I like to treat myself from time to time with a blowout. I don’t know about you, but I hate blow drying my own hair. I HATE IT, and I don’t hate a lot of things. If I could just take my head off and put it on the counter, it would be much easier but I can’t. I can never get the back of my head right and I never get it smooth enough. Maybe some people treat themselves to fancy drinks or a cute new top from time to time, but I like to go get a blowout. If any of you men are reading this post, a great gift for your wife is a gift card to go get a blowout, because anytime we can get someone else to do our hair for us is a win.

When I first moved to Nashville, I heard so many good things about The Dry House, so of course I wanted to see what all the commotion was about. Well, it was love at first blow-dry! Ali Ryan owns the Nashville salon and she is just the best. If you are coming in from out of town or if you happen to live in Nashville, The Dry House does a FANTASTIC blowout. I don’t have a specific person that I use on the regular when I go because every single person I have seen has done an amazing job. My blowouts lasts a few days and make me feel like my best self. High class, badass is their slogan for a reason!

Every visit is such a treat! They even serve you champagne while you are there and they have different packages you can purchase. It is something I thoroughly enjoy having done and The Dry House is the place to go. Plus it makes a great activity when the girls all get together. Hello, girls trip!

AND GUESS WHAT! Normally, all blowouts from The Dry House are $40, BUT for all you beautiful ladies, just mention “badass Landyn” and you will get your blowout for $30! I mean, as if you even need another reason to go! Try it out and mention me, and when you walk out of there feeling like a supermodel you’ll understand why I love it so much.


A few months back I got this great skirt from H&M. It was a great, high waisted skirt which I am a big fan of because I can tuck all the things into them (AKA the mommy tuck). It is also a pencil skirt fit which I love-it is such a great shape for all women. I like that it has a little slit area in the from that adds a but of flair, but doesn’t show too much.

I am not 20 anymore, I am almost 41, so a mini shirt is not something you will find in my closet. I like that this skirt comes down to my knees so that I don’t ever feel like it is inappropriate for any occasion. A cute denim skirt that is age appropriate can be dressed up or down. I can wear it with a t-shirt and flip-flops or pair it with a cute top that is front tucked and a block heel for night out with my girlfriends or a date night with the husband.

The denim skirt trend is going strong and will quickly become a staple in your summer wardrobe.


Some of you might remember the trip to Napa Steve and I took this January. Although January feels like forever ago, the trip was so incredible. A weekend with the hubbs, drinking wine and enjoying the breathtaking countryside was such wonderful gift from my in-laws when they said they’d keep the kids!

We have a lot of chef friends and Steve and I are big foodies ourselves. We both love to cook and entertain. That being said, wood-fire cooking basically Steve’s love language. One of his favorite cookbooks is Francis Mallmann’s Mallmann On Fire cookbook. I mean just check out his episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix and you will be so inspired!

So one day while we were in Napa, we took some time to explore the Oxbow Market. Steve had been doing some research on Forno Piombo wood-fire ovens. It was raining and the store was closed, but we peeked into the windows of the store and saw the beautiful designs and started envisioning one in our backyard.

The ovens are the best in the world and custom built with extreme attention to detail. Every square inch is handcrafted in the USA, plus you can cook so many different things on it! It didn’t take very long for Steve to talk me into it.

When we figured out where we would put it, we decided to have our builder come back and custom build a place for it to sit behind the pool house. I am not kidding, this thing weighs a thousands of pounds. It took six grown men and a crane to get the oven in the backyard. It is now set up perfectly and stocked with enough wood to last a while! And nothing is better than when your husband is excited about something that benefits the whole family. He is cooking some delicious dishes in his new oven and I couldn’t be happier.

Of course the oven was an investment and will basically be Steve’s 40th birthday gift, but it is totally worth it. We can cook anything on it, from pizza, to meat, to bread and dessert! There was a lot involved in getting the oven ready for cooking and there are a lot of different factors that go into cooking in it that Steve had thoroughly researched and beautifully executed, but just enjoying all of the amazing meals that come out of it is enough for me!

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June 4, 2018



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And of course the pizza oven is white! Loved this post, Landyn.


Ok so what is the set up next to it?! Some sort of grill?!


Francis Malmann is the bomb! You must go to two of his restaurants –Mendoza Argentina and outside Jose Ignacio Uruguay!!!! My husband and I wish it was not such a long trip now that we have a toddler!

dena sokoll

we are looking to buy a pizza oven and this looks perfect, which model and size is this?

Reply to  dena sokoll

It’s the smaller of the two sizes they make!

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