I don’t know about you guys, but with my phone being something I constantly have with me, it is awesome to have everything I need right at my fingertips thanks to my favorite apps. Whether I am stuck in Nashville traffic (HELLO craziness), don’t feel like cooking, need some fitness accountability, or even need some extra help with the kiddos, there is an App for it! I have listed below some of my go to apps, and I definitely think , if you don’t have them, you will LOVE them.


A few recommendations

For the Mamas: The Bark app is perfect for helping monitor your kids, whether that be on their phones or social media sites. I know it can be hard to always be on the lookout, so to have a little extra help at my fingertips is great. I also love Greenlight, which is an app that helps with your kids finances. It acts somewhat like a debit card, but tracks their purchases and helps hold them accountable. SO good.

My Fitness Girls: OTG Shed, My Fitness Pal and Sweat apps are all perfect for those days where going to the gym is not happening, but you still want to get that workout in. Sweat by Kayla Itsines is AWESOME and gets me sweating, and the perk…it is only a 30 minute workout. My Fitness Pal then helps me stay on track during the day between meals and working out, oh and don’t forget that H2o intake. And my OG, the Shed app gives me the workouts I’d be missing if I’m traveling or have to miss a class.

On the Road Again: Living in Nashville, having every single travel app they have to offer is a MUST. You never know what traffic will be like at any time of the day, so Waze has definitely become my new best friend. I mean an app that tells me traffic AND where to avoid potholes..YES please. Since parking downtown is never fun, but the food is so good, Lyft and Uber are super important. I love getting to take advantage of the Nashville finds, but don’t love having to park, so these two are super great for that.

Creative Minds: These days you don’t need a professional photographer to make you look extra fancy on your Instagram feed, all you need is an app or two to make all the difference! Some of my favorites are VSCO, Lightroom, HypeType and Unfold for adding some great color and dimension to a picture…taking it to the next level if you must. For video, PicPlayPost is great for cutting down a video to fit in your stories, but never missing a second of the video aka CRUCIAL if you know me! I like to show you guys all the things, not just 15 seconds! Dropbox is a great tool for all of those photos that you are creating to be backed up and never lost. I use this DAILY and thank gosh for it, because it has every file I will ever need.

Everyday Essentials: there are some apps that I use on a daily basis and are just the essentials to get through the day. Of course one of my top used apps is Spotify (PS. did you know I have a LWL Profile with some fun handmade playlists?)…gotta rock out whether I am in the car or cooking in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love an app that you can get ANY song (thank you Taylor Swift for coming to Spotify) and then has some awesome pre-made playlists for your mood, activity of the day, etc. YES. Wunderlist app is also amazing for all of us who have the longest to do lists and hardly no time. It is like the friend who keeps you accountable and reminds you when you need reminding. It helps a lot with me and Steve to do what needs to happen in the day and even when we are planning a back yard bbq, it is necessary for keeping everything in line. Like, hey…did you get the beer? No more of that. The Amazon app is something I use daily, especially with my Prime membership. I can order food, house goods, literally ANYTHING. I mean…have you seen my Amazon Store? I’ve got everything from my favorite plant food to cookbooks. If I’ve ordered it, it’s on there. *don’t judge Ha!

Business Time: With everyday being so different, I love to have easy access to my favorite business tools. One of my most used apps that I have with my entire team is VOXER. This is like an old school walkie talkie, so instead of texting everything, you can talk back and forth with multiple people. Aka LIFESAVING APP. The TurboScanner is great because you can take a picture of any document that you need to and send it as a PDF to anyone via email. It really comes in handy if you don’t have access to a fax machine because who REALLY has access or even has fax machines anymore. Unroll.Me (the U picture below) is the best for all you girls out there whose emails have gone out of control. HELLO 18,349 emails. You know who you are! This helps to clean up those emails in a short amount of time ( like 5 minutes) and manages who and what comes in. GAME CHANGER.


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March 1, 2019



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Hey I just love your content and your website. Your fashion is amazing and inspiration to many people, keep up the good work. Looking forward for more amazing content from your site.



Such great suggestions! What case is in the top photo?


What app do you use for as a calendar and schedule?

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