Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate because it isn’t overwhelming like a major holiday, but it does remind us all to give some extra attention to the most important women in our lives.

Of course there are a million cute crafts and desserts for kids to make on Mother’s Day, but as my kids get older or if my mom is in town, I like to go do things around Nashville. This travel series is all about places that make you slow down and appreciate what is around you! My mom was always this beautiful source of comfort and care, just like these places are.


The Landyn Summer Tote |denim skirt (similar)| shoes | top | sunglasses (The Landyn- launching May ’18)

Our first stop was lunch at The Mockingbird. Nestled in the North Glutch, The Mockingbird is a relatively new restaurant on the Nashville scene. Have you ever been into a building where everything was eye catching? Well that is exactly What the Mockingbird is like. The best way I can describe it that it is a mix of The Great Gatsby, the Tate Modern and your grandmother’s house. There are modern elements of design, art deco style furnishing mixed with floral wallpaper and antique china. All that plus classic 80’s songs playing in the background makes The Mockingbird and eclectic restaurant with something for everyone to love.

Just as the decor of the building is intentionally eclectic, the menu is fashioned in the very same way. A wide variety of choices that are made from quality ingredients, but there is always a little something that makes each dish different than anything you’ve ever had like it. Brie jalapeno jam, mint in a salad, TOTCHOS and more! Each dish is a little bit familiar but also offers an element of surprise on your pallet. They even have a cocktail in a bag! If you are looking for a fun place to go with incredible food, The Mockingbird should be at the top of your list!

What We Ate: 
– Dont worry, Brie happy
-Ill have what shes having
– Punchin’ bag
-Goin’ Green
-Chefs Choice


In the heart of Germantown, there is a pink door. Behind this pink door is luxury like you wouldn’t believe. Poppy & Monroe is luxury care with wholesome products. From the pastel colors to the calm demeanors of the staff, Poppy & Monroe is upscale skin and nail care that makes you feel as comfortable as you would in your own living room. There are cozy blue chairs to sit in while you get a pedicure. One of the many reasons I love getting my nails done here is because they don’t use water. Wild right! It is clean, natural and extremely well done. They even have a heated Himalayan Salt Stone massage for your muscles and infuse your body with magnesium. Now that is the kind of care a mother gives! Going above and beyond, treating things you didn’t even know you needed. Laying back in those chairs with the soft sunlight coming in and the clean smell of natural products is a recipe for relaxation!

One of the questions I get asked is where do you get your nails done? The truth is, From time to time I’ll hop around to a few different places or honestly, find whatever is closest to my house- BUT, when I can I will make an appointment with YaSheaka. Let me tell you, she is good for your soul. Not only can she give the best damn pedicure and manicure, she gives the best hugs and makes you laugh until you cry. Every time I walk out of an appointment with her, I feel refreshed.

After my pedicure, I was given the wonderful opportunity to try the newest service Poppy & Monroe has to offer, the new May Lindstrom Signature Facial : The Botanical Intermezzo. Poppy & Monroe is the first spa in the South to offer this incredible service and the only location in Nashville to carry the full May Lindstrom skincare line. A pampering this indulgent is exactly what a mom deserves, and not just once a year either! I did the thirty minute session, but it felt like I was in there for much longer! Everything about the process is designed to make you extremely relaxed and completely rejuvenated once you are done!


If you are ever in need of a fun activity to do in Nashville, The Candle Bar is EXACTLY what you need in your life. Located in North Nashville, The Candle Bar is one of my new favorite things. Seriously, I am already planning Lily’s birthday party because I know she and her friends would love this. But for all the moms, this is a great way to spend time together while making something you will not only enjoy making, but you can use and reuse!

Not only do you get to pick your sent out of something like a billion different scents that were expertly created (and smell like heaven, it is so hard to choose just one), but you get to choose which vessel you want to pour it into. It might have taken me forever to decide but it is so darling in there that you don’t mind. Each jar had its own function and style that there really is something for every style. Plus the jars are designed to be easily repurposed within your home!

The sweet ladies who work at The Candle Bar are so knowledgeable and helpful. As they walk you through the candle making process, they explain how the scents are created, how the wax is different that other candles and even how long your candle will burn. Making the candle itself is a fun learning experience, and it smells heavenly. They even let you bring your own drinks while you make it! Drinks AND candles? I honestly don’t know why I ever left! Whether you are taking your mom, going on a date night, family outing, planning a party or just want to make a candle for yourself, you have to check out The Candle Bar.

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May 11, 2018



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I am coming to Nashville in August for a team event so I am super excited to hear all of your recommendations. I am thinking candle making might be a fun team activity!

Living With Landyn -
Reply to  crystal cattle

YES! This would be a perfect activity for your team!


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