Whew! How crazy was last week? And by crazy I mean crazy good. Everything from doorstep deliveries, to hosting a launch party at Rarebird and even the sunglasses selling out! (don’t worry, you can still reserve a pair!).

When Electric first called and asked about throwing a launch party, I thought to myself, “What do I want this launch party to be about? Who do I want to see in these glasses?”  I kept coming back to the term Electric, because all in all that was who was coming together: Living With Landyn X Electric. I designed these glasses for you, the women who mean the most to me and I wanted this party to represent just that: Electric Women.


Going into the launch party, I knew there would be a few women who couldn’t attend but I did not want that to stop me from celebrating the Electric Women that they are! I came up with the idea of delivering their sunglasses with a cute door step package. Since we were already working with Vroom Vroom Balloon for the launch party- I decided that they would be the perfect addition to the doorstep package. I also used Made Wines and she created the prettiest wine labels I have ever seen- they were a dream!

If you followed along, you saw that I hand delivered each one of the packages and it was SO MUCH FUN. I felt like I was in high school again ding-dong-ditching. Ha! Again, I just wanted to remind each and every one of these girls just how much they mean to me.


Now on to the party, and what a celebration it was! It’s crazy to think that just a week before the launch party we had to change venues, but honestly, that’s just how life goes sometimes! And I could not of imagined the launch party anywhere else than Rarebird, Noelle’s new rooftop bar. Talk about my perfect aesthetic. Everything is gorgeous: grey tones, pops of beautiful color and the lounge furniture, I mean wow. When I first laid eyes on it, I thought it was too good to be true.

The day of the launch party, Lily and I actually went down there to spend the afternoon at Noelle and it was great to be able to spend that time with her before she leaves on her out west trip. We had fun checking out the hotel, coffee shop and restaurant- be on the look out for a full travel series soon!

As party time quickly approached, Vroom Vroom Balloon delivered all the pretty balloons I had picked out and I kept thinking “What in the world? Could these balloons get any prettier?!” They knocked it out of the park! I now want balloons for every occasion! I can’t sing their praises enough and if you need any type of balloon, they have you covered! I can promise you this won’t be the last time I will use them.

When the party started, all the women were greeted with a pair of the new sunglasses and a delicious cocktail. The evening was filled with good food, great drinks and even better company. Rarebird catered the event and the food was to die for. The cocktails were hand crafted and You’re Invited even helped with the perfect napkins. It felt great seeing everything come together so effortlessly.

As I had mentioned, I wanted this night to represent all the Electric Women in my life, the women who help me in my everyday life, the ones who make me stronger, who celebrate me and who have been there from the start. I owe it all to these girls for coming together with me to celebrate such an exciting time in my life. The night could not of gone better, I left with a such full and thankful heart.

Working on finding you this white dress. It was the last one at a boutique here in Nashville

Of course, I have to give a big shoutout to Abbie Crane (the head gal at Electric) for helping me plan such a fantastic evening. The best part- She even flew out from LA for the occasion, I couldn’t of done it without her! Thank you to Abbie and Electric for helping make this dream a reality and thank you to YOU- all of you Electric Women who have continually supported me. I love you all. Mean it.

I know what you’re thinking, HOW can I get my hands on those glasses? Well don’t worry, you can still reserve a part until 5:00 PM CT TOMORROW. Trust me, they will be your summer go to sunnies. They look good on everyone + light weight and just so darn pretty! Man, this all turned out so well. I’m over the moon HAPPY!



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May 28, 2018

Electric Launch Party Recap


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Ok, you have to tell us about your shoes and dress in the pic above! Gorgeousness!

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