Hello Everyone! I have an easy flower arrangement to share with you, as well as a couple tips & tricks for how to create a pretty arrangement using grocery store flowers! I absolutely love fresh cut flowers, and I love having them around the house; nothing will freshen up a room like a bouquet of flowers. With that being said, you don’t always have to spend an insane amount of money to get the same look. Let’s face it….they die and don’t last forever and you’re already at the grocery store. Am I riiight?! You can use pretty much use any type of flower to create something beautiful! I love how clean + modern this arrangement is, and how it brightens up the room as it sits on my breakfast table. Here’s how I created it, and how you can make your own!



Number one: get what you can afford
Number two: if what you can get is the supermarket’s finest, like
3 bunches for $12….. go monochrome or go home!

Single color bouquets are definitely the way to go. Now that you know the simple “rule” on what to buy, here’s how to create a gorgeous, professional-looking arrangement, even from a less than impressive options. Don’t give up if your grocery store’s flower display is not very inspiring! Grab all the flowers in the same color that you can get your hands on. Go home, play around with it and you’ll be amazed what a difference a little fluffing and trimming makes. Trust me.


When you don’t have time to be more creative, pump up the impact of a mixed bouquet purchased at the grocery store. Cut the stems really short and arrange them in a low, medium-wide vase. Group flowers of the same color into clusters, rather than just plopping them all the vase, try to create little focal points where your eye will go. One mixed bouquet in a variety of shades can make many one color arrangements. Separate the bouquet into two or three smaller bunches. Which will create several smaller arrangements, group them together or spread them all over your home. Talk about a bang for your buck.


Grocery store flowers are usually wrapped in some sort of cellophane. When you are picking out your flowers, pull thecellophane down and make sure the leaves on the stems aren’t wilted. Choose at least two different types of flowers. If you are making a big arrangement, go with more of the same. Try to vary the size of the blooms and coordinate the colors. As soon as you get home from the grocery, put the flowers in water immediately. When you are ready to make your arrangement, cut off all the wrappings, ties and rubber bands. Separate the stems and cut off all leaves from the bottom half of each stem. Decide how tall you want the stems and trim each one to approximately the same height. You can tweak this later. Lay the stems out on a work surface so they are easily ready for arranging.

Fill your container about 1/3 to 1/2 way full with fresh water. Begin with the flower type that has the sturdiest stems. In this case, I began with the hydrangeas, because the tulip stems tend to droop. Before placing each stem in the water, give the end a snip. Once you have all of the first type in the vase, fill in these flowers with your second type. Then mix the flowers evenly throughout your vase.

You may have to remove and snip some stems if they are too long. If you’ve got some that are too short, put them around the outside of the container. The height of your arrangement is a personal choice. I prefer a low arrangement like I said earlier and of course I’m sure there are “flower arranging rules,” but I don’t know what they are and if I did, I wouldn’t follow them anyway. HA!


Containers are a personal choice. Honestly, I have a basement full of random vases. My container collection is full of many clear glass + white options, some round, some tall, some small and lot’s of cubes. That’s my favorite to arrange in. I like a low and tight look, something a little more modern and often times in multiples. Sometimes I use mason jars and pitchers.  If you have the room, hang onto a few of your favorites. They will come in handy. Cause once you start arranging from the grocery store, you’ll get good at it and will become a regular thing. I mean…..we live at the grocery anyways, might as well come home with something pretty besides eggs and toilet paper.



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March 12, 2018



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