Hey mamacitas!  If you follow along on my insta-stories then you know that I spent the weekend in Dallas at the rewardStyle Conference and had the best time!  I won’t bore you with the details of what rewardStyle is, but it is a company that helps bloggers monetize their brands.  Every year they invite the top 200 performing bloggers from around the world to Dallas for the conference and thanks to all of you guys, I got invited this year. Eeeeeeek! I literally died when I got the invite in January. We had classes, opportunities to meet with brands, all the in + out’s of writing a book (really want to do that) and best of all…parties.  Oh the parties!  If you did watch, then you know mama went a little crazy this weekend and it was so fun!  I posted all of these looks on Instagram, but I wanted to give you a run down of everything here. Most Importantly: Thank you again to all of you who love me and support me.  I would not have ANY of this without you guys and I hope you always know how absolutely appreciative I am of it in every way. It’s funny, something that I’ve always done (cook + decorate + be real + pull outfits together and help my friends) has evolved into something I NEVER dreamed of or for that matter even knew existed. It’s been crazy and the ride has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It is fun, but it is hard work and I feel blessed beyond measure. Seriously, THANK YOU and I love you guys!

Now, lets get to the outfits!



Dress | Purse (no longer available, but I love this one) | Shoes | Earrings | Sunglasses | Bracelet

So the first night Sole Society hosted a Tulum inspired pool party.  I am not going to lie, it is a little nerve-racking walking into a party full of bloggers when you only know one or two people.  I have never done any kind of blogging conference before and don’t have a ton of blogging contacts so I didn’t really know that many people going in.  As with most things though, the anticipation of the thing is so much worse than the thing itself and everyone I met was so nice and I ended the weekend with tons of new friends.  SInce it was a beach inspired theme, I wanted to wear something a little out of my normal color palette since black, white, gray and nude don’t really scream beach.  I chose this gorgeous sunny little number and I am in love.  It is a perfect for all of your summer events- baby showers, bridal showers, weddings- and its less than $100!  I searched high and low for the little snakeskin clutch ( I found it here last summer) that I am carrying and could not find it anywhere, but I did find an adorable raffia clutch.  It is so cute, comes in four colors, is less than $50 and is perfect for summer!


Top | Pants | Hat | Shoes | Earrings | Bracelet| Bracelets

The second day started with a day full of classes, presentations, and brand meetings so I knew that I really wanted to be comfortable.  Guys, these pants are everything.  If you’re criteria for pants are a.) they are as comfortable as pajamas b.) they aren’t pajamas c.) you can look totally pulled together while still feeling like you are wearing pajamas, then these are totally the pants for you!  I was a little nervous to try a palazzo pant, but I am so glad I did.  Pair them with this black tank like I did, or style them with a white t-shirt and scarf and you are literally ready to conquer the world…or at the very least a full day of conferencing, “momming”, working, etc.


Dress | Belt | Shoes | Earrings | Bracelet | Sunglasses

The second night was another fun party that was hosted by Bumble.  This party required cocktail attire so I found this great dress at Banana Republic and I am in love.  It is so sexy, while still being age appropriate, and so comfortable.  I also love all the micropleating.  Banana Republic is offering 30% off with code BRSURPRISE through the 25th, so hurry over there and snatch one up while it is on sale.  I promise you will not be disappointed!  I also think it would look so great for work dressed down with maybe a black belt and black flats.  Very chic!


Top | Pants | Shoes | Bracelets | Sunglasses

If you guys did follow along with my weekend, you know that Friday night was a wild, late night.  I had the best time, made a bunch of new friends at the party, drank a lot of champagne and tequila, and stayed up til 3am.  #holyhannah For this 9:30 bedtime girl, you can imagine that I was needing something comfortable for day 3.  We got to spend some time in the brand hall, we had brand meetings, and more class sessions.  I really wanted to look professional and pulled together, since I was going to have the opportunity to meet with some of my favorite brands, so I headed straight to my closet for the Banana Republic Sloane Pant. Listen, every woman needs a pair of these black pants in their closet.  They are the most flattering, most comfortable pants in the universe and are currently my #1 favorite pair of pants.  They come in four colors, short/medium/long sizing, and are also 30% off with the code BRSURPRISE.  Seriously run to the store right now and get them and then wear them everyday and we can be twins.


Also, a note about my purse.  This is actually the bag Steve bought me in Vegas when he hit the jackpot on the slot machine one night.  It was literally so exciting and I just about died.  I have a REALLY hard time pulling the trigger on gifts like this for myself, but Steve was so sweet and wanted to get me something nice for our anniversary.  How could I resist?  #winkwink I am in absolute love with this bag. Her name is Chana Belle. Laugh, but I only own a couple (this one and this one) and they deserve a proper names and in most cases a seatbelt when riding shotgun with me. I LOVE them like my own children. Speaking of children, Lily will inherit quite the collection. I have had so many of you guys asking me about it and I have searched high and low for it, including calling the Chanel boutique in Vegas.  I have been able to find it in black and nude, but not beige. You can find the Spring/ Summer ’17 collection here.  I will keep searching for the beige one and will let you know if I find it online.  If I can’t, you can always call a Chanel boutique and they will assist you in locating one.


So the very last night rewardStyle throws a huge finale party and this year it was black tie optional.  So I go this dress last summer from Hemline to wear to a wedding.  I loved it so much that I had to resurrect it for the finale party.  Two problems though.  The dress is nowhere to be found online and I ended up not wearing it due to a bra malfunction.  Yep, you read that right…a bra malfunction.  I sourced a Badgley Mischka that is on MAJOR sale form Neiman Marcus that is really similar and super pretty.  Both of the dresses are the perfect dress for dancing though because they are super fun to swing all around…and dance we did. We literally shut the dance party down and stayed until the DJ literally would not play another song.  It was like the most fun wedding you have ever been too.

Last but certainly not least, a huge THANKS to Beckley + Co. for shooting these beautiful images of me. Rebecca is so freakin’ great and If you live in Dallas or know someone that does…..have her take your picture. So talented! 

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April 26, 2017

rewardStyle Conference Re-Cap


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Loved all of your outfits! And that purse (swoon) ❤️


So many pretty looks!! Loved them all 🙂


Loved all your clothes! So pretty!
Looking forward to your bra posting! Needing strapless soon and don’t really know where to begin looking!


I love the 3 gold bangles on the Day 3: night look! Where are those from, sorry if you’ve already mentioned them just now catching up on the blog?!

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