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The year of self-care marches on here at Living with Landyn and I am so excited to partner with Marshalls to show you how to have an amazing spa-like experience in your own home. I love going to the spa as a treat, but it’s definitely not feasible on time or budget for me to go as often as I would like. I needed a spa day to get ready for our trip to Minnesota for my live show and Hall of Fame events, but the schedule was so crazy that I didn’t have time to get into my favorite spa here in Nashville before we left. Luckily all I had to do was make a trip to my favorite Marshalls and I found a ton of surprises that were perfect for making my poor winter skin ready for the big events.

 products you need for an at home spa day

I did this by myself, but hosting a spa night would be such a great idea for an at-home girls’ night out. Marshalls has absolutely everything you would need from nail polish to name brand skincare lines and so much more. It basically is a one stop shop for all you would need to create the perfect in-home spa experience. If you were having girlfriends over you could set up different stations and you guys could rotate through the stations. You could even have girls pick a station to be the “expert” for and have them do the treatment at that station. That would be perfect for things like manicures and pedicures. I am terrible at doing my own nails, so I know I would love to have someone do them for me at home. You could serve healthy foods and make spa water with fruit….or kick it up a little and make a spa cocktail that you could serve everyone. I picked up some really gorgeous gold rimmed wine glasses while I was grabbing all my beauty essentials on my last trip for only $3.99 per glass. They would be perfect to use if you were having girlfriends over.

 wine glass and face serum on bedside table for an at-home spa day

Now on to all the goodies that I snagged for my spa day. All at-home spa days have to start with something comfy to wear, so I grabbed this sleepshirt for only $12.99. I also grabbed a luxe lavender wrap that you can warm in the microwave and lay across your neck. It wasn’t a massage but, it definitely did the trick. It would be perfect if you had trouble falling asleep at night or were prone to headaches.

 body scrub with gray loofah

This extra cold winter that we have been having in Nashville has done a number on my skin. It is so dry. I plan on getting a spray tan for my trip to Minnesota, so I have to make sure that my skin’s really exfoliated or the tan looks blotchy and sloughs off too quickly. I grabbed some coconut body scrub for only $4 and a loofah sponge to help make sure my skin was spray tan ready. Typically loofah sponges are either bright neon colors or just a boring natural color. I loved this one because it was gray and almost looked like a flower. The best part was that it had an elastic handle that you could slide your hand through so it was really easy to use when rubbing in the body scrub.

 tweezing eyebrows in make-up  mirror during an at-home spa day

I also got a couple of things to help with the dry skin on my face as well. I found a couple of really great products at prices that I was so excited about. My absolute best score of the day was some name brand de-puffing gel eye patches. If I had bought them at a beauty store they would have cost upward of $50, but I got mine for $7.99! I am going to take some with me this week because we will have some late nights and I have a feeling I will need them. I also got a hydrating gel face mask for only $7.99 and I really loved how it made my skin feel. To finish off my skin treatments I applied a face serum to really help with moisturizing. Face serums are relatively new to the skincare scene and typically carry a pretty hefty price tag. I like them though because they are really lightweight and carry a higher concentration of active ingredients that really penetrate the skin. If you are looking to try out a facial serum in your skincare routine, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, I highly recommend checking out the beauty section at your local Marshalls. I found my serum for only $6.99 and was really pleased with it.

 gray loofah

After all was said and done, I came out with an awesome spa night for way less than what I would pay for a treatment at my local spa. Now that is a score!

Thank you to Marshalls for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you to all of you that support the brands that help make Living with Landyn possible.

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February 6, 2018



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I love your nightstands, lamps and all the accents. Will you please write a master bedroom home decor post? I’m in the process of redecorating and would love some inspiration. Thank you!

Fun post and great idea I plan to do with my teen and young adult daughters! I would also love to know about your lamps on your bedside table. It’s all gorgeous!

Hey girlfriend, thanks for the post! Very thoughtful and beautiful. May I ask what serum you chose that you liked? Im 45 and my skin has completely changed and nothing that used to work does anymore. I’m on the hunt for a good serum and a good every day under eye cream/gel for dark circles and to plump. Would love a recommendation if you have one. P.S.I joined Orange Theory in January after hearing about it from you! I love it! I’m going the times a week. And, my husband loves it, too! He goes with me on Saturdays. 🤗

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