Do you have a local donut place that you ALWAYS go to? The donuts aren’t fancy and the store isn’t anything special, but they just tase like your childhood. That is what Fox’s Donut Den is to most of Nashville. It is a staple for Nashville locals because you know exactly what to expect and there are so many donut options. It looks like an old diner on the inside and the neon sign just pulls you in so fast that you don’t know how you ended up with a donut in your hand, but you aren’t even mad about it!

Fox’s Donut Den has been in Nashville for 45 years and is a well known local landmark. No matter what kind of donut you like, Fox’s has it. Plus they are open until midnight in case your sweet tooth is keeping you up at night! I’ve even heard stories that Reese Witherspoon frequents Fox’s Donut Den, so if you are hoping to do some celebrity siting while hitting the local spots, Donut Den is the place. One of the things I love about Fox’s Donut Den is that it is located in the heart of Green Hills in Nashville. So when I am bringing the kids along with me while I run some errands, I can easily stop into Fox’s Donuts and make my kids day!

The two main donuts that Fox’s is known for is their maple bacon and blueberry. They are fresh and tase great! I also love how colorful the classic sprinkle donut is. But no matter what you like, from cake donuts to yeast donuts to jelly filled to apple fritters, there is something to make everyone happy when you stop in and pick up a dozen or so!

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May 31, 2018



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