I was gifted a Melanie Auld piece by a girlfriend of mine a few years ago, and I just went gah gah over it instantly. The style, how dainty and chic it was, and the touch of edginess just got me right away. I wore it ALL THE TIME and and knew I had to look into this brand. I got all the details from my friend and went straight to her website. I fell in love and from that moment on.  I have treated myself to pieces and given pieces as gifts to my girlfriends as well. Steve must really pay attention to what I say (sometimes you never know with men), because this Christmas, he got me the MRS. ring that I adore. I wear with constantly and I stacked it with another right he got me when we were 17, it was our first little promise ring. I wear those together and it is the perfect stack that shows the past and the present. Luke also picked out a gift for me this year, which you all know and love, the multi bar necklace. I wear that thing and never take it off! I have been fan of Melanie Auld and continue to be a fan. 

Melanie and I happened to have a mutual friend who suggested we should meet. Our friend told us that we both think so much alike and have similar styles, so she really thought we would hit it off. So Melanie and I would talk from time to time, and dreamed about maybe doing a collaboration together. Once as we were talking, Melanie asked me to jot down some ideas, do some sketches and look though Pinterest to see if I had pictures of things I really love or anything that inspired me. After doing some more planning and dreaming, we started planning to get together and designing something beautiful together.

But, as we all know, life got a little crazy and holidays rolled around. So we never found a good time to sit down and figure everything out. Plus, Melanie is from Canada, so I couldn’t just drive over to her place when I had a free afternoon. But I continued wearing my multi bar necklace and it just kept reminding me of how much I love the way her jewelry looks + wears. For not being solid 14K gold, the fact that I could wear it everyday and it still look new was amazing and refueled my dream to create something beautiful of my own. So I reached back out to her and we started the process again!

Sketches turned into samples and after a little while, Melanie was finally in Nashville for a visit! We had the best time collaborating and trying things on and looking at different lengths and chains and spacings and more. It has been such an amazing process to be a part of and I am so grateful that I am fortunate enough to create something beautiful to share with all my people, YOU.  I NEVER thought I would be designing jewelry or even be creating something like this! I don’t think I will ever get over this feeling of amazement and pure excitement. 

Effortless and timeless jewelry is what I love. I am not the type of girl that likes to switch out jewelry all the time, so when I find something I love, I just wear it! It is very similar to the Floating Circle pendent came about. It was based on a piece I wore over and over again that I had made in real gold so I would never have to take it off. 

Melanie is an incredibly impressive business woman who has taken her love for jewelry and design and grown it into a beloved brand and successful company. Melanie was an athlete’s wife who fully supported her husband and traveled all over the country. But after he retired, she found her own dream and has accomplished amazing things in such a short time-span. I couldn’t be more proud of the business she has created. Her pieces are sold in Nordstrom and she has a gorgeous collaboration with Jillian Harris. I love supporting women who are working hard to chase their dreams, and Melanie is and continues to be such an inspiration to me.

I am beyond proud to launch my own collection with Melanie. It is called The Collection and each piece is meant to be layered, worn all together or to stand alone. It was our goal to create an effortless look. Sometimes we don’t have it all together, but if we can pull together a quick outfit and add an accessory that makes us feel beautiful, and that is the effortless elegance we wanted to inspire. You will look as if you have it all together, even {like me} when most of the time you don’t. 

                                                              THE COLLECTION $295

                                                             THE COLLECTION $295

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June 18, 2018



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Beautiful pieces! When will it be available?


So beautiful and dainty, just love them all! It will be hard to pick just one. Very excited for you Landyn!


I’m in where and when can I purchase


Are they going to be sold separately or just in the collection?


Are the lengths adjustable?


Open Open Open……waiting for Noon!!♥️


interested in one of these necklaces, are they ever on sale? would love the triangle one.


how do you buy


Beautiful pieces from beautiful minds collaborating 🙂
I noticed on your site you have the collection at $295… and hers is 378.82 CAD. I’d love to buy 1,2 or them all!! but wondering if you happen to know if there is special code for your girls 😉


Do you have the multi bar one?

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