Bodysuits – These actually SAVED me. Not ideal for peeing in the wilderness, but hey you can pull anything to one side 🤣 I brought 3 different colors: dark brown (use code: LANDYN10), light brown + cream.

Criss Cross Sports bra – I wore only sports bra, I didn’t even need a regular bra.

Longer Sports Bra – This terra-cotta colored one was great because it was almost like a tank top and I layered with that a lot.

Muscle Crop Tank It was perfect, lightweight and easy to mix and match


Joggers – These were great, lightweight and super versatile.

Travel Jumpsuit – Best ever for travel – not ideal for potty breaks, but I’ll take the comfort and lightweight feel over everything.

Burnt Orange Caro Pants – The true hero are these pants, I wore them every other day. They washed and dried easily and they lightweight, super comfortable and added a little style to my neutral wardrobe. I love the way they cinch at the ankle.

Linen Pants – These pants came in handy in the evening when we would get back to base camp. I usually would change into these – it was the “nicest”thing I brought. In hindsight I wish I would’ve brought maybe one more outfit or top that could’ve felt like I was changing out of my all day clothes to go to dinner. That was one thing I wish I had on a few occasions.


Button Down Shirts–  I got this one (similar) and tied around my waist, used it  in the morning, ripped it off when it was hot and then put it back on in the evening for game drives. I also really liked this button down that had an insect shield in it. I think it was helpful, especially in Tanzania where the bugs were no joke. We didn’t experience it anywhere else, and I have the bites to prove it – not the souvenir I wanted to bring home.

Sweatshirt – This was a lightweight sweatshirt, I wish it was thicker, but I put it over everything in the morning. Again, layers, layers, layers.  Thank God I had this, it was the only thing that saved me, but still wasn’t quite enough

Jacket – I brought this jacket and I loved the style, plus is was great for layering but wasn’t quite warm enough in the evenings. If one thing surprise me it was the temperatures. I wish I had a fleece or a different type of jacket.


Bring things you don’t mind being washed and dried. I wouldn’t bring anything you need to dry clean and laundry service is offered at most camps. It’s so dusty, plus you’ll be dousing yourself in bug spray. We definitely wore things more than once and did laundry a few times. Most villages will not wash women’s undergarments, so bring little packets of soap. A lot of the camps have a sink in the room so you can wash your underwear,  hang it up and allow it to dry before the next day. They will wash men’s underwear.


Sneakers – Of course you need a great pair of sneakers.

Hiking Boots – These boots are legit and I love them so much. Lily and I are obsessed and are so grateful we had these. Plus light weight for travel and our feet never hurt once.

Sandals – Out of the three pairs of shoes I brought, these ended up being my dinner shoes. 🤣 Which is fine because I love them and I’ve been using them so much this summer.


Packable Hat –  I beat the hell out of this thing and got me through many dirty hair days.  As you can imagine, it’s very dusty you.  You’ll shower every night, but you are limited blow dryers.I was a sucker for leave in conditioner, this hat + clear plastic hairbands for a quick braid. It kept me feeling put together and made mornings easy.

Bandanas – I took a light brown one and a grey washed one. These were great to put in my hair or keep tied around my neck.

Woven Headband – This was another great on the go hair accessory when I wanted to wear a braid.

Oversize Scarf This was perfect when I wanted to wrap around my neck or shoulders when it was cold.


Sony A6000–  although it doesn’t come with a good zoom lens (you could buy a separate one) – but it does take a fantastic pictures & video it’s light weight and easy to use.

Carabiner–  I hooked my hat on my backpack when I wasn’t wearing it- Steve + Luke used to carry their flip-flops and baseball hats on their back pack.

Travel Adapter A must have. It had four USB’s It was great for charging our phone plus camera cords etc.

Go MyCharge –  I was on my phone a lot taking video and picture a majority of the time. It was so nice to have an extra source of battery on the go.

Soft Sack– This bag is great. Kept all of my medication in here – that’s the thing you’re on the go every couple days so you really don’t unpack keeping things in small sacks and bags and organized within your duffel bag was key.

Roller Bag– Our outfitter provided us with our bag, the brand is MARMOT (here is a similar one) and I can’t say enough about the quality. They wheeled and also had a great handle for loading in and out of the trucks & planes. Here is a similar one.


The true hero is this backpack. Lily got the other version and she’s going to use it for college, but it definitely needs a good washing. I kept all my toiletries in here, my hat attached to the back and my scarves are tied around the handle. This is where I rolled up my layers put them when it would get warm, along with a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen bug spray.  Plus any paperwork and things I needed to access.

I think I might be a backpack girl now!! Lily’s has a water bottle holder on the side of hers, and that’s the only thing I wish this had. Otherwise it’s got multiple pockets + compartments and this great little bottom zip that kept a lot a little souvenirs safe. (Like locally beaded bracelets etc. in a couple porcupine quills we found along the trail and some guinea fowl feathers which I’m gonna have to get creative and do some sort of art with those. So beautiful)


Beaded Bracelets – I bought along the way in local villages or places we stopped.

Bangles – I brought one single gold Bengal my parents gave me from 40th + some lightweight shell with gold accent color blocked bangles

Small Gold Hoops 

Stackable Rings

I left my engagement ring at home & wore my single eternity diamond wedding band & a promise ring Steve gave me when we were 17 ♥️


KOJI Pads (use code: LANDYNKH) – I counted out my Koji pads to get me through the trip.

Hydra Bronze Pads (use code: LANDYNKH) – I used these when need to give that sun kissed glow.

Retexturize Daily Pads (use code: LANDYNKH)

Therapeutic Acne Pads (use code: LANDYNKH)

Peptide Gel (use code: LANDYNKH)

Blem Stick (use code: LANDYNKH) – I did break out a little bit probably from all the sugar alcohol and delicious food so this came in handy.

Karee was so great and did an amazing job at accommodating me with all things travel size!

Color Science Sunforgettable – A total protection brush 50spf shield powder that was great for adding sunscreen during the day. It also gave me a little powder finish for a mid day freshen up – so two for one with that product. I really liked it, back in the day I used to buy bareMinerals powder sunscreen and I was so sad the day they discontinued it.



Brighting Face Wash

C+ Correcting Cream


DEJ EYE Cream – it’s super dry out there so I definitely double moisturized doubled up on the eye cream and applied the lip sleeping mask every night if not sometimes during the day.

Makeup Remover Wipes – I’m typically a ponds girl and they don’t make my favorite make up remover wipes anymore. I got these at Karee’s and I liked them a lot.

Razor – Yes, don’t worry I still shaved my face!

Avene Spray Water


Nourishing Protective Oil (use code: LANDYN10)- This was key to put on my ends during the evening and in the morning. You have to imagine you’re in an open air vehicle, so your hair really takes a beating.

Izumi Tonic (use code LANDYN10)-  I’m also a huge fan of this rice water that Oxana told me to try a couple months back. I can confidently say this is a great detangler and it’s also a strengthening energizing water

Shampoo + Conditioner (use code LANDYN10) – I’m a huge fan of the blonde conditioner and shampoo and Oxana sells all the samples which is great.

Brush – I never leave home without this brush

Hair Ties – These were perfect for all the braids

Magic Night Serum (use code LANDYN10)- This stuff is legit and probably saved the quality of my hair.


Intellishade – You already know I’m a huge fan and I never leave home without it

Eye Concealer a little under eye concealer goes a long way and especially in the first four days when we were getting regulated with sleep I needed to look a little more alive

Blush – I love this blush, it’s easy to blend with your finger, a little brush or sponge. It gives you a great natural little glow – Lily turned me onto it a few months back.

Bronzer – This is my favorite bronzer and it comes in a travel size.

Make Up Sponge – I don’t leave home without this

Brow Marker / Brush – I recently found on the Internet which is by a company called the brow Trio the brown marker setting gel and brush is a new fave.

Foundation – I found myself putting it over top my dusty skin before we headed to dinner. It was all I had to dress myself up a little 🤣

Creamy Eyeshadow – This creamy eyeshadow has a little bit of glitter and I got it in the color champagne it was perfect and lasted all day.

Brown Eyeliner – I threw in a quart chocolate brown eyeliner pencil another thing I used in the evenings, to give myself a little boost. Otherwise I kept my look pretty minimal and to be honest it’s not much different from what I do at home.


Revision Signature Bag This was great for keeping all my skin care together.

Spotted Makeup Bag –  I love that was more than enough room for any sort of make up & hair stuff.

Cute Leopard Pouch – I got this for Karee’s and even snagged one for Lily. It was fun to add a little pop of color since everything we are wearing was neutral but I kept extra hair ties travel medication like Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl & Pepto-Bismol etc.

Pill Case – Kept things organized

Travel Plastic Containers – I got these large round containers come in multiple sizes and I got all those at the container store before we left.  I liked them because it was easy to see what was inside each, plus you could always use a sharpie to label.


Crossbody This was so comfortable, has a ton of compartments and a really great side pocket for your phone. I can’t recommend it enough even if you’re not going on safari. I think they come in multiple colors but I love this thing!

Guide Journals – They gave us these to take some notes and they had a ton of pictures inside to identify animals.

Sunglasses (Use code: LANDYN10)



Extra SD Card for Camera

Hair Ties

Portable Charger

Lip Mask

Card Holder – I just carried my ID in a credit card and some cash.


OxyPowder Pills (code: LANDYN10) – Because there’s nothing like getting constipated when you travel- never leave home without these.

Over-the-Counter Medicine: Pepto-Bismol, Dramamine, Benadryl, Tylenol, Advil PM, Imodium, and Hydrocortisone Cream. Thankfully the only thing we used was Benadryl and Hydrocortisone cream +  the occasional Advil. You must drink a lot of water! It’s dry + sometimes you drink a little too much wine in the evening.

As far as prescriptions go, our doctor prescribed us medicine to have on hand because you truly are in the middle of nowhere and I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding a doctor. Although I’m sure the outfitter would’ve been a great assistance. 

Methyl Prednisone 4 mg

Malarone 250 – 100 – Protection from Malaria – This we started taking two days before we left the United States and then every night while we were there. We will continue for the week after we get home.

Zofran 4mg – This would be for nausea or vomiting. They have plenty of bottled water,  but I don’t believe our tummies are used to the way it’s filtered etc. we never had to use this thankfully!

Diflucan– She prescribe this to Lily and I in case we were to get a yeast infection well there. Thankfully I didn’t need this either.

Cipro – 500 mg – This is a heavy duty antibiotic that would be taken twice a day for 10 days if we were to really come down with something crazy – Thankfully didn’t need that either

Zithromax 500mg – That we take once a day for three days if we got a stomach bug or sick with some sort of bacterial infection. – again didn’t need that!

Augmentin 125 mg – That we take twice a day for 10 days – this one would be for a respiratory infection, urinary track infection, ear or sinus infection too. no need for that one either!

SPIROLACTONE 100mg- Which I take every night to keep my adult acne at bay and I have for gosh, seven years now. I don’t leave home without that.

We also went to a Dr. that specializes in travel so given our itinerary, these were the required vaccines for the areas we were going to:

Yellow Fever

Also making sure we were all up-to-date with routine immunizations-

Tetanus shot
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B

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July 6, 2022

Africa: Packing Essentials | Tips, Tricks + Everything I Packed


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Danna F

Very detailed packing list and ideas. I am sure its hard to pack knowing what you need and don’t need as I tend to take waaaaaaaay too much! Ha! Enjoyed the pictures of all the animals….breathtaking! Also enjoyed your friends who took over insta. Oxana made me cry. She seems so sweet and sincere! Welcome home!

Lexie Jowett

This is an amazing post! So helpful! Thank you for sharing 🤩 I loved following your adventure ❤️


Love the packing list! So helpful as it’s been years since we’ve been and need a refresh. My only comment is that “Africa” is like saying “North America.” If you went on safari in Botswana it’d be a different packing list, so “Africa” sounds very general. Know it’s easier for a headline though. Thanks for the deep dive.

Darleene Moore

This post was gold!!!!

Erin Dorton

Can you share your safari thoughts? We are planning one for next summer with kids of similar ages. Looking for guidance on how long is too long in each place, what is a good number of nights per location, how much down time /poolside for teens do we need to build in, and how many times did you move and how was that – a pain or ok?

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