We are cracking open some rose and getting cozy with Karee Hays of Karee Hays Esthetics for today’s Hey Landyn, and she’s sharing some of her skincare intel with us right from my bed! Before we get started, let me preface this by bragging on her – she is the kindest and sweetest of them all. A total girl’s girl and just wants everyone to feel beautiful inside in out!

About three years ago, I heard about her Glow Facial from friends and came across her in a magazine. From that point, I just KNEW I had to book an appointment. So my sweet hubby gave me a gift certificate for Christmas and you better believe I made that appointment  quickly. I have to say, It was love at first facial. Three years later, and she is still my go-to. So listen in as she tells us all about skincare and how she got started, plus a kitchen ingredient that you should be adding to your weekly routine. Tune in below….

P.S. If you’re curious about the products I use and love check it out here: Waking Up With Landyn. Plus, Karee Hayes is offering all of you 10% off in her store through September 13, when you use the code LANDYN10.

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September 10, 2018



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I want to know about shaving your face? How and with what?


Hi Layndyn. You mention the KH room spray. I see the candle, but where do you purchase the room spray. thank you!


Okay. She won me over with her talk about the skin related to diet and whole health. I get so TIRED of people not looking at the whole picture and just addressing symptoms.


You two are sooo much fun!!! THANK YOU for sharing all the good info/inside secrets about skin! I can’t wait to incorporate “all the things” into my routine 🙏🏼💃🙌


Loved the video! She mentioned that there are many good drug store products with retinols but I would love to hear her top few that she prefers. Thank you!


Hey Sweet Landyn! Very fun, funny & informative little video!! Loved it. So, is it possible to get the “steps” you two discussed written out for us to also apply to our routine?!? Pleeeease!❤️❤️


You mentioned the room spray that smells like her clinic…where can I order the room spray? Thanks so much!

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