This gift guide is for those very special in-laws! I’m very blessed to have known Mister and Sandi since I was a just a girl and can tell you, they just get sweeter with age. I want to make sure I treat both of them this holiday season, and show them how much I appreciate all they do for us! If you’ve got a girl’s girl mother-in-law and a handy father-in-law, you’ve come to the right place! These are also great resources for your mother and father. Enjoy and happy shopping!






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1. Travel Organizer: Who doesn’t love a nice travel organizer?! This is the perfect gift to get the mother-in-law on the go always visiting you and those grandbabies!

2. Faux Fur Slippers: There is something to be said about open-toes slippers. These faux fur slippers will keep her feet at the perfect temp this winter. Maybe throw in a pedicure package with them, too!

3. Five Minute Journal: Add this five minute journal into the slipper/pedicure package and it makes for the full relaxation-themed gift for that special lady!

4. O-venture Key Ring: If you noticed, this was also on the ‘For Her” gift guide. I’m not kidding when I say every woman needs this practical + fun + gorgeous key ring that turns your keys into a beautiful bracelet.

5. Long Wrap Cardigan: I can picture Sandi in this now! It is fitted to lay just right and would be perfect with a pair of leggings or pants.

6. Avalon Satchel: This is one of Stella & Dot’s best selling items + it includes a removable pouch. It’s stylish and neutral, so it will go with just about anything.

7. Jo Malone London Perfume: No matter where we are in life, us ladies love to smell nice. Get her a perfume she will LOVE with this Honeysuckle & Davana Perfume.

8. ‘In The Wild’ Throw Blanket: You really can’t go wrong with a throw blanket and this snow leopard print is the one your Mother-In-Love NEEDS. I might just have to get one of these for myself.

9. CALPAK Packing Cube Set: This 5-piece set can really be anything she wants it to be. I’m thinking makeup bag, brush bag, toiletries, etc. Just one more great option for that lady on the go! And the marble design. Uhh, my heart!

10. Mini Candle Set: Candles on candles on candles! These five warm and cozy scents are exactly what should be filling your mother-in-law’s house all winter long.

11. Gold Hoop Earrings: Yes ma’am. I always get Sandi a nice pair of earrings. She loves them and looks too good in them to not! Definitely snag a pair or two for the mamas in your life.

12. Family Names Pillow: Want to go for something more personalized? The Family Names pillow is it! You can get all of her grand kids’ names printed on this. It will be her most beloved pillow yet.

13. Padded Jacket: Get her a coat she will love! This one from H&M is both beautiful, cozy, and warm all while staying fairly inexpensive. Plus, I always say never buy a boring coat.

14. Jeweled Flats: Aren’t these pretty. That jeweled detailing will light up you in-law’s eyes like nothing else. They will pair perfectly with her gold earrings, too.

15. Silk Pillowcase: The silk pillow is also a gift guide repeater. No shame. All the girls in your family should have one of these. The benefits and wonders it does for your hair and skin are unmatchable!





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1. The Tie Bar: I love that Nordstrom offers these style boxes complete with ties, socks, and pocket squares that match! This is the perfect bundle to get any father-in-law to have him best dressed.

2. Mr. Mug: I mean I have to get this for Mister, right?! It’s perfect.

3. Utility Vacuum: These really come in handy and can be used for both the wet and the dry messes. Do not underestimate the power of a good vacuum as a Christmas gift + as handy as Mister is, this is a no brainer.

4. Old Man Book: Ok so I just love adding in funny/cute books to a Christmas gift. Call it a gag gift, if you will. But this funny little book is sure to make your father in law chuckle on Christmas day.

5. Microwave Popcorn Popper: I had to throw in a popcorn themed item. Mister LOVES popcorn and all things salty. So…may I introduce to you the easy peasy microwave Popcorn Popper! Definitely getting the man one of these.

6. Toiletry Bag: This is so useful. I feel like men carry these things around for life and never buy them for themselves. So, tell them to kick the old one to the curb and start using this new shiny hunter green kit,

7. Multi-tool Pen: Again, Mister is so handy and is always up to something. I always try to gift him with something that helps him in that. I came across this muli-functional pen that is a screwdriver, Stylus, Bubble Level, Ruler & Phillips Flathead Bit all wrapped into one!

8. Leather Belt: You can’t go wrong here. Just check with your mother-in-law on his size! Maybe size up because Thanksgiving. Ha!

9. Plaid Flannel: I love the power of a good plaid flannel on Christmas Day! Guys love them, gals love them. It’s the perfect shirt for the Father-In-Law in your life. Plus, throw in the belt and you’ve got yourself an outfit folks.

10. Worksite Radio: This…this is for the builder in the family! For us, it’s Mister. This ensures all of his tools are charged and doubles as a light and so many other great things that are helpful.

11. Soft Robe: Time to relax! In my opinion you can’t really go wrong with a new soft robe. This one is so plush and soft…I mean it’s in the name. Best part is it’s under $50!

12. The Man…Book: Just another small item/book that is great as a gift. It’s perfect for the manly man + it can be the gift that is from the kiddos.

13. Gordon Lyons Vest:

14. UGG Slippers: A nice pair of slippers is a must-have. They are made to be worn for quick trips outside too. And you bet they are max comfort. Would be great to throw in with the robe!

15. Couch Arm Table: Last but certainly not least! The couch arm table is great for the guy that likes to watch tv and eat at the same time.


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November 21, 2018


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Love all of these but especially the personalized pillow !

Please rethink the Old Man book. It is full of racism and sexist content. Read the comments or read it for yourself before suggesting such an item.

I ordered the white slippers from Pottery Barn for my best friend for Christmas-they are super soft and I can’t wait for her to try them on

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