After a day or two spent at the beach, I love a good day spent shopping or going to the local spots and eats, so a cute day time outfit definitely makes an appearance or two, and man do I love it.

I usually live in my cover up during the spring/summer time, but sometimes I like to spice it up a little bit. Rocking a good pair of denim cut offs, maxi dress, a white tank stop, cut off jean shorts or white jean shorts, maybe a black casual tank that helps keep it neutral, keeps it very beachy and ready to take on the day!

It is the perfect time to try and rock the fray denim, which is a perfect combo with that straw beach bag or a cute hat for a summer shopping day. Talk about cute and casual all in one. Add in some army green or go flirty with some detailing on the shirt like a denim or a gauzy white button down shirt that you can unbutton with your swimwear, then tie it in a knot, and you are keep it classy with a splash of summer. Always keep that casual white shirt to tie or use as a cover for summer..it works no matter the season!

Spring Break brings one of my most important pieces of clothing…a maxi dress. You guys, I can live in those things. Solid colors, patterned, fun embellishments…and the brilliant part? You can have as many tacos and margs as you want, and no will will ever know. I know I work my butt off to make sure I am spring break ready, so you best believe when I am on vacation, I am eating ALL the things, so having something that is flowy and doesn’t cling to me, I am all about it!

The important thing for day time outfits is that even though summer brings fun and color, I don’t like to go overboard. Less is more and is always classic. 


Alright, so after being at the pool or beach all day…now it is time take a shower, lotion up, and head into town! A beautiful natural glow is already happening, and now the last thing I want to do is blow dry my hair while I am on vacation, so a wet low bun is the way to go. Add a great earring and a fun, a classic little sundress or long maxi dress, or maybe even jeans and a great top…then I throw on some lipgloss and some mascara, and I am done and ready to go!

The best part is it’s refreshing, and you don’t have to go through all the things to bring an effortless chic beauty to your evening. Big earring, wet bun, lipgloss, natural bronzer, dress…you have all the things you need to make your evening on the town the perfect summer night.