different sections and offers written prompts, it provides a way for your mother-in-law to share her story for generations to come.

11.  Cozy Throw:  This throw is a little bit pricey, but I felt it when I was in the store the other day and it is the softest thing you have every felt.  Plus, aren’t her kids all grown-up now?  That means she finally gets to have nice stuff in her house.  Treat her!

12.  Tassel Necklace:  Jewelry is like a cardigan or throw…always a safe bet.  I love the combination of the tassel and the disk on this necklace.  I will say that the disk and tassel are much larger then the scale of this picture shows, so click through to check it out on the model.

13. Jewelry Travel Case:  I really should be getting this for myself.  The way that I travel with jewelry is a travesty.  I am typically sticking things everywhere.  I love the champagne pink color of this case and the fact that it has so much storage space for larger pieces like statement necklaces and cuffs.

14.  Eyeshadow Palette: This is the perfect neutral eye shadow palette if you have a make-up loving mother-in-law.  These colors are so beautiful and so high quality.

15.  Reading Glasses Holder:  If you have a mother-in-law, or father-in law for that matter, who is always loosing their reading glasses, then you need to get them this little device.  It is a magnet with a hook on the front piece that you can slip your glasses through.  The magnet stays in place and your glasses stay within easy reach.


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November 22, 2017


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