Let’s talk LASHES, shall we? Many of you have had questions about my lashes, so I thought…Why not just take you with me to an appointment? So today we are sitting down with the owner of City Lash in Nashville, Suzanne Corey (AKA my lash girl, my lifeline, and the source of my eyelash happiness). She will be walking us through the process of lash extensions step by step. I’m actually so excited about this, because It will be my first time seeing how she does it too – very eye opening (ha)!

Suzanne has been my girl for about 2.5 years, after I ran into one of her clients and mutual friend, Mary. I hadn’t seen her in awhile and noticed she just looked so well put together. She swore it was her lashes, to which she then referred me to Suzanne. I booked that appointment and the rest is history.

I haven’t purchased mascara in 2+ years, they are very low maintenance, and my real lashes are just as they were before (no damage). Plus, you just feel instantly beautiful! Seriously, if you’ve been debating lash extensions, this video is perfect for you so watch watch watch + then book your appointment!



September 13, 2018



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Does the eyelash glue make your eyes burn?

Hi Nancy!
It doesn’t burn my eyes, but everyone’s eyes are different!


Thank you!


What is the foam cleanser called that she recommended?

She actually sells it!

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this Just in

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