Ok, so after my husband proposed I cleaned my ring DAILY. I mean, with my toothbrush, WHILE brushing my teeth. Gross, but we've all done it and maybe still do. Which I hear toothpaste is abrasive and not good to do, but I was desperate for that sparkle. Then moved on to gimmicky ring cleaners and ultrasonic machines, you name it. I may have even purchased a few things from the kiosk guy in the mall? I'll never admit it. But nothing really gave it that, 'I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!' glisten. They all seemed to leave a film, and almost made my diamond cloudy looking. So I continued down this path for good year. Then I went to see my jeweler in Seattle to have my ring inspected for its yearly check up, just to make sure nothing was loose. After she came out of the back room with my ring, she commented on it's dull appearance. That's when she shared with me this secret potion. 

  • Windex or any glass cleaner
  • a few drops of dish soap, like Dawn
  • soft bristle 'used' toothbrush
  • microwave 

I keep the above liquids in a glass container with the lid on, under my kitchen sink. I guess you could keep in the bathroom too, but I prefer under the kitchen sink, because the key step here is the microwave. 

Pick yourself up one of those glass tupperware containers like this one here from Target. Fill with about 2 cups of Windex. Add a couple drops of dish soap. Without lid, microwave solution in glass dish for 1 minute WITHOUT JEWELRY. Remove and add rings, earrings etc. and allow to soak. Often times I do this and go take a shower, put my makeup on and then come back to it. If you're looking for a quick wash. Let them soak for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I left them for hours before. I call that a deep clean. Especially after a day by the pool or beach. Sunscreen is a killer. The solution will be almost boiling. This helps to loosen everything up and fall to the bottom of the dish. Wait to see what comes off. OMG! I'm always amazed at the amount of grossness my rings collect. Is grossness even a word? Ha! It will be after this. Gently give your baubles a nice light scrubbing. Being sure to get in between all the prongs. Then rinse under your faucet in lukewarm water. I like to do this over a bowl, just incase I dropped it down the drain. That would be awfully sad and devastating. Dry with a paper towel and that's it. Instantly, well in about 15 minutes, your diamond ring is sparkling, just like the day you said YES! I do this weekly and have been for 15 years. It works like a charm and my diamond has never shined so bright!   

** WARNING ** Please be careful when removing solution from the microwave. It is very hot (sometimes bubbly) and will burn your pretty little hands. Trust me, I gave myself a chemical burn once. No fun! 

Also, I recommend to ONLY use on *REAL DIAMONDS + GOLD + PLATINUM* Not sure what this may do to faux jewelry? Let's don't chance it.