I don’t know what I did to be so lucky, but I have the most thoughtful Husband. My 41st birthday is coming up and Steve surprised me with a family trip to the Bahamas! He wont tell us yet where exactly we are going, but that only makes it even more exciting.

After he told me about the trip, I had the day to myself. What a gift! So I did what I wanted to do, which was getting a coffee and walking around the mall. I knew I wanted to get some new things to take on the trip, so I thought I would show you all the things I got in case you were needing some beach-y inspiration.

I stopped in Aerie to maybe get a few things for my daughter, but after looking around for a second, I was like “hello new store!” There were so many amazing clothing items that were perfect for my age range too. Have you ever shopped there? Seriously, go check it out!

As always, I wanted clothes and bathing-suits that are flattering and age appropriate. You are not gonna catch me in a thong suit bottoms, but I will be in something cute and on trend.

I wanted to show you everything I will be wearing when I am in the Bahamas so that hopefully when you see me, you already know where you can get everything! Because I know how you girls are…gotta be quick!

I hope you all love the video as much as I do and are able to find some things that you like! Let me know what you think!








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June 28, 2018



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Love that maxi dress — I’ve been wanting something similar to wear as a easy breezy beach coverup and throw-on summer dress! Wondering if I’m willing to be ballsy enough to don just some pasties or if a strapless bra is NECESSARY… #debatable


Love! I need to know where the grey dress is from!! It’s not linking to anywhere


Love the video and all the outfits!


Where is the grey cut out dress from…its not linking to anywhere…I need that dress lol


Okay I am OBSESSED with this video!!! So stinking cute! Please make more of these! So fun!!!


You become more and more my favorite everyday!


Great, just great! First I bought the beads, then a necklace. After that, the tote, the sunglasses, and then the necklace collection! Now this! Please stop, pretty soon I won’t be able to eat 😂😂😂


I agree with Janelle! Or at least tell us that we should lure our hubbys into a different room as we bust out the credit card 😂 love the video and love the clothes! Bought a lot from Aerie and H&M. The pjs were sold out within like five minutes of you posting though 😞

Kim Lashley

Love everything and love YOU! Thanks for all the Bahama Mama inspiration, we are headed there next week too! Have fun and Happy Birthday! 🇧🇸💕🎁🍰☀️


Love the video!! More please!! Also… MUST HAVE the fanny pack in the video!! Didn’t see it in the line up! Please share!


Can you please let me know where the white and black purse tote is from . Super cute. The handwoven tote.


Cute Video…
I am in LOVE with the blue ruffled maxi skirt but it’s not linked. Is it available??
Please post that too…


Hi! I love the white patterned sarong you had over your navy blue one piece in the video! Where is it from?! Please Share


I don’t see your swim shirt.


I’d also love to know where your front zip rash guard comes from. Thank you. We spent my birthday this year on Eleuthera (day trip to Harbour) and agree that the whole place is magical. I highly recommend The Cove on Eleuthera.

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