I am back tonight with the next installment of my Nashville Travel Series.  Where to shop in Nashville is one of my most frequently asked questions, so today I am going to give you all the details about the best places to shop in Nashville.  We have a great mall, the Mall at Green Hills, that is right in my neighborhood, but I wanted to share with you guys all of my favorite boutiques and local gems that you will find outside the mall.  We are blessed with so many creative men and women, in particular, who have opened up beautiful local shops.  There truly is something for everything and every price point.  I am going to break it down by neighborhood and give you the details on my favorite places to shop.



HEMLINE $-$$$:

It should come as no surprise that I am listing Hemline as my first stop on your shopping trip around Nashville.  It is one of my very favorite places to shop.  Hemline is actually a chain of franchised boutiques and each one is locally owned and the owner buys all the merchandise for her local market.  Mary has done such an amazing job here in Nashville, and I am excited to announce that a second location is soon to open in Brentwood.  Hemline’s merchandise is always so on trend with a boho chic vibe.  They just renovated the store location for the first time in 10 years and it looks beautiful.  The staff and atmosphere is so friendly and fun, but never pushy which is a huge thing for me when I am shopping in a boutique.  There is a wide range of price points here and it is an awesome place to shop if you have a tween or teenage daughter because you can find great stuff for mom and daughter all in one place.  A must visit!

 photo/ alyssa rosenheck photo/ alyssa rosenheck

The Perfect Pair $$:

The Perfect Pair is located in the Hill Center, along with Hemline, and is co-owned by Ronnie Dunn’s daughter Whitney.  What started as just a shoe store has grown to be a full range boutique that carries the most amazing pieces.  Stepping in to The Perfect Pair is like stepping into that perfectly curated hotel boutique on vacation.  It has a very monochromatic, muted look that obviously I love.  The price points are awesome. They have really beautiful and unique jewelry and hand bags too.  It goes without saying that they have an amazing shoe selection and it is where I always go for the perfect wedge in spring and the best bootie in fall.

Providence Interiors $-$$$:

One last stop you have to make in the Green Hills area is Providence Interiors.  I actually did a full write up on Providence Interiors that you can find here, so I won’t need to go on and on, although I could write a ton.  They have the most beautiful furniture, accessories and fixtures for your home.  If you are an interior design lover then it is an absolute must stop for a trip in Nashville.


e.Allen $$-$$$:

This is my favorite place to stop in when we are staying at The Thompson or eating at Little Octopus. The Gulch is a really hip area of Nashville that has a very urban, big city vibe with tons of restaurants and shops.  e.Allen is across the street from The Thompson and it caters to the dinner crowd with later hours.  It has the perfect mix of clothing, everything from casual clothes to the perfect going out top.  I am guaranteed to find something I like every time I go in there.  Everything is very on trend and appeals to a really wide age range like Hemline.  The price points are very reasonable and range from $50-$150.  The great news for all you non-locals is that they have an awesome website that you can shop too.

Frye:  $$$

This isn’t a local boutique, but they just opened a brand new Frye store in The Gulch and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I know that Frye boutiques are not super common outside of big cities, so it is definitely a fun place to visit if you are in from out of town.  They have all the beautiful leather goods and boots that we know and love them for, as well as some really great clothes.


White’s Mercantile $$-$$$:

Located in a true walking neighborhood, White’s Mercantile is the place to go for the hippest home accessories, the best local made good, and the perfect gift.  Owned by Holly Williams, Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter, it is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Nashville that you would actually wear or use.  It is my go to place every time I need to pick up a gift.  They have an edited selection of clothes and beautiful leather goods.

Vinnie Louise $:

Okay ladies, get ready for this.  Vinnie and Louise is basically the Vici Collection of Nashville.  Yes you heard me right, the Vici Collection of Nashville!  Can you believe it?!?  I really feel like I don’t need to say anything else, other then get your bottom’s over there.  They have really great, trendy pieces and shoes for less than $50.  They also have a really amazing website, so even if you aren’t coming to Nashville you should totally check it out.

Emerson Grace $$$:

Emerson Grace is one of the most beautifully decorated stores that covers great basics primarily in black, white and gray.  They also carry items for men and women, so it would be a great stop is you are shopping with the hubby.  They carry a wide range of brands and you will definitely find smaller more boutique brands there.  They are definitely on the pricier side and I would say that almost everything starts at around $100. But boy do I ever swoon over every. single. piece. Totally worth every penny.

12 South is one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in Nashville.  You literally could spend an entire day there just eating and shopping your way through the neighborhood.  Some of the other places I wanted to mention are Draper James-Resse Witherspoon’s clothing and home line, Imogene + Willie– a custom blue jean maker who makes Luke Bryan’s jeans, and Craft South– a cool craft shop that offers great workshops. Don’t forget to grab dessert at Jeni’s or Sprinkle’s while you walk.


 photo/ Nashville Guru photo/ Nashville Guru

Revv $-$$:

Revv is a great place to find a cute trendy piece at an awesome price.  It is another store that I always find something I love when I go in there and I can get it without breaking the bank.  They have a great staff who are so friendly and willing to help.  I love to head into Revv and then pop across the street to eat at Fido.  It is also close to the Nashville institution, The Pancake Pantry.  The carry the Nash Collection which would make a great souvenir of your trip.

Native and Nomad $$-$$$:

If you are looking for something a little edgier, a little more rock and roll, than Native and Nomad is the place for you.  Definitely a little on the hipsterish side, this is the best place to find your next going out outfit.  They also have really cool t-shirts from the 615 Project that would make awesome souvenirs.  Carrying both men and women’s clothes this is another great place to stop by if you are shopping with the men in your life.


Redo Home + Design $$-$$$:

Sidco Drive otherwise known as Nashville Design District is home to many amazing Interior showrooms, but there’s ONE that really stands out and is one of my all-time favorites to shop for all the things, Redo Home + Design. Some of Nashvilles top designers work out of this space. One I’m quite certain you may know, if not, then go follow her now… Lori Paranjape. (@mrsparanjape) She is a hoot and so majorly talented it’s RIDICULOUS. It’s definitely not to be missed. And prepare yourself to be overlyInspired when you leave and you’ll probably want to redo your entire home after leaving.

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April 10, 2017



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