On the road again! But this time we have got the new shiny Airstream pulling along behind us. This is our first trip in the Airstream and we are all so excited to go somewhere new and start living in our new little home on wheels! I know you all have a lot of questions, so I’ve got my hotspot on my phone and I am gathering all the things Airstream edition, because you all love it as much as I do! 

All of us know how terrible it feels to go on vacation and realize you don’t have what you need. Well that feeling is only amplified when you are camping. There are SO MANY things to pack and prepare for. I hate when someone in my family needs something and I can see exactly where it is in my house but i don’t have it when I need it. So I did my very best to think of anything we could possibly need so that Trailer Swift feels as much like home as possible! HA! 

It was actually fun to get all the supplies and organize everything in the new space. I loved buying supplies and decorations that matched the colors of the gorgeous interior. We got the 2018 Airstream Globetrotter 27FB TWIN in the Dark Walnut Copenhagen Cream interior. It truly feels that this interior was designed by me which makes it feel so comfortable and homey. Although it is an RV, it is designed to be extremely spacious and have enough storage space for everything you need. They sell the exact same model with a queen bed instead of two twin beds, but for our family of four, the two twin beds were perfect.

I wanted to keep a boho/modern feel when I started decorating. I loved the dark and white interior and of course black and white was the obvious choice for me! Black and white bedding, pillows, appliances, storage bins, and everything else. It just looks so clean, neat and simple, which is exactly what I wanted for this smaller space. 

Of course there is also all of the camping prep that I will have to do anytime we take the Airstream out. Making the beds up, getting everyones clothes washed and put in their individual drawers, stocking up on towels and linens, food shopping and meal prepping, double checking all the supplies and appliances and more. It seems like a lot, but I would much rather be prepared for anything than run into a sticky situation. 

After everything is packed and double checked, I get to relax and enjoy this new adventure with my family. Lily graduating eighth grade was a bittersweet reminder of how fast my kids are growing up. I was to enjoy this time while it is just the four of us + Jack before the time gets away from us. I am so excited for all the new memories we will make with our gorgeous new Airstream as the perfect backdrop. 









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May 29, 2018



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Hi Landyn!! Could you please share the details of that Black destroyed/torn tank top that you had on the other day?! You were wearing it in your instastory. Thank you!!!


That kitchen mat/rug!! Details please! My garage needs those!


Isnt’ it the best? It’s from Target of course! Here you go! http://bit.ly/2Jju48o


Please share the campground location!!!
It’s beautiful! Maybe after you leave?

Reply to  Bea

I will share all those details, plus the recipes after we leave!

Cassandra Brown

Hi! Love the airstream by the way. We did a camper flip on a 1990 Nomad and it just feels like our home away from home. We love it! Quick question what is the paper called that you are putting in the iron pot? You cooked the monkey bread and s’more dessert with it. Where to purchase it also. Happy camping!🏕


Yes! Here is the link, it’s been so handy! http://bit.ly/2JiLXEg


You are so entertaining 😁 Daughter and momma stories🙌🏻 Please share brand of the cast iron pans and pot you used to make s’mores/monkey bread🤤🤤?? Thank yooouu! Can’t wait to watch more. Happy camping!

Reply to  raf521@ail.com

Here you go! http://bit.ly/2Jhauda Plus we used these while baking them http://bit.ly/2JiLXEg


You all are having an amazing family vacay!!!! I would love to know more about your coffee grinder. Would be a great Father’s Day gift:)


It definitely would be a great gift, and the best part- I got it on Amazon! http://bit.ly/2JfmXhj


Would love a recap of the campgrounds you stay at and your route at the end of your trip! My husband are thinking about getting a camper, and I am trying to learn how to create a route and find the best campgrounds along the way.


Yes! I will definitely do a camp ground round up as soon as we get back.


So much fun….and so many great memories you’re making!! Love the BB illuminating bronzer you linked….what shade is it? Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Aruba! It’s my absolute go to, I promise you won’t be disapointed.


Of all the questions you get this is probably going to the be the lamest one, but I have to ask, is the parchment paper you line the Dutch oven with pre-cut into rounds? Because that makes me excited if there is such a thing! And if you’re not excited, then you’re not invited 😂

Reply to  Jen

Here they are and they have been a lifesaver!!! http://bit.ly/2JiLn9y


Hi! Looks like fun! Just wondering if you also have to travel with the outdoor furniture like the dining table and fire pit? I’m sure the outdoor rug is yours! If so, where does all that stuff go on the road- the bed of the truck?


Can you share the name/contact info of the cleaning lady you have mentioned? I live in the Belle Meade/West End area. Thank you!!


Maybe I have missed it or maybe you will be doing some camping recaps, BUT I would love the recipe for the s’more pie you baked over the fire on your Insta Story!


YES! I will do a whole recap next week! Recipes and all the details


What colors are the Bobbi products you linked above? Thank you!


Silly question- with only two beds where does everyone sleep?! In a tent?? Clearly not an actual camper here and like the idea of everyone in a bed! 🙂


Silly question–what kind of coffee are you grinding/using? Thanks for sharing!!


I am having so much fun following your trip! Your Airstream is dreamy, as are your camping locations. Can you please share the MAC eyeshadow color? Thank you!


I’m dying to know what grill you are using outside! I would love to see your set up outside too. I think something like this would be so fun with my kids but my husband would definitely need a grill! So I would love the grill details and even a detail on everything you have set up outside!


Hi Landyn!! Love your stories, looks like you are having a blast. What made you get two twins instead of a queen??


Can’t wait to see the campground recap!


Do you ever wish you’d gotten the 25 or 23’ camper? It’s seems like there’s so many restrictions on size at different parks…just curious!

Reply to  Erin

We really love ours!

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