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I can’t believe that almost two weeks have passed since my very first Living with Landyn Live.  In some ways it feels like it was yesterday, and in other ways it feels like it was a lifetime ago.  I want to take the time to document the day and share what a magical experience it was for me, and hopefully for attendees.  There is so much to share that I will probably break it down into to different posts so as not to completely overwhelm you.

Before I start, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you.  Doing a live event like this has always been a life-long dream and honestly something that I just kind of kept in my heart and never really voiced.  Luckily I took the leap and I was able to do that because of all of you.  The love, support, community, and enthusiasm you have shown me and the Living with Landyn brand is truly a gift. I don’t know if I will ever be able to adequately describe what you support means to me, but please know that I appreciate and love each and every one of you.

Tracy Jones Photography

Tracy Jones Photography

I also want to take a minute to thank all of our sponsors.  Each one of these brands and companies took a chance on me and allowed me to make them a guinea pig in the experience.  When Julia and I set out to create this show, honestly we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.  Neither one of us have any event experience and have certainly not produced anything to the scale of this show…not even my wedding.  But here is my philosophy; I never want not knowing how to do something stand in the way of doing what I want to do.  I want to challenge myself, to be a life-long learner, and to not let the fear of not knowing how to do something stop me from chasing my dreams.  So to all the brands who sponsored.  Thank you!  Thank you Thank you!  Living Proof, Vici, Fashionable, Juice Bar, e.Allen, LASH, SHED, Life Edit, Redo Home and Designs, thank you for taking a chance on me.  Guys, all of these brands and companies are companies that I personally love and use, so please if you are ever in need of their products or services, use them.  I can vouch that they are THE BEST.

Presenting Sponsor: Living Proof: Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Refresh and Recharge Lounge Sponsor: LASH |Decor: 12th Table | Photography: Wild Native Photography


Decor: 12th Table | Lighting: Bright Event Productions | Florals: Lula Moss | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Lighting: Bright Event Productions | Photography: AIM Photography

Decor: 12th Table | Lighting: Bright Event Productions | Florals: Lula Moss | Photography: Wild Native Photography

Decor: 12th Table | Lighting: Bright Event Productions | Florals: Lula Moss (1,3) Lauren Marie Atkinson (2)| Photography: Tracy Jones Photography (1), AIM Photography (2,3)

Because the venue was so huge, and had a lot of black walls and a black ceiling, making sure that we were able to lighten and brighten the space was a huge priority.  Luckily Bright Event Productions and Quest Events came to the rescue with beautiful lighting and draping.  I was so lucky to have all of these teams working with me, because honestly there were so many details that didn’t even cross my mind that these vendors would bring to my attention and help me with.  The lighting that Bright Events provided was so gorgeous and on brand.  The ceilings in Marathon Music Works are very high and they had the best idea to drop the lighting in the dining area so that it made people feel like they were sitting at a dining room table at home rather than at a huge event space.  It worked perfectly, was gorgeous, and was totally on brand.  Definitely a win!  They also had amazing gobo’s, which is basically a custom light that was able to project my logo on the wall.  Quest provided beautiful draping for the stage which helped soften and lighten the room tremendously.


Florals: Lula Moss | Photography: AIM Photography

Florals: Sweet William Floral and Event Design | Photography: AIM Photography

I was lucky enough to get to work with three different floral design teams for this event: Sweet William Floral and Event Design, Lula Moss, and Lauren Marie Atkinson.  I loved being able to work with different teams and see them come up with unique, but complimentary designs.  They all did such an amazing job collaborating on the overall vision for the floral design and then putting their own unique stamp on their areas.  I wanted everything to be whites and creams and then to bring in a pop of color through greenery and succulents.  I like a really simple, modern, streamlined design when it comes to florals and to say that they all delivered on my vision is an understatement.

Florals: Lauren Marie Atkinson | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Florals: Lauren Marie Atkinson (1,2) Sweet William (3) | Photography: AIM Photography


Book Design: Design Suprette | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Graphic Design: Margot + Co | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

There were a lot of design elements that went into this show-from branding, to collateral, to signage, and the presentation the day of.  I could not have done it without the help of an AMAZING team of graphic designers who helped me.  There was a ton of deliverables that all had to be turned around very quickly and this team delivered beyond all my expectations.  I can say with certainty that if you are EVER in the the need for any kind of graphic design that these ladies are your ladies.  Let’s talk first about the branding and ticket design.  When Margot, from Margot + Co reached out to me and I took one look at her Instagram feed, I knew that we were meant to be together.  I wanted the branding for the show to be a little different, but still tie very closely to the Living with Landyn brand and I love what she created.  Fun fact, the word live is actually written in her own handwriting.  I do not like really scrolly or scripted fonts and I loved her modern looking handwriting.  She also did the fun little program and cards that were in the check-in packet.

Printing: Printers Press | Graphic Design: Margot + Co | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Next up we have to talk about signage.  Girls, I needed a lot of signage.  Emily, from Mootsa Design, reached out and mentioned that she had worked on a lot of events before and would love to help.  I could not be any luckier that she reached out, because to say this girl knows her way around signage and event design is an understatement.  In fact, it is what she does for a living in her real job and she was kind enough to share her expertise with me.  She did such a wonderful job of helping to promote our vendors and sponsors and she captured my simple, modern style so perfectly.  She was literally always ready and willing to help out in a pinch…including having to rescue me and do a bag design when I found out two weeks before the event that the swag bags I ordered were not available.  WHAAAA.  Emily-if you are reading this, girl your the best!

Signage Design: Mootsa Design | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Book Design: Design Suprette | Photography: AIM Photography

So when we first talked about doing the event I knew that I wanted a really nice leave behind book that could almost serve as a little bible of all things Living with Landyn.  I wanted to be able to share all of my favorite products, tips and tricks, as well as all of the expert’s who spoke advice.  What I could not have imagined was how unbelievable it turned out.  All thinks to the help of Nicole from Design Suprette.  Nicole is actually a freelance Art Director who specializes in magazine design and layout.  Her work is absolutely stunning and what she did with all the words we handed over to her is amazing.  She took pages of word documents and random photos and turned them in to a 40+ page book that is just so incredible.  I hope that it is something that all attendees enjoyed and kept for its treasure trove of fun, actionable information.

Book Design: Design Suprette | Printing: Printers Press |Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Last, but not least, is sweet Haley, from Haze Elizabeth Design, who designed the beautiful presentation that we used the day of the event.  She was a trooper and was able to get the whole presentation to us in a week, because we live by the motto if you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute.  She literally got 30 slides that only had bullet points on them and turned it into a perfectly on brand presentation.

Presentation Design: Haze Elizabeth Designs | Photography: Tracy Jones Photography

Okay, so this is gotten really long.  Like maybe I will need to do three posts on it instead of two long.  I will be back next week to show you what all we ate and drank, how we shopped, and what we talked about.

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September 29, 2017


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I was at the show, and it was an experience I will never forget. From the moment I checked in, I was so happy. The decor, the florals, the food, the presentations, and of course the best part, Landyn !!!! She really is all the things. So sweet, beautiful, and genuine. She gave me the best hug as I sobbed in her arms. I will treasure our photo together, and always look back at that day and smile. It was the very best!!!!

I love how well this all turned out – I’d love to know after your recaps if there was anything you would have done differently, or that didn’t go exactly as planned. It all looks so stunning and sounds like a blast!! PS The charging and refresh station is awesome!!!!! Well done!

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