Raise your hand if you have a tween or teen girl in your life?  As you know, I have one that is straddling that line between tween and young teen.  These can be tricky waters to navigate because they are starting to grow up and like the same kinds of things that the “big girls” like, but they are also still holding on to a little bit of the young girl.  If you find yourself scratching your head on what to do for this girl, then this gift guide is for you.  My gift guide for the tween and teen girl has all sorts of ideas that will made shopping for your hormonal, sweet, infuriating, loving girl a blast.

1.  Unicorn Hair:  Okay, what tween girl doesn’t want the unicorn mermaid hair that this product promises.  Heck, maybe even I do.  This awesome product allows your daughter to experiment with dying her hair wild colors without any commitment.  There semi-permanent vegetable dye process is completely safe and washes out over time.  They have tons of different colors if pink isn’t for your girl.  This would make an AWESOME stocking stuffer.

2. Spend the Night Bag:  I am going to be honest, I basically want every single item from the Emily and Meritt line at PB Teen.  This duffle bag is the perfect bag for your girls spend the night invites or weekend trips.  I love that it is stylish and sophisticated, but still totally appropriate for a tween or teen.

3.  Unicorn Onesie:  Okay what is it with unicorns this year?  It must be a thing.  Lily has a unicorn onesie that I swear she never, ever takes off.  This one is fabulous because you guys know I love stars.  Best part, it is 40% off right now and still available in all sizes.  Move fast!

4.  YAY Wall Sign: Lily is asking to re-do her room for Christmas again this year.  What can I say?  She comes by it honest.  I love this wall sign from, you guessed it, the Emily and Meritt line at PB Teen.  If you are interested, snatch it up now because it is on sale.

5.  Adidas Gazelle Sneakers:  Adidas is making a huge comeback and it is fun to see my kids wearing what we wore in high school.  These retro sneakers are so cute and I love the color choices they have.  Note that they do run really big so you want to order a size down to make sure they fit.

6. Phone Case:  A teen girl can never have to many phone cases and I am loving this pink marble case.  It is made of a silicone material, but it is very durable.  A great stocking stuffer idea because it is only $20!

7.  Adidas Hooded Sweatshirt:  Remember how I said Adidas was making a major comeback?  My kids wear uniforms to school, but we are always looking for things that will keep them warm over their uniforms.  Lily also plays sports, so this is the perfect thing to wear to and from volleyball or softball practice.

8.  Distressed Jeans:  Question, do you think an adult could fit into girl sizes of these jeans?  Asking for a friend.  My Lily is already wearing women’s sizes, but there are so many cute girls clothes out there right now to choose from.

9.  Gold Butterfly Chair:  Basically I should have just made an Emily and Meritt gift guide because that I how much I am loving everything in their line.  I have included even more ideas in my selections at the bottom of this post.  How cute would this look in a girls room or a “play room”.  What do you call your playroom once your kids get older…?

10.  Magenta Pouch:  Whether they need to have something to put their pens in (see number 11) or just need a pouch to throw in their purse or book bag, this is the perfect solution.  What teen girl doesn’t love fun, bright colors?  I love that is is created by an artist who employees other artists and give them the opportunity to grow their own artistic careers.

11.  Coloring Pencils:  Pencils, gel pens, markers, art supplies.  I am not sure what it is about tween girls, but you can NEVER go wrong with getting them art supplies.  Lily is constantly asking for new sets of pens and pencils.

12. High Top Wedge Sneakers:  Since my kids do wear uniforms, Lily is constantly looking for ways to express her since of style within the boundaries of the uniform guidelines.  A great way for us to do that is through shoes and accessories.  I love these wedge suede high tops.  Hopefully Lily is not looking at this post, because I think she is going to find these under the tree on Christmas morning.

13.  Wireless Photo Printer:  I am 100% getting this for Lily this year.  This wireless photo printer is amazing because not only can you print off all of your social media photos, but it basically serves as an on-the-go photobooth.  Through the app, you can personalize your photos with borders, text, emojis, and different designs.  Since it is wireless, your friends can connect to the printer and print out all of their favorite social media pictures too!

14.  Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit:  They might as well have called this every tween girls dream.  Seriously, why did they not have things like this when I was growing up.  It comes with 8 different colors to create any combination you want, plus all the mixing tools and bottles you need to make five of your own custom nail colors.

15.  Polaroid Camera:  All that is old is new again.  Isn’t that how it always goes.  If the wireless photo printer in #13 is to new fangled gadget for you, then this Polaroid camera is the perfect solution.  Just point, shoot and shake.


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November 21, 2017


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I got this exact same wireless photo printer for my 13 yr old daughter for her bday back in August and she LOVES it. Money well spent.


Thank you for these gift guides – super helpful. And the tween gift guide – you nailed it!

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