Hopefully you guys aren’t going to get sick of fashion posts anytime soon.  I realized at the end of August that I didn’t have anything shot for September….whoops! So, I did a big photo shoot with my girl Lindsey, cause I had quite a few new things that I just had to share. Putting on the Living With Landyn LIVE show has been quite crazy to say the least. Can’t believe it, but it’s only 2 WEEKS AWAY! I haven’t had any time for recipe developing, home styling, etc.  Don’t worry, October will be fresh and filled with lots on new content. Which I’m excited about and I think you will be too. Just hang with me through this month and we will all come through on the other side.  At least that is what I am telling myself in moments of major panic…which is daily. Yet….look how calm and care free I look. Ha!

I had a very exciting *top secret* photo shoot last month for something that I will get to reveal soon (October 1st) and I treated myself to an amazing pair of black pants for the shoot.  Now I will admit, this is waaaaaay more money than I would typically spend on a pair of pants; however, these are an investment piece that I will have forever.  As I’ve been writing the book for the show, I created a list of things for the FASHION section- Splurge vs Save. On my splurge list are lots of classic items like a good pair of black pumps, a nice pair of jeans, and a good pair of black pants. And these are my black pants and they really are all the things.

I’ve embraced the skinnies + fitted for the past several years, so it was fun to do something completely opposite and go for this really wide-legged trouser.  Wide-leg pants can be so chic and stylish and make such a big statement, but they can also be a little intimidating to style.  My #1 styling tip for a wide-leg is that you want to balance out your silhouette by wearing something that is tighter or more slim cut up top.  You never want an oversized top and oversized bottom, you’ll end up looking 10 lbs heavier than you are and quite frumpy. Nobody’s got time for that! Two things to always remember….flowy top, fitted bottom/ fitted top, flowy bottom. Pretty much apply this rule to every outfit you wear. If you must go big on top, like I did here, make sure it balances out with the bottom width. Honestly this top is so dang fun, I think it would work with almost anything.


When I am wearing a wide leg pant, I like to wear either a fitted cropped top or a shirt that can be easily tucked in. This particular pair of pants are high-waisted so I paired it my favorite white top from this summer. Remember that baby? If not here it is from my 40th birthday party.  Unfortunately my white version is sold out, but I found the black version at Nordstrom Rack for over $100 off what I paid for it! SCORE! I know the thought of a crop top as an adult over the age of 23 probably seems a little scary, but stick with me on this one.  With a high waisted pant you really won’t see any skin.  If it is still a little much for you, try a lace top like this one and put a little white camisole or bralette underneath.



Another really great look with a wide-legged pant is to tuck a slim cut shirt into it.  I love this look because it really emphasizes the proportions of the outfit, makes your waist look really small, and makes your legs look really long.  Who doesn’t want that.  I tucked a simple black tank in these outfits, but I LOVE the look of a slim fit button down shirt with a wide leg pants.  I think this look is so sophisticated and chic. It would be the perfect look for work too. Oh, and what about  this denim shirt ?  I love the combination of something that is more casual with something more dressy.  Definitely unexpected.



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September 1, 2017



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