Steve and I are headed down to Miami for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival! We have been going for about six years now and it is the perfect getaway around this time of year. When we were living in Minnesota, we REALLY enjoyed getting away from the freezing cold and relaxing on the beach for the weekend! Being in Nashville during the winter isn’t that bad, but who doesn’t love a getaway from home and the kids for a little bit in the middle of February? This girl.


tee | flip flops | luggage

Steve and I both grew up in Florida and we actually got married in Miami, so it is always a fun trip for us to be back. We get to meet up with old friends and family while eating some of the best food and drinks on the beach! If you aren’t familiar with The Food and Wine Festival, it is essentially a bunch of white tents up and down South Beach with tons of the most world renowned chefs from coast to coast.

There are small competitions, different night themes, big tent events and more! It is an amazing long weekend getaway with my main squeeze. My favorite part is sampling the incredible food and drinks while walking down the beach in my bare feet on the white sand, listening to great music and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. The weather is always great and I am so excited to be heading down tomorrow!

button down | washed denim  | tee | black denim | shorts

We are going to be staying at 1 Hotel South Beach and it is GORGEOUS. The decor is just dreamy. All white furniture and the most beautiful views of the ocean, it is essentially me in a hotel. You guys it’s a if I designed it myself. This is also my favorite time of year to dress for. I love sandals, flowy maxi dresses and although I am generally dressed in very neutral colors, when spring and summer roll around, I love to break out some crazy color.

light washed denim | white tee

Along with dressing myself, I love updating my husbands wardrobe as well. Steve is a bigger guy, he is 6’6 and recently lost 25 pounds doing Keto! Wardrobe items from past years are not really working for him anymore, so I went to Nordstrom for some spring gear. Nordstrom does a great job of always having a good selection when I’m shopping for Steve. If you have a husband or a boyfriend who is a bigger guy, you know that shopping for them is a complete headache. But Nordstrom has always been my go-to when shopping, because they do carry extended sizes and taller options. I know that I am always going to be able to find something for him every time I go.

belt | polo | button down | denim

He really big fan of the James Perse t-shirts. I know what you are thinking, $60 for a t-shirt is ridiculous! But they wash super well, the color, the fit and the style are all exactly what he loves. Because we are limited in options, I will honestly just about buy them in every color I can find when I am there. Steve wears a size 5 in their shirts. I also really like how he looks in AG denim jeans. Nordstrom has these great linen shorts out this spring and I can always find Steve’s favorite brand of flip flops. Whether he is shopping with me or not, I know I will be able to find clothes that he likes when I am there. Because let’s just say… shopping is not his idea of fun.

AG released a really cool pant this year, they are a slim trouser called the Marshall. They aren’t denim and they aren’t linen, but they are a lightweight pant that you could wear with a flip flop and a t-shirt. South Beach has a resort feel, so that will be a great outfit for him to look great but still feel comfortable.

Steve is a pretty good packer himself. He likes to pack his own things and he is also very neat and organized. He will normally just bounce ideas off of me while we pack, asking if I like certain outfit combinations together and we like to see what each other is bringing. We want to look like we belong together and dressed for the same event, without being too matchy match, you know what I mean? We work well together, so packing is never a headache by any means.



weekender bag | ruffle top | mesh one piece | hat (similar)

I’ll let this one be about him. But man, did I ever find some great pieces. Some accidentally got in my shopping bag, others didn’t, but I wish they had. And two things will be shipped to my hotel. Fingers crossed they work (sure looked cute on the model). We are both so excited to be headed to Miami that I might even get packed earlier than I usually do! Paradise, here we come!

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February 21, 2018



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Hey Landyn! My husband is also a big tall guy (6’5”) and has been forever stuck in the land of T-shirts. This post was so helpful! I was able to share it with him for some ideas – he loved it!

I love that Steve uses the hanger tip too!!! Living with the Hutchisons! Enjoy your trip to Miami – we’ll be living vicariously through the stories you share! ox

Love this post. I pack for my husband and akways seem to ve mussing that one piece. This was extremely helpful. Thank you, more like this please. Thomasina Santacroce

Ok. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure I wanted information about what your husband wears, etc. However, I actually really liked the post and found it helpful. Thanks.

I love when hubbys make blog appearances! Great post.

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