It’s pretty common to talk about liposuction, breast augmentations, and facelifts. But no one is talking about (shhh!) labiaplasty…until today!! 

Okay, here’s the deal. When I had my breast augmentation/repair surgery earlier this year with Dr Unger, I stumbled upon another plastic surgeon’s information at the office. 

Enter: Dr Amaka

As I was doing a little digging on this sweet woman, I learned she was doing procedures like: vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and G-spot enhancement.

Obviously I couldn’t help myself once my curiosity took over. So ladies, I took one for the team and booked a consult with Dr. Amaka.

She was so informative and helpful in answering all my questions –  but I figured if I had this many questions, so would you!!

So I’m bringing Dr. Amaka on the podcast today to talk about all things lady parts, their functions, what exactly it SHOULD look like down there, and what are our options if things have, well, changed since child birth.

Tune in as we cover::

  • The two most common lady part surgeries
  • The female anatomy and the function of each part
  • Things that are decreasing your feel good options during sex
  • How to improve dryness, darkening, incontinence, sex, and orgasms
  • The non surgical lasers plus shots for your girl, too!


Let’s break down your options a little bit here:

Two most common procedures:

1. Labiaplasty (aka – trimming!) 

Add on: Clitoral Hood Reduction – and that helps it look balanced, and makes the clitoris more exposed so there is more interaction during intercourse (these two are routinely done together!

2. Vaginoplasty (aka – surgical tightening of the vagina)

An additional procedure option:

  • Monsplasty – this helps with the Fatty Upper Pubic Area (FUPA) that is below a C section scar! 

Did you know you can get shots and non surgical lasers (we lovingly call them lunch time procedures!). 

Here are your options

  • O-Shot : PRP Platelet Rich Products this stimulates nerve regeneration and collagen – so you increase max stimulation potential 
  • G Spot Shot
  • Filler to the G Spot – To build collagen long term
  • V-tone Laser – Muscle stimulation for the pelvic floor muscles – primarily to help incontinence
  • Morpheus laser: this is what you use on your face or chest as well! 


Whether your goal is to feel good in your bathing suit, be able to go to cycling, have better sex – whatever it may be, we are putting shame in the back seat and talking about these sensitive topics so you are informed on the options for your lady parts! 

It’s great to be a woman!

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1. FUPA! Fatty Upper Pubic Area. What can I do for that after a C section?

Dr Amaka’s answer:  After C-sections what happens is that basically there’s almost like a shelf. There’s like a little skin and then below the pubic area is not supported, so it just kind of hangs. So you could do some liposuction in that area to limit the amount of fat or you can do what’s called a Monsplasty, which is basically removing the excess skin so it’s more lifted.


2. Does she perform surgeries on hemorrhoids?

Dr Amaka’s answer: Nope! Some lasers can help shrink them, but I don’t do them routinely.


3. Do you have treatment for post menopausal vaginal dryness?

Dr Amaka’s answer: Lasers can help because they stimulate collagen. Morpheous 8v Plus Vtone will help with lubrication!


4. What are procedure costs and is it typically covered by insurance?

Dr Amaka’s answer: Lasers are typically $2-6k; and a single treatment is between $1-2k. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty are generally $5-7k. Anesthesia would make the difference here!

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May 9, 2022

All The Things You Wish You Learned Sooner About Your Lady Parts


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