First things first, let me say this…I am NOT a beauty blogger. I'm just a girl trying to get by in the morning while adding a little glam here and there. So yes, I know that sometimes I may not be applying the eyeliner in the “correct” way or I may be putting concealer where concealer isn’t needed, but hey…it works for me and I am just here learning all the things with ya!

I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup for my daily routine, I usually throw some Revision Intellishade and lipgloss, and I am out of the door. On the off day that I have an event or we are doing something fun for work, I add a little more to the mix, so I like to have some fun with it.

For foundation and concealer, I use my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick -3.5 for pictures, etc. It works great for staying long periods of time. Sometimes, I will still add some Revision for the SPF coverage, but today I just did the Foundation stick. If you know me, you know my love for Bobbi Brown products runs deep. After my foundation, I use the Tarte Creaseless Concealer -Light Honey around my eyes and centers for some brightness. I LOVE this stuff so much. I always dealt with concealers that would fade or crease under the eyes, and this stuff STAYS. Nars -Vanilla is also is my go to for concealer, so I mix a little of the two and BOOM…all the coverage!

Eyes are the time to have a little fun and add some pop of color if you want to. I like to still keep mine a little neutral, but a little sparkle here and there can’t hurt anyone. I have stuck with the same palettes (Tarte and Too Faced are both AWESOME) for awhile, and I have never looked back. They have good neutrals, and the most important thing..the color stays and looks fresh all day. Tarte Brow Quickie - Universal Taupe has become my FAVORITE thing. If you haven’t tried it, you definitely need to.

Bronzer, especially in the summer to add some tan, is essential. I love my dual bronzer and illuminator that Charlotte Tilbury has. I get a bronze look with a little highlight all in one brush swoop. I also love Bobbi Brown’s Bronzer Illuminator - Aruba, when I just need a little spruce. Blush adds a little rosy natural color to the cheek, and I always use my Mac Blush - Melba since high school…SO good and gives that natural flush.

As for lipgloss, my favorite is somewhere in a bush or trashcan in Miami (thanks crazy people)…but I always love a nude lip, something that just adds a little shimmer. I really like Burt Bee’s Lip Shine -Whisper or a good natural color that also helps nourish during this on and off again cold Nashville days.

Like I said, I am surely not a beauty blogger, I just have my favorite brands and make up that I love, and well…I just go with it.