It is that time of year again! The weather is changing and the kids have seemingly outgrown ALL of their summer clothes from last year. My kids are growing like weeds and everytime we get out a pair of pants or a jacket, it is too short, too small or too tight. I know we can all relate to that feeling even as adults! HA!

Even so, styles change. I like being able to find clothes that my kids will actually wear and that I think look good. Lily is at that age where at times I’m not sure if we should be shopping in the women’s section or the junior section. Luke is still in the kids section, but I like to find clothes that will be durable, wash well and look good on him. I don’t like to spend too much on the kids clothes yet because they are going through them like water and kids are just rougher on their clothes than adults are. If Luke doesn’t come home with a stain or spill on his clothes or a tear somewhere, I am shocked.

While I am still the one doing the clothes shopping for my kids, I tend to pick things that I like stylewise, but that are still age appropriate for my kids ages. Of course I love neutrals, but it also works well for a kids wardrobe because they can mix and match different items and the things they don’t grow out of can be easily matched with new clothes. I want to give them the independence to pick out their own outfits and be able to put their own spin on what they are wearing, but starting with some good basics that I picked out for them helps. Have you ever looked back at pictures of yourself in middle school and think, “why on earth did my mother let me go out in that outfit?!”, I am trying to help my kids out as much as I can. For my kids, I like shopping at Old Navy, American Eagle, Nordstrom Rack, T.J. Maxx, Urban Outfitters and Target. Old Navy is one of my favorites because they are generally on trend, it doesn’t break the bank and they have a lot of cute things! I want them to have good clothes, but I don’t want to invest too much when I know I am going to be making a trip back to the mall in a few months. You feel me mama’s?



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May 18, 2018



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Great picks on the clothes! So cute and affordable. My daughter will be thrilled when the clothes arrive at our house! Thanks Landyn!
Reply to  Kelly

YAY! You’re so welcome!

Okay, question. Does Luke really wear jeans? I would LOVE for my boys (ages 12 & 16) to wear denim again but they absolutely refuse. It’s either khakis or sports shorts. I might as well have asked them to put on a tutu. <eye roll> We live in Kansas City so this denim denial may just be a local trend…let me know!

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