Hey ladies.

I am so excited that I get the chance to tell you about my dream room! My name is Lily, the daughter of THE wonderful Living With Landyn, for those of you that didn’t know. First of all, let me tell you, shopping with her is so fun. We’ve always had a great time together. Since I am going into high school this year, I thought it would be good to start fresh with a good theme. I was spending most of my time on Pinterest or VSCO looking at room inspiration. Soon enough I was crushing on blush pink, cacti, and llamas. My birthday is coming up (14 whooo hooo), and that’s what I TRULY wanted. In order for this room renovation to take place, we had to do a little shopping. Did I say a little? I meant a lot. Thank goodness for all of those gift cards I’ve been saving up for years!

Originally, we wanted to renovate the closet first, then the room. But when we started putting things together, we found ourselves taking bits and pieces of things from the closet and putting them in my room.. Our first stop was World Market, and let me tell you, when I walked in I fell IN LOVE with the desk. I was like mom, this is the one! The light wood and gold legs quickly caught my eye. After walking around for a little, we saw an adorable air plant that we loved for the shelf. We also found an awesome gold grid thing to clip pictures to. This would add to the AMAZING gallery wall that my mom put together herself when I was spending time with my nana and papa in Florida. Those items are just a few that we found during that trip. And yes, we went back and forth between stores that we’ve been to a thousand times. It’s not like we hit the jackpot every time, but we did pretty good!

Another store that we obviously would hit was HomeGoods. You guys know my mom loves it, but LET ME TELL YOU, I love it now too. Everything in the store, made me want to buy everything. I think I found my new place. Anyways, that was THE spot for pillows. We probably wanted to buy twenty pillows, but I don’t think the gift cards could cover all of that. We bought pillows that ranged from blush, to creme, to textured, to tasseled. So many, right? We also found this amazing white leather chair that is ALL THE THINGS. It’s beyond comfortable for school, and sitting in your room for three hours doing homework. High school, am I right? I’m sitting in it right now writing this. Another thing we found was this awesome wicker light that creates a warm glow in the room at night. It’s so fun, and it could totally spice up any room. We also bought a Buddha man that allows you to put a candle in it for those nights you are feeling zen. We could all use one of those.

Ok. Marshalls is amazing too. We found great things for the room there as well. We found a CACTUS light for the wall. AMAZING! It’s so cute and I’m in love. We also found these two paintings for the wall. One says “I saw that” – Karma. My mom and I died laughing, she insisted that we’d get it. She said those are good words to live by. The other one is blush, white, and gold. It says Love and I think it fits the room perfectly. We also found great cacti there in the cutest pots. We both had fun displaying them around the room. After going down isles and isles in Marshalls we came across a wooden tray that we hung on the wall. Its so nice and adds a good amount of depth to the wall. That mom, she’s so smart.

After a quick Starbucks stop and many Insta stories later, we made it to Target. My favorite store in the entire world is Target. I don’t know what it is about it, but it has everything you could ever need. THEIR HOME DEPARTMENT is just everything. They have the cutest items and it’s hard not to spend the entire day there. Believe me, we’ve done it. We bought these two paintings of cacti and I love them. They both incorporate a bit of blush, which matches the theme perfectly. We bought a sign that says #SQUADGOALS and I’m obsessed. It is so cute and it just adds a great touch above my bed. We love a little gold in our lives. Ha! My favorite purchase of the entire shopping spree was the LLAMA! It is so perfect, and it’s name is Ladorna. Don’t ask. Anyways, it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I just knew that I needed it. Even the kids section has great finds. Who knew? I think my new spirit animal is a llama.

If your daughter is ever begging to redo her bedroom, consider this theme. You won’t regret it. It’s trendy and llamas will never go out of style. I don’t want to leave my room much anymore, it’s so pretty and I love it so much, that I’m taking it to college with me, and yes, even the llama. My mom and I have had so much fun doing this room together, and we definitely have had some quality time together. We both are so proud of it and happy that we could share our experience with you!


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July 26, 2018



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Lily, what a great post. I’m sure you’ve learned some things from your mom but I can tell you’re a natural at this. Your eye for shopping, design and your ability to write about it all. My daughter just turned 13 and I’m beginning to see I’ve rubbed off on her too so I hope she will like shopping for decor as much as you did (and I do). Great job on your room and your first post. Enjoy and good luck in high school!


Beautifuly done!!


Where are your bookshelves from? Adorable room!


So well done Lily! And what an amazing space. You guys did an amazing job. Sure enjoyed the Living With Lily today 😉😊


Your room looks fantastic and I’m sure you will create many happy memories in there. Great post too! Congratulations on both and good luck in high school.


This is great!! I never write comments but really am impressed. It’s lovely and so are you two!!


Love your room! Can you advise where your headboard is from? One posted seems to be different.




So well done!
It looks like a girls’ dream room. The colors, the texture… ALL THE THINGS!
You two are the cutest mom/daughter duo and your strong relationship shines through this post. Y’all are so lucky to have this bond.
Now maybe y’all can come to Texas and help me redo my sons room lol.


Lily, you are clearly your mothers daughter! Love the room and the write up!! Well done girl. I can’t wait to have the same experience with my little lady some day.


This is amazing! I love it, everything about it. I also adore the relationship between you and Lily. It just makes me happy. It reminds of my daughter and I… we have always had the best time together and share so many special things. She is now a mother herself and I look forward to seeing her and my granddaughter’s (Lillian💕) relationship. It’s a gift.. mother/daughter! Btw, Lily is your twin.. gifted shopper with excellent taste, fun, beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much for sharing with us! 💕


Lily – you are the cutest thing ever. I read this whole post in my best teen-girl voice. Having 2 boys I appreciate this even more! You’re a lucky girl to have a mom that supports you and shares a common interest in shopping and making pretty choices with you! Your room looks amazing! I wouldn’t want to leave it either! Good luck in high school this year!! 🙂


Love this, love the room, love the bond you two share, just love, love, love. I have two girls (ages 2 and 4months) and I can’t wait until they are older so we can do things like this together. Just typing this made me tear up with excitement. Great job! Stefanie Howard


Beautifully said Lily, I love your room n those colors together are gorgeous!! So sweet how you n your Mom did all this together, I too go shopping with my daughter n we laugh and love picking out things together for her room. I think everytime I go shopping for me I’m always thinking what cute item I can add to her room😊. You both did an amazing job, it’s such a warm n cozy stylish room. Glad you two had fun, your both lucky to have each other 💟


So pretty! I love the dahlia print wall art by her bed- but didn’t see a source in the article for it. Was that a homegoods find or is there a link to purchase online?


What a great post Lily! Love your room make over! I hope you have the best first year in high school ever!


Absolutely beautiful!!! My 14 yr old daughter is getting ready to start high school next month and wants to give her bedroom a makeover. Thanks for the many decorating ideas! Love the color of your walls too! Do you mind sharing the color/type of paint? Thanks again!!!


This room is so nice- you two did an excellent job! Would you mind sharing the wall paint color? I love it!


You and your mom did an AMAZING job decorating!!! I love the bond the two of you share, even when it comes to home decor! The neutral palette is so fresh and lovey, and I really hope you enjoy the fresh start that it symbolizes! High school is going to be a blast, and you are going to have the best time! (Especially showing off your sweet digs to your friends <3) Best of luck to you; you deserve all the things!!



LOVE yoir room so much Lily! You and your mom did amazing! I think what I love most is that, you save your gift cards and got to use it for the perfect makeover!


So beautiful! Straight-outta-magazine charm! Maybe I missed the link, but may I ask where the cute gold lamp is from? Thank you!


What a fabulous room!!! Y’all did such a great job, and it was so fun watching y’all shop and interact together. I’ve been following along since the beginning and loved the idea of turning your closet into a chic hangout. Did I miss its reveal? I can’t find it anywhere. Best of luck in your freshman year, Lily!


Where did you get the lamp in Lily’s room?

I love it!!

Thank you!

Charlotte Verhoeff

I would also love to know where the lamp is from! It’s really pretty.

Callie Styles

Where is the fake plant in the basket from?


What kind of chalkboard paint did you use and was there any certain prep for it? How is it holding up and does she like it?

Julie Treloggen

Are you happy with the peel & stick pictures for the whole wall gallery? What waa company name?


Hi Julie!

The company is named By Tezza https://www.shoptezza.com/products/collage-kit here is the link!

Charlotte Verhoeff

Hi! I’m doing a bedroom makeover myself. Were is your boxspring from? I really love it!

Charlotte Verhoeff

Hi! I also wondered where Lily’s desk is from. It looks really nice. I love the room.


Where is the headboard from? the ones posted are not the exact ones.


Hi! This room is so pretty. I was wondering where did you buy the headboard/ head frame.

Whitney Haas

I love this room! Any idea where the bed/headboard is from? I love the scalloped silhouette of it! Thank you!!

Reply to  Whitney Haas

THANK YOU! It’s actually pottery barn – https://bit.ly/2ZQPC6h

We love it!

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