HEY LANDYN… I’ve got a question about home stuff! After last week’s 41 questions (so fun), many of you had even more questions about how I keep my home looking tight and right.

So this week, I thought it would be fun to dive right in to home stuff. Everything from my favorite neutral paint colors, which rooms you should re-decorate first and even how I tackle dog hair in my home. My secret? The Roomba!

More details on the paint colors I’ve used in my house can be found in the Home Tour section of the website. You can click on each room and see which colors we used and where.

Hopefully, I answered all of your home questions! I’m having so much fun answering these so keep them coming! Have a question for next week? Leave it in the comments below!


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July 30, 2018



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Hi Landyn,
What kind of car do you drive that is always featured in your InstaStories?

p.s. Looking forward to next week’s back-to-school suggestions.



You mentioned on your insta story of your exterior house color. I thought I saved that info somewhere, but I can not find it. We are in the middle of a remodel and we will be painting our exterior and I wanted to look into your color. Can you please provide the name again?!?


I absolutely love your bed pillows, those 2 that are on the side of you when you do your "hey Landyn" segment. I know you mentioned you bought them at Home Goods, but by any chance do they have a make or brand name on the label? I look for them every time I am in a Home Goods! Thanks!

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