You guys. WE. ARE. BACK.

After a little (and much needed break) – I’m back on the mic, and we are holding NOTHING BACK in Season 3 of the LIVING WITH LANDYN Podcast.

Here’s what you can expect this season:

I realized I was having these *amazing* conversations with my closest girlfriends – and I thought to myself, ‘why is no one else talking about this?!’

And that is the heart of season 3.

We are bringing to the mic all the things you talk about in your girlfriend group text thread – but giving you the answers from the experts. Because if you’re thinking about it, we’re talking about it.

We are covering ALL THE THINGS – from sex, plastic surgery, motherhood, labiaplasty, personal development, mother in law things – no topic is off limits.

You’ll also be hearing more from our favorite girl, ANNE CLAIRE.

She’s your favorite, she’s my favorite. So it only made sense for her to be a large part of this journey. 

So now that we’ve covered all that – let’s get on to TODAY’S episode! 

On episode 63 (episode 1 of season 3) – I am catching you up on all the that things have happened since last season. With the biggest thing being: Anne Claire and I BOTH had surgery on the same day by the same surgeon! Different surgeries, but same surgeon. 

As you probably know, I had a less than ideal breast augmentation surgery about 6 years ago. So I finally decided to do something about it and I’m spilling all the details that went into that decision. And as far as Anne Claire’s journey – well, you’ll have to tune in to hear the full story, but she had a chin implant surgery that she has been thinking about since HIGHSCHOOL.

Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

  1. Our surgery stories at the top of this year 
  2. Our 3 top products post surgery that you need, too.
  3. YOUR plastic surgery secrets you submitted (anonymously) to Instagram!

And yes, you read that last part right. You guys always go above and beyond and you submitted some hysterical plastic surgery questions and experiences with us. And let me tell you, it led to some INTERESTING googling on my part. You won’t want to miss the end of this episode.


Here’s the quick wrap up for reference:

Anne Claire’s Surgery:

Chin Implant + Skin Tight and Face Tight (for excess skin that was not sculpted)


Landyn’s Surgery

Breast Explant + Implant + Fat Transfer


Our Favorite Recovery Items:


Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and tune in to your BFF’s stories! 

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May 9, 2022

Two Boobs and a Chin + YOUR Plastic Surgery Secrets


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Are there any before/after pics of AC?

Geneva Noah

Where’s the link for AC’s face mask from Amazon? Thanks!

Geneva Noah

Thank you! 🙌💕

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