Do you shave your face? Wait, what Landyn?! Yep, I asked it because I’ve been shaving my face for 2 years now. I’ll never go back to the peach fuzz days and I’m here to bust all those myths you’ve heard.

The number one question that’s been asked about this process is…Will you grow a beard? The answer is NO you will not grow a beard. If you’ve ever noticed, men age so well and it’s because they’ve been shaving since they were 15 years old. What WILL happen, is your skincare products and makeup will glide on easier, and your face will GLOW. Just think of it as exfoliation on a deeper level. That’s really what it is! So grab a pack of tinkle razors here and get to shaving!

Do you shave your face? Will you now? Let me know what you think!



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September 14, 2018



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Oh my God Landyn I am so glad you are talking about this!! I use the dermaflash and I LOVE IT!!! It comes with extra blades and a cute little baggy and it even has a cute little charging station. You can even pick you colors? How cute is that?!

How often do you shave your face?

Great question. Typically a few times a week!

L, I have listened to you on so many things but this…this makes me N E R V O U S! My grandmother shaved her face. I am like her that I have olive skin and dark hair. If she didn’t shave every week, it would come back dark and coarse on her face not peach fuzzy like mine is now. Do you have friends who are olive complexion and dark hair that can reassure me? If shaving your face doesn’t work with everyone, I am okay with that. If it does….bring it on! I want smooth glowing skin like… Read more »


I have olive skin tone and dark peaky hairs (witch hair). Ugh

Landyn mentioned it awhile ago & I also saw it on Utube, so bought the razors & just a few nights ago tryed it. My skin was so smooth & soft. I will definitely keep it up. I am now a believer!

I’ve heard about this before a few years ago from a radio host and just poopooed the idea of it…….tried it today because of your video and I LOVE IT. I feel like I have a fresh start. YAY! Thank you. justangiel

I must be on Landyn brain wave because the night before this blog was posted – I shaved my face for the FIRST time!! I don’t know how I lived so long with the peach fuzz. It’s been a couple days and my face feels amazing! I did a mask afterwards and everyone goes on smoother. My makeup just glides on. Even my hubby said to me last night “did you shave your face? There’s no fuzz… looks good!” Haha! Yay for tinkle shaving!


I have olive skin and dark hair. I had dermablading done and was worried about the hair growing back thick and dark. My aesthetician assured me it would grow back just like it was before I started. She was right. It did not grow back any different than before. I haven’t done it again because it was $150+ At the medals, but I’m buying these on amazon and will do it myself at home. Thanks Landyn!

Yep. I’ve been doing the same thing for a few years, and everything you said is true! I’ll never go back! Great post, Landyn.

Amazing, …exfoliate, curb aging , and get rid of my mustache without fear I’ll grow a man sized one!? Thank you for this. I’m just finding you and enjoying your candor and resourcefulness. You mention age appropriate dressing. I’m just about 41 myself, and I was trying to look back and see if you have a post, maybe some soft rules, for age appropriate dressing other than just following your gut. You are darling. Thanks for sharing!

So interesting! Does hair grow back prickly in between shaves?

Okay I really want to try this, and I’ve already bought the razors, but…I just know myself, and myself is often times pretty dang lazy. What happens if I don’t keep it up 2-3 times a week? What if I skip a week or two? Will it grow back worse than it was when I started?
Scared 😬


No, it looks thicker because hair is cut blunt so the same length can look thicker but it’s actually the same.

Do you shave inbetween your eyebrows and shave your upper lip? I usually get those waxed.

I heard shaving dry is a better approach. The benefit I am told …hair grows back soft not coarse. Landyn, do you know if this is a myth or has some truth to it.? Curious on your thoughts.

Are the razors a one time use?

Whatever you feel most comfortable with! They’re very affordable so I typically discard after a few uses.

Been doing this for years as well….but always dry! This week going to try it with some creamy cleanser!! It’s a game changer to shave your face!!

Does it matter what direction you go and how all over? Tried this once before with different products and broke out?

Your skin shouldn’t break out unless you’re getting razor burn. Make sure you lather really well with the soap and go slowly.

Yes, I do. But I have to, Ive developed a mustache that’s all black hairs and I’ve been growing a ton of wiry chin hairs that compete with my husbands beard. Plus I have a unibrow that reared it’s ugly head the same time my mustache grew in. The Dr said it has to do with my thyroid and hormones. I use a 4 blade razor and aloe Vera free shaving cream (I’m allergic) I do between my eyebrows, my upper cheekbones all the way down to under my chin. I’m allergic to wax too. Found that out the hard… Read more »

What do you have on your face, lotion or face wash? Going to give this whole thing a whirl tomorrow and trying to figure out if I should have something on my face as I get started.


Kelly B

I use a creamy cleanser!

Diana S.

Great question! ❤ I’m ready to do this!

I ordered the Tinkle razors right after listening to your Happy Hour podcast with Jamie Ivey – LIFE CHANGING!!! I love shaving!! I do have one question – I’ve noticed that my hair sticks to my face much more. This is a better problem to have, but it’s starting to drive me crazy. Have you experienced this?
Thank you!!

I have an issue with ingrown hairs when i shave, its not normally a problem but I am worried it would be if it was on my face. What is your experience with ingrown hairs on your face from shaving?


I love them! Game changer!

Amy Pennington

So I shaved my face yesterday. Love it! It is not lost on me that I’ve been paralyzed with fear to touch up my hair color during the quarantine, but I took a BLADE to my face! Ha! My skin is so soft, exfoliated, and my face just drank up my revision products. Winning!


Hi Landyn, what do you put on your face right after you shave, moisturizer, toner, Revision only? Please advise xoxo

Jessica Shakr


I breakout Everytime I use my tinkle razors!!!! What am I doing wrong? 🙁

Reply to  Jessica Shakr

Probably best to check in with with your dermatologist, but Karee has told me to make sure to exfoliate afterwards since you’re kicking up so much dirt and dead skin. Good luck!


So here’s the question did you have random black chin hairs before you shaved? If so what do they look like now?

Reply to  Kat

Occasionally but that doesn’t affect them

Lesley Dean

Help…I cut myself!! What do you usually do when you have a nick…or three!! Oops!!

Reply to  Lesley Dean

Hey Lesley! That’s the worst! There is not much you can do besides letting it heal on its own. Since posting this, I actually moved to using a regular razor because I was having the same issue.

Great information shared.. really enjoyed reading this post thank you author for sharing this post .. appreciated

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