The first stop on my morning of exploring was at Steadfast Coffee.  This is a locally owned coffee company that is known for sourcing the best beans and the art of roasting those beans.  The actual space itself has the most beautiful light and is very clean and modern.  Their artwork in the space is very cool and they have a really cute outdoor seating area. I ordered the avocado toast with an egg that was absolutely TO. DIE. FOR. They whip the avocado into a mousse, and then smear this thick homemade bread with some sort of magic cream cheese. So delicious.  They also have the most incredible foam designs in their coffees.  Seriously, you will feel a little guilty drinking them….but it won’t stop you, because their coffee is so freaking good. They also serve lunch and dinner here too, as well as some really fun coffee based and non-coffee based cocktails. Give it a try!

May 22, 2018



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