Over the many years of playing football, Steve had accumulated so many helmets, jerseys, trophies and we just didn’t have enough room in this house for all of it. In our last home, we had a basement and we were able to have everything on display. I was sad to not be able to have the same kind of set up in this home because I am extremely proud of Steve’s accomplishments. He worked so hard for so many years and I love being able to look at the tangible reminders of it. But we had to figure out something different to do in this house. When designing his office, we were able to incorporate some football memories with his everyday life. Turned out pretty cool.

Steve’s office is right off the front door of the house and for a while it was really just an eyesore. Just like most offices, papers piles up, we would drop packages in there when were on the go. There are no doors in the room so I really wanted it to flow and look as beautifully decorated as the rest of the house.


Unlike the rest of the house though, the office has a darker look. I like for a mans office to have more of a deeper, masculine feel to it. When we moved into the house, there was already picture frame molding on the walls, but it was painted a green and yellow. I wanted to paint the walls colors that were more my style so we went with Stormy Sky by Benjamin Moore on the walls and Grey Husky for the trim. I also wanted a large wall cabinet that had some built in shelves. My girl Annie Graunke (you already know) from Studio M Interiors helped me pick out the one we have and I just love the modern look it brings to the room. It has a mid century feel with brass handles. If you didn’t know, I am a sucker for brass handles and it is a small detail that is pulled through the entire house. I put sconces on each side that perfectly fit the lines of the picture frame molding on either side of the hutch. Even inside, Steve has kept it organized with all the things he needs, like envelopes, paper, pencils and whatever else men keep.

The room is smaller so we didn’t want to put a huge, bulky desk in there. So we got a smaller, glass top desk, like an architect desk with black legs. The desk sits on a hair on hide rug that is super cool. I kinda fell in love with it and it brings some lighter colors into the room while also adding texture.

Another thing I love about Steve is that he plays the guitar. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to display his guitars in a functional way. Living in Nashville, it isn’t too hard to find a music store that sells display necks that allow you to easily hang up the guitar on the wall. Not only does it make the guitars look like a work of art, but if Steve ever gets the itch to play, he can just grab it right off the wall and strum away!

In one corner of the office, there is a big wing back chair that is a real dark navy blue with a kidney pillow that is textured. We wanted to use some men’s fabrics on the chair. What are men’s fabrics you ask? Men’s fabrics are simply fabrics that you would find men’s suits made out of. They add texture and an added layer to the room.

The light fixture has the same look, style and color wood that the cabinet has. It has a drum shape with candelabras and it is just something that is fun and ties it together as a more masculine room.

Since the office is at the front of the house and has a big window, we had a privacy shade made that you can see out of, but people cant see into. We matched the color of the shade to the actual paint color on the walls.  Genius. It still lets in a little bit of light when it is lowered because it has a screen like texture to it. The curtains are a heavy velour navy drape with brass rods. I was able to pull a lot of the interior elements that I love into a different style space for Steve. We are thinking about adding some french doors now that he is working from home more, but he really loves this space and is very happy with how it turned out. There is nothing quite as satisfying as putting the FUN in FUNctional!


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March 13, 2018



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Hi! Where are the drapery rods in Steve’s office from? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for but can’t find .


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