It is time to get shopping for the boys in your life.  Luke is ten and I would say that this gift guide for boys is perfect for boys anywhere from five years old to thirteen years old, although there are a couple of items that even  your teen boys would like.  Buying Christmas gifts for boys is usually easier for me because they want specific things typically, rather than clothes.  I feel very confident that you guys are going to find something on this gift guide for all the boys on your list.  I know I did!

1.  Walkie Talkie’s:  Luke and Lily have a set of walkie-talkies and they love to play with them.  They are really in to adventure and the outdoors (see gift #8), and these are perfect for that.  However, the kids are so cute and will use them just talkiing to each other from their bedrooms.

2.  Spike Ball Game:  My kids LOVE this game.  They will play it out in the driveway but it is also an awesome game to take to play on the beach or at the park.

3.  Dri-Fit Compression Tights:  I  know boys aren’t typically dying to get clothing for Christmas, but they will love getting these.  Luke literally wears them EVERYWEAR and under everything.  He would literally wear them to church if I let him.  I promise when your little boy will love them as much as Luke does.

4.  Over the Door Basketball Hoop:  We have a nerf basketball hoop over Luke’s door, but I think it might be time to graduate to a sturdier hoop.

5.  Nintendo Switch:  What gift guide for boys would be complete without a gaming device?  The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest gifts of the year, so you will need to move fast.  This one is cool because it is both a home gaming system and a handheld gaming device all in one.

6.  Darth Vader Bedding:  I am obsessed with this brand of bedding I just discovered.  They have the cutest bedding that includes duvet covers with matching pillows that help complete the design.  They have designs for girls and boys that range from ballerinas mermaids to dinosaurs, astronauts, and more.  This set would be PERFECT if you have a Star Wars loving son.

7. Goal Post Set:  We are obviously big football fans in this house and if you are too, then this gift is a must buy.  Your little guy will be outside non-stop playing with it…and isn’t that every mother’s dream.

8. Outdoor Exploration Kit:  If you have followed my Insta-stories for a while, then you know my kids love to play outside and basically pretend that they are on an episode of Survivor.  In fact, Lily is 100% convinced that she wants to be on the show.  I have basically bought each of the items in this kit individually for my kids and I wish that I had found this kit before I did that.  If you have a wilderness explorer, then this definitely needs to be on your list.

9.  Vivofit Jr.:  This watch and activity tracker is great for kids.  Not only does it track their activity, but it always you to set chores and task reminders as a parent through the app.  the other thing that is really cool is that when they reach different activity benchmarks and tasks they are able to advance through a game that is attached to their watch through an app on mobile devices.

10.  ENO Nest Hammock:  I guess the theme of this year’s boys gift guide is outdoor adventure.  These ENO hammocks are so cool.  They are easy to put up and very portable.  They are perfect for the backyard, the park or camping.

11.  BB8 Lego Kit:  This is basically every Lego lovers dream and every mother’s worst nightmare.  The cool thing about this kit, besides the fact that it is really cute, is that it comes with a display stand, decorative display plaque, and small BB8 figure.  Be warned though.  This set is not for the faint of heart.  It has over 1100 pieces!

12.  Nike Hoodie Jacket:  This is another one of Luke’s favorites.  Perfect for over the uniform or to and from cold practices and games.

13.  NFL Red Zone Game:  This is Luke’s #1 favorite game.  You get to choose from all the teams in the NFL and then play against your favorite or least favorite teams.  You pull offensive and defensive cards and have to develop your game strategy to outsmart the opposing team’s “coach”.

14.  Light-up Hoverball:  Who is sick from having your walls beaten up by balls being kicked around in the house?  This is apparently the solution for all of us.  It has over 300 reviews and a 5 star rating on Amazon and all those people can’t be wrong.

15.  Glow in the Dark Bike:  How cool is this glow in the dark bike?  It will glow for over an hour after dark when it has been exposed to the sun for at least one hour.  You won’t have to worry about your bike rider not being visible after dark.


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November 21, 2017


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Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~ you truly are the real deal. This guy is the best I’ve seen and I’m buying it all for my boys 😉

I knew you would lead me in the right direction.

Happy of happiest holidays!!!

I was so impressed with the men and teen boy’s gift guides this year. I appreciated the little blurbs about most of the items, and the fact that many of them were highly rated. The thoroughness is so helpful and truly sets your blog content apart from the others.

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