Alright girls, I am admitting this here and now, I have been doing this whole bra buying and fitting thing ALL wrong, and WOW I really had no idea. Thankfully the amazing “bra lady”, Janet Haselton at Nordstrom here in Nashville, taught me all the things about bra fittings, what bras we need no matter what, and what myths are untrue that we have come to know or hear as we’ve grown up.

The BIGGEST lesson of all, make sure to get fitted. So many women think that they know their bra size without getting fitted and just buying whatever fits “best.” So girl, if you think you know your size and haven’t been fitted, run on over to Nordstrom and get the right bra fitted for YOU! I am a 34 Triple D ( WHAT?!?! that sounds like porn star material)…and girls, I had NO idea. The fitting process is simple and fast! If you think it is going to be weird or uncomfortable, and that is why you have stayed away…don't! These ladies see this everyday, and they want to make you feel comfortable and that you have the best bra for you!

First, they take a regular old measuring tape and get your exact sizing. From there, they give you the most COMFY robe to wear (that you will 100% want to buy after, because this thing is literally like wearing a cloud) so you don’t feel too I said, they get it. From there, they bring you in the staple bras you need in your closet. Did you know that there are 6 specific types of bras you should own? I didn’t.


T-Shirt bra: this is probably the most important type of bra you can have, so I say…GET ME ALL THE COLORS! A t-shirt bra ensures that when you wear those comfy tees, you can’t see your bra, especially those good thin basic tees for the summer.

Sexy bra: gotta make you feel sexy and of course have your man loving it too…am I right?

Racerback bra: she says this is necessary for all women, especially with the open back shirts that we like to wear in the summer. Having a racerback gives more flexibility in the type of shirts we can wear.

Strapless bra: secret about Landy? I wear strapless bras more than any other type of bra…I don’t like dealing with straps, so this is my solution. Make sure that you get a tight fitting one that doesn’t feel like it will come off or fall when you move. It can even be helpful to go down a size depending.

Sports bra: I LOVE a good sports bra, and usually you can find me getting one at Target or Old Navy, but I tried the one linked here and WOW that bra holds it ALL in. Like I was jumping up and down (had to test it for you girls), and nothing was moving. Talk about STURDY.

Bralette: I love the Halogen bandeau “bra” so much, they are so comfy and basically my summer staple. You see me wearing them under all sorts of things, especially my favorite maxi dress. You know the one.

Now, a pro-tip that I had no idea about is HOW you put your bra on. When we put our bras on sometimes we just let the bra sit wherever and accept it and go. But NO. Stop now. Lean over a little before you strap the bra, and take all your boob and move it in the bra cup. This ensures that the bra cup is the right size and is giving you the support you need. Second tip, make sure that the piece in the middle of the two cups lays flat on your body. That tells if the bra is the right size on you.


  1. Make sure you have 5-6 good bras, and do not wear the same bra everyday. The best part? You don’t have to wash them everyday, she actually suggest that you don’t so they don’t look worn and loose their shape. You should switch up which bras you wear on a daily basis to not wear out the elasticity. If you let them sit, they elastic will come back and allow the bra to fit like new.

  2. This is one of the best tips I learned: always snap your bra on the first set of hooks. This way as the bra gets older and stretches out, the next set of hooks will be there to help the bra still stay fit true to size.

  3. Hand wash your bras or wash them on delicate cycle in a mesh bag (Nordstrom sells them if you need), but do NOT dry them! Hang them over your shower rod or if you have a dryer that has the air dry option, that is fine. But do NOT dry them with your regular clothes or even on delicate. This will pretty much kill your bra. RIP.

  4. Bras will typically last about a year. Now if you are like me, my jaw dropped because some of my bras are YEARS old, and she said this is normal. It isn’t that we are wrong for it, but as far as quality and good support, a year is the best timeline. Mind blown.

  5. The average price for a good quality long-lasting bra? Average around $70-$75. Again, I was like….damn.

  6. When storing your bras, make sure you don’t lay them with the cups inside one another! This will cause the bra to unfold or even fold up on the cup lining. When you lay them out, make sure they are stretched out, and lay them on top of one another like that. Stacked in your drawer. Think a Victoria Secret display.

  7. You are welcome to ask them to try a t-shirt while you are getting fitted, and I highly recommend it. You really can see what the bras look like underneath clothing and guarantee you are getting the bra you love!



  1. Most women think that they should wear a white bra with a white shirt, but NO. If you are going to wear a white shirt, a nude bra is the way to go.

  2. Some women asks about “sleeping bras” for when they go to bed, but there is no need to wear a bra to bed. You are welcome to I guess, but there is no specific bra to wear. I’m like let the girls be FREEEE!

  3. Women fit themselves for bras. And are most times in a bra two sizes to small. You will never truly know your size by just trying on yourself, go get fitted and it is FREE!