After my show in September, I found myself in a bit of a rut. When you have something so exciting coming up that you’ve been looking forward to for a while, there is this period of ‘okay, what now?’ after it is over. I wasn’t doing anything to workout and I really missed it! I had been doing Shed in the past but wanted to switch it up a bit. As new year rolled around and after not doing anything for a while, I felt the urge to start my new life in the new year.

I had heard so many great things about Orange Theory. Even one of my girlfriends had amazing results! When I saw her get off an airplane with a new figure I was like “HOLY MOLY! What are you doing?!” and she told me Orange Theory! So after hearing it over and over again, I wanted to try it for myself. And as it turned out, there was one right next to my house so I thought this is perfect! I am gonna give it a try.


I went in and decided to do one of the free trial classes. I got all the paperwork filled out and the girl working there was extremely excited for me to be there…maybe a little too much honestly. The whole crowd there was very enthusiastic. I am not usually a fan of gyms, I like to go in, get my stuff done and get out. But I decided, you know, this is fine, I should just get into it!

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The trainers suggested that I start out on strength and then the second half I’d go into cardio. So I got on the rowing machine, which was great! I was sitting next to a girl who was also new and we just got after it, and I was actually really enjoying being back to working out! I’m usually a weights girl, I don’t love cardio but I thought Orange Theory would be a great way to work on my cardio.

After finishing the strength portion of my workout, it was off to the treadmills. I made my first mistake by not following my number. If you’ve never tried Orange Theory, you are given a number so that each time you transition to different stations or equipment, you have to use the machine with your number on it. They aren’t always clearly labeled and I didn’t want to run staring at a dark wall. I mean running sucks enough already. So I moved to one of the treadmills by a window. I was just getting started when I feel a little tap on my shoulder, and it was a woman saying “Excuse me, you are on the wrong treadmill.” I apologized and asked where I was supposed to be, I didn’t know we had assigned seating. And of course my treadmill was back in a dark hole. All I could think was, man I’m gonna hate this for the next thirty minutes.

So the treadmill portion was a mix of sprinting for a while and then coming back down to specific levels. I had to keep checking my monitor to make sure I was in the orange portion but my monitor wasn’t working that well. Obviously it was just a technology error and that happens sometimes, so I got my monitor switched out and I just kept after it. Now I hadn’t done anything since September and I don’t love cardio, I have honestly never done much cardio, but I decided I wasn’t going to let the girl next to me beat me. I was thinking, oh I’m gonna bury this chick. I just ran as hard as I could on an eight incline and give it all I had in the tank. I ended up over exerted and winded myself, and when I stepped off the treadmill I was met with a slightly intrusive high-five. Multiple times throughout the workout I was approached for a high-five or comments like “Alright girl! Good Job! High-five! Welcome to the team! Welcome to the family!” All I could think was PLEASE stop touching me. Please do not high-five me ever again! I don’t know about you, but I just don’t enjoy being touched when I’m all sweaty and out of breath.

Not only was the over-the-top enthusiasm and touching an issue for me, but the whole process seemed a little sell-y. As soon as I was finished, they were super quick to whip out a clipboard and jump right into prices and packages. WOAH! The pressure! I mean I hadn’t even caught my breath yet. They are very good at making you sign up, and I gave in. I signed up for the $99.00 a month package. After I did that, I got in my car and realized I was kind of in a bad mood. Usually the endorphins kick in and I feel much better after a workout, but not this time. My chest was burning (probably because I was out of shape) and I just really didn’t want to high-five ever again. The crabby feeling stayed for a day or so and I just didn’t know if that environment was for me. I had another class scheduled but I went out of town so I wasn’t able to make it. When I was back in town and actually able to make it, I really wasn’t that excited to go.


Now everyone works out differently and I am sure that Orange Theory is fantastic. Just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it for yourself! I just felt that it is not for me. I have still heard so many success stories and for some it is an incredible workout. If you love it, then more power to you!

I will be going back to Shed. I like weights and hit training, so Orange Theory isn’t for me. But just a helpful hint, it is a very difficult place to break up with. So, if you do sign yourself up and want to quit, you better quit a month before you want to stop. They do not let you out of those contracts very easily!

Even though I wont be going back, I still encourage you to try it if that environment sounds like it would fit your style. I honestly have heard amazing things so maybe it is just me, but finding what you love doing is the most important thing when it comes to working out.


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February 9, 2018

PEACE OUT Orange Theory


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I feel the same way about Orange Theory! I felt like I was crazy since everyone else always talked about how they loved it. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

Ha! This just made me come to the realization of why I don’t like group classes. I hate that group pow wow stuff. I’m a “just leave me alone and let me get my stuff done”. I’m truly a self motivated person but I get that some people feel the energy from group classes. Hey, whatever gets you there right? I can say that my orange theory was nothing like that, and I’m being honest. There was maybe one high five and they didn’t apporach me about a contract, probably because I don’t live in a city where there is… Read more »

Jen Kalisch

I absolutely relate to you, that would drive me crazy. High fives, go girls….no thank you! My weight workouts and the tranquility of running or exercising outside on my own terms is what sings to my heart. Carry on!

ps…you are the bomb, love all that you do and share!

Jen from Florida

Wow, this is the first time I’ve really heard you complain about something. You’re usually so positive, so the experience must have really stunk. Glad that you figured out what suits you best and made a clean breakup with OT.

I love your honesty here! I had a feeling after your instastory when you went that you didn’t really enjoy it. Your passion about the things you love is infectious and OT was not all the things for you! Keep on doing you lady and yes….leave me alone!

Exactly why I don’t do group X! Yuck!! Definitely everyone has their thing, that’s not mine either!

I LOVE OTF. I know it’s not for everyone, but it definitely takes more one class or even a month to get in the groove. I hate they were so “sell-y” to you. That is a turn off. Also, not all coaches are created equal. 😜

I have been doing orange theory for about 6 months now and love it! I’m sorry you had a bad experience! After a week or 2 they definitely don’t pay as much attention to you so I’m sure most of the high fives would have stopped. I actually love the enthusiasm and love being encouraged. We also have mirrors in front of our treadmills so we arent staring at a wall. It definitely keeps me committed because of having to sign up. I don’t push myself as hard at the gym ever. All of my trainers have been great! But… Read more »


I completely agree with you. I actually did Orange Theory for 4 months. Got great results but I felt horrible the whole time. I mean I had to take a nap every single day I worked out there. Which is not like me. I felt like my body was completely overworked. I was eating more to compensate and drinking more water but I could never get enough back into my system. My ankles and knees then started to few the effects of constant banging so hard on the treadmill. Let’s be honest… no one ever needs to go 12 mph… Read more »

Trey Drier
Reply to  Paige

I completely agree. The treadmill is very hard on the knees, hips and ankles. HITT training is the way to go. There’s a new one in town that offers spinning (instead of the treadmill), HITT and Yoga, each in 20 minute intervals. It’s called SPENGA. I may give it a try. It seems more complete than OTF.

I just said to my husband, holy cow, I’ve never heard Landyn complain about anything. She must have really hated this. OT just opened in our town and I was skeptical after the first class. Heart monitors weren’t working at my first class until almost the end so it was hard to understand what the goal was. After the 3rd class and only 12 splat points I was thinking I sucked compared to others. Then the trainer used my chart as the explanation at the end and said it was perfect. Woah, wait, what? He said why bust your a$$… Read more »

Hallelujah Amen !!! Oh I’m Soo glad I wasn’t the only one that didn’t like it!!! Gosh & good gracious the getting out of contract is horrible….That giddy happiness just goes away.


It’s a month to month contract. All you need to do it give them a month’s notice. Not hard at all.


I only lasted a few months as well. 4 of my friends joined with me and we all gained weight. The rowing hurt my hip I was in the chiropractor each week. I realized it was too much stress on my body and it also seemed like all the staff was faring each other.

Oh! And I have the arm band heart monitor and never have an issue. The one that goes around your rib cage area didn’t really work for me.

I do HIIT too and always thought that orange theory was HIIT. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the same thing. There are many studios popping up around here in Cleveland and I was planning on trying it. Now that I know what it is, I won’t be going either! Thanks for your honesty.


It is HIIT…

Landyn!!!!! I started last summer and hated every minute of it. Dreaded going. Haven’t been since October and am still paying because I don’t want to deal with them. Plants forehead in palm.


It is NOT hard to quit. Just tell them- it’s not an annual contract, just month to month.

I agree with you!!! Thank you for being so honest! I tried it for 4 months…I was exhausted the whole time! I liked the workout, but I couldn’t recover. I am a massage therapist, so I had to schedule the days I didn’t have a busy day or I would have died! After about 4 months of dragging around, never losing any weight and feeling terrible…to the point I was so rundown I got sick! I decided to quit and yes, it is very hard to get out of the contract! Not for me either. We all have to find… Read more »

Try heated power yoga!! It’s the BEST!!! 90-95 degrees and you feel AMAZING after. Definitely worth a shot.


I love your honesty! Thank you! I’ve been curious about OT but don’t think it’s for me!

I really enjoy OT but a little frustrated when i get a call from my location that they offered me a deal that wasn’t approved by corporate and they can’t offer it to me anymore. So I have to pay $50 more if I want to stay with the plan I had. I don’t want to leave but I might have to based on principle. Very disappointed.

Love you and your honesty!! 😘😘

OT just opened near my house and I’ve been considering it, BUT I’ve heard lots of different things like the fact that they are sales-y and that some people are exhausted all the time. Thanks for your honest opinion and review. I think I’ll stick with what I’m doing!

This makes me so happy! HA! It reminds me of the Friends episode about "breaking up with the gym". I’m not a fan of over enthusiasm with anything. Especially, when I’m sweat & out of breath.

Hey! Love this post and so agree on finding workouts and exercise that you LOVE. There’s never “one size fits all” in heath, in my opinion. If you DO like the class format, but just hated the environment, you really should try Results Fitness on music row. (I don’t work there so I’m not recruiting) They are great people and less intrusive for sure lol. Maybe if you just wanted to add in that type of cardio on occasion. Definitely go with what you love, but it’s always nice trying new things because you never know if it will awake… Read more »

Thanks for this! I have been wanting to try it out as well, and was super excited to see you were going because I knew you would give us your feedback. And honestly, if you don’t like something, more than likely I won’t either. I hate any gym that makes you feel like you have to sign up “right away” to get the special deal, then puts you on an annual contract that you can’t get out of. I joined a boxing club a few years ago in preparation for my wedding, and boy do I regret it. Not only… Read more »

hey landyn,
i tried OT as well. and eeeek, the enthusiasm leads to mistakes as we fling our bodies around going after crazy goals (in my opinion.). no pain , no gain is so outdated and not scientifically sound.
good for you to not bend to the pressure!

I hate cardio but know it’s important, so I try to sprinkle that into my week. About 8 years ago I did a trial Pilates Reformer class at Lifetime and was hooked. I now do it twice a week and, not only has it helped tone and strengthen, but I’ve been lucky to have classes where it’s mostly the same group of women so it’s become somewhat social as well. As I get older, I like having that strength and stretching addressed. Frankly I can work up a pretty good sweat just getting kids ready and out the door every… Read more »

It’s Pilates for me….I love it and will not miss one of my sessions for ANY ONE! That is my sacred time for me and it’s not to be messed with! 🙂 I want to be able to move this body without pain until I am really old so pilates helps me with that goal. I have to get on the dreadmill at home to get cardio in until the snow melts in Michigan which isn’t my favorite, but it’s what works for me! I’m glad you know what it is that works best for you! I’m going to try… Read more »

So funny a bunch of friends tried it and loved it so I thought I would see what it was all about, I love trying a new workout … I went hated it same I’m too competitive if I see my name on the board and the weight portion wasn’t guided enough and too many people doing rotating and the heart monitor ugh. Of course I signed up just to get out of there luckily I only bought 20 classes no contract and they still kept calling me. REALLY 😝 just recently I sent the heart monitor and gift gym… Read more »

Oh my gosh! Love this! I go in my club and go out, no need to talk to me or tell me all the gossip at the high school your kid goes to! Get me my jump rope, weights and TRX band and I’m outta there in 45 min! Landyn, you’re lookin great! You run enough in your day caring for your fam and between your Keto( which I’m grocery shopping today from the book!) keep doing what your doing girl! You got all the things right!;)

Yes! Someone who feels the exact same way. I keep it quiet. I left wanting hating everyone and everything. I am not a social gym person and I struggle with that when going to a gym. Give me weights and headphones and I’m a happy girl.

The same thing happened to me with OT here in Nashville. I tried one class and wanted to think about it but they told me that offer was only good for one day so I was pressured to sign up. Then I wanted to cancel after feeling like it wasn’t for me and they told me no problem just let us know a few days prior to your billing cycle. Did just that and then they told me they had to charge me for another month because you have to cancel 30 days before.

I’m the same way! I enjoy a good group fitness class, I’m a regular at my yoga studio, but I don’t like a bunch of hoopla. I’d rather just get my sh*t done & get out of there. I love Tone It Up for that reason!

I had a horrible customer service experience at orange theory too. Refreshing to here the truth about your experience, thanks for sharking.

I have been going to Orange Thoery for a little over a year but I do the 4x a month plan just to mix up my routine. I have never been high fived. 😂 It is dark in there but over all I get a good workout.


This post makes me love you even more!


The workout is incredible movitating and new instructors every time I’m there. Oneand done eh? Sorry it’s not like that in FL.

Really appreciate your honesty. Good, helpful information. It’s certainly not for everyone and I know it wouldn’t work for me.

Thank you for your honesty! So many friends have been pushing me to join but your review confirms I would detest that environment!!

I love Orange Theory. It is not the only work out that you should do though in my opinion. I also lift weights and OTF is my switch it up a couple of times a week workout. I am not good at doing cardio effectively on my own at the gym so OTF allows me the cardio/interval training time that my body needs. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.

This made me giggle. I have been going to OTF in Chapel Hill, NC for 18 months and am totally hooked and in love. I go about 4x a week and have never felt better! That being said, I have never been forced to give a high five in my studio! I am not a fan of the sweaty hand exchange. Like, leave me alone. I did go to a studio in Florida once where high five-ing was everywhere and totally unavoidable (believe me, I tried to avoid it).

Hope you find what you’re looking for! 🙂

I knew it! I warned ya! Lol! I had the same experience, been working out for my whole life and love trying new things and I did not like orange theory. I had felt crappy about telling you they sucked so glad you experience it and feel the same on some level! Shed sounds great! Perhaps you can do a post about them and how that work out differs. I’m going to a place now in Miami called StunnasFit (they have an Instagram so look it up if you’re bored one day or curious) that is a lot of HIIT… Read more »

Appreciate your honest opinions. That’s what keeps me following you when the others come and go, haha! I had considered trying it and even visited and took the tour. I know what you mean about over eager staff members. A little weird for me as well. Glad to get the real scoop.

Hey Landyn! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience! Working out should always be fun! I know you said you have never really been a runner, or into cardio, but I really think you would enjoy running especially if you put yourself up to the challenge of completing a marathon. If you are looking for a good endorphin release, look no further : ) I grew up mostly a short-distance runner. In high school I excelled in Track and Field, and never wanted to run over 800 meters. I got into long distance running (marathon running) after I graduated… Read more »

Your honesty… the good, bad and ugly is why I follow you. Thanks for keep it real.

I am not an OT fan, but my husband likes it for cardio twice a week. I am in LOVE with Pure Barre. I have never had a really toned body until I started. Long, lean muscles. I miss it when I can’t go! Great stress reliever too. I have so much more flexibility which is great as we age. I’m in the 40s club now! Do what you love!

That is the exact experience I had at OT. A couple of my friends love it. I dreaded going and the treadmills poor quality caused some major hip issues. I agree…everyone needs to find out what works for them. I am currently trying PureBarre but still paying for OT because of the difficulty of getting out. They tried to make me feel terrible for quitting. I also think working out with people you like is very helpful. I used to go to Barre3 for four years and loved it. I think change is good and looking forward to going is… Read more »

I joined OT last March. Went consistently. Loved it. My body hated it. Broke down by August. Back, knees, shin splints. I put it on hold for two months…then had to pay for December and January before our relationship ended. Going back to just running for me….at my own damn pace.

I love OTF, thankfully I’ve never had the high five, touching issue. Every studio is different, no dark corners in my home studio, lots of mirrors.

Paula Brethauer

I totally agree! I love my studio. Lot’s of light and mirrors!!

Holy hell. If I had to run on a dreadmill looking at a wall in a dank, dark corner, I would hang myself. Lol! Orange theory sounds like a bit of a joke.

My friend and I started OT in September. She’s going strong with an unlimited membership and joined the transformation challenge. For myself, that place gave me major anxiety, I was always afraid I was going to be flung off the treadmill and I felt like hell when I would do it. I also ended up with a terrible case of plantar fasciitis (I’m a runner and know all about shoes, etc) and am currently on rest per my podiatrist. The people were great, but the workout was not for me. Glad I’m not alone!

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