I got my first pair of Electric sunglasses about two years ago. I knew a little bit about the brand but I wasn’t really that familiar with them. But I took a chance and loved them! The next thing you know, I found more styles through Electric that I loved. Before I knew it, I had three pairs! After a while, a lot of you started to notice them and commented how much you liked them on me. Of course when other women tell you that you look good in something, it is the best feeling! I mean I knew that I liked them, but getting that extra confidence boost really can turn something you love into your favorite thing.

From there, I told you all where I got them from and the response was overwhelming. You guys were buying them and loving them! The internet is a funny place, and after a while, the people at Electric were like “Who is this Landyn chick and how are all these women from across the country coming to us and buying glasses?”.

The owner, Abby, and her husband Eric, reached out to me and said that they had some new glasses coming out and we would love for you to have them if you would like to try them! So they sent me a pair of the Honeybee and the Crashers. Every single pair that I put on, I would absolutely love! I love the style, the weight and color combinations. They are so on trend but not over the top, just very classic. I instantly fell in love. I think it was about a year ago when they asked me if I ever considered creating and designing my own pair of sunglasses? I was like, IM SORRY, I think you have the wrong number. HA! I couldn’t believe they were asking me, Landyn, to design a pair of sunglasses!! But they were!

We began this journey of creating something beautiful by Abby and Eric flying here from California last fall. They brought a bunch of different samples and lenses. I had no idea what all goes into creating sunglasses and guessed it was quite extensive but I had no real idea since that just wasn’t my world. We spent an entire day going over different frame styles, and face shape and details. I learned so much and from there we started this journey together and I am so proud of what we have made together!


The Landyn Encelia by Electric:

This little thing of beauty is made in Italy, and designed in California. Handcrafted premium sunglasses are perfct for the beach, streets and everywhere in-between. The Landyn Encelia by Electric features Electric’s signature Melanin infused lenses and  blocks 98% HEV blue light, provides crisp vision, and provides a heightened level of protection for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

FRAME: 6 base mold injected Grilamid frame with a 5 barrel hinge.

OPTICS: 6 base OHM Polycarbonate lenses. 100% UV protection. Up to 98% Blue Light protection.

MEASUREMENT: 55h – 144w – 156l


The Landyn Encelia by Electric! I could not be any more excited! They will be $150 each on launch day, Thursday, May 24th 2018 at 12 midnight CST. For 24hrs they’ll be 20% OFF! The promo code is LANDYN20, but will ONLY be live for 24 hours! You’ll just come here to www.livingwithlandyn.com on launch day and there will be link to purchase them on the home page or go to electriccalifornia.com.

May 21, 2018



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The top you are wearing in the first image -white w/ black detail; need details please ! What brand is it ?

Landyn stop it right now. These are adorable!


eeeeeeeek! Don’t you just die??


Love love!! Can’t wait to try them!!!


Yay! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on them


How quickly will the sunglasses ship if ordered on the 24? I am leaving for vaca on June 4th and wondered if i can get them before I leave?


They should be shipping immediately!


Landyn, I wear prescription sunglasses. Would it be possible to have new lenses put in?


Are the lenses polarized?


I’m so excited, can’t wait to place my order!!!


Yes girl!


I am already starting to get all nervous that these bad boys are going to sell out faster than I can log onto the computer!! HAHA Landy ya better have STOCKED up!


Just got mine ordered! So excited!! I hope they arrive before vacation!


So disappointed that these don’t ship to Canada.


They’re sold out!! When will more come back in stock and when that happens, will the 20% off code still work??


SO bummed they sold out before I could get a pair…..do you know when they might be available again? Can’t wait to get a pair!


Are these polarized lenses?


I pre-ordered before the deadline to get the 20% off but the code is not working with the email I got the says my reserved pair is ready to complete the order?.? Please advise…thanks so much for your help.


I also pre-ordered before the deadline to get the 20% and am not able to use the code. Please advise and let me know if the code changed? Thanks so much!

Shannon Mylod

I’m having the same issue with the code!! I preordered with the code but it isn’t showing my discount??


Hi, I too reserved a pair prior to the deadline and the code LANDYN20 isn’t working. Is there a different code to use? The email just said my reserved pair was ready to complete my order.
Thanks for the Help!

Stephanie Johnson

I need these glasses again. I lost mine 😭


I lost mine! Where/how can I buy again?

Hey Mary! These sunglasses aren’t for sale anymore, but Electric still has some similar ones!

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